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  • Name: Olga Antonova ( Olga Antonova )
  • Date of birth: 22 December 1937.
  • Age: 79 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Growth: 166
  • Activities: theater and film actress, people’s artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: married

    Olga Antonova biography

    Olga Antonova — Soviet and Russian actress. Is an iconic theatre artist, but in the film a little less known, although on account of its about 25 movies. The future actress was born in Leningrad in a family of Soviet writer Sergei Antonov, the author of many popular publications about the modern village and the years of the NEP.

    Unfortunately, when the girl was 7 years old, her parents divorced. The mother took the eldest son and moved to another city, and Olya remained under the custody of the father. They lived in a communal apartment in the same building that housed the Comedy theatre. A wealth of little family was miserable, but Olga always talks about the interesting guests of the Pope – poets, writers, and actors. She listened to their conversation, poetry reading, passionate debate about the fresh performances and imperceptibly imbibed this creative life.

    Need to add that Antonov was a very sickly child. In addition to regular colds, it turned out to be problems with the spine, and the girl for a few months was literally chained to his hospital bed.

    After school Olga Antonova entered the Leningrad state Institute of theatre, music and cinematography, after which in 1965 began a professional acting career he had dreamed of for many years.


    A promising graduate was invited to the troupe of the Leningrad theatre of Comedy, in which Olga Antonova has served exactly 50 years. First she got the role of Schoolgirls, princesses, maids. But gradually, the girl has developed its own style of play, which together with the charm and inner purity did Antonova leading lady of the Northern capital. Fans among themselves started to call Olga «fairy elf».

    One of the most famous works of the actress early in his career was the image of Shurochka Zalygina in the Comedy «Incognito», for which she received her first rave reviews. Later she appeared in the famous performances of this successful company. Interestingly, many actors call the theatre home. But that Antonov can speak this sentence, not metaphorically, but literally. The fact that some time she really lived in the theater, housed in a Shoe shop.

    Olga today with warm memories of all stage Directors with whom she has worked – from fine to great Pyotr Fomenko. But in 2015, after a quarrel with the artistic Director of the Comedy Theatre, Etc. Kazakova actress had to leave the team where we can say, was her life.

    Now she teaches at the St. Petersburg state theatre arts Academy, sharing his rich creative experience with the young generation. Also, sometimes the 78-year-old actress invited in antrepriznyh performances.


    In cinema Olga Antonova made her debut in 1965 in a grotesque fairy-tale story «the Great cat’s tale», where her partner was Sergei Yursky. Then followed war drama «Her name is Spring,» a romantic film «Almost funny story», a screen adaptation of Shakespeare’s «the Comedy of errors» household romance «This lovely old house.» Between most of the films of the first phase Antonova filmography are held for 2-3 years. The fact that at that time, Olga considers herself primarily a theatre actress and does not agree to the shooting, if they get in the way of important rehearsals.

    In 1989, on the screens out a complex social drama of Kira Muratova «the Asthenic syndrome», for which Antonov gets a lot of prizes at various film festivals. Most actors generation Olga in 90-e years almost never starred or were involved sporadically. But the way Antonova, on the contrary, proved very popular.

    During that period she starred in dozens of films, notably the drama «My people», the historical picture «the Kingslayer», the melodrama «the Sin. A story of passion» and family Saga forget-me-nots.

    New age the actress revealed the role of Catherine II in the historical drama «Russian revolt». Then, her filmography has been enriched with detective «gentlemen of the jury,» the adventure series «Pen and sword» and the Comedy «Vidrimasgor, or History of my space». In 2009 they released the last work of Olga Antonova – documentary «Read «the Blockade book». There the audience will not see your favorite actress, but I can hear her voice as she reads the narration.

    Personal life

    The first time Olga Antonova married badly, though, and a great love. Her choice was a writer, had a daughter who was the only child of actress. In this marriage Olga lived for 11 years, but, tired of her husband’s infidelity, she took the daughter and left home. She had to live with friends and even take a corner in the home theater.

    Once she’s in her theatre group complained that no good man will ever marry her with a baby. And suddenly behind the back has heard a voice: «I will». Then all embraced the phrase as a joke, but soon Olga Antonova and the art Director of theatre Igor Ivanov, who said those words actually did get married.

    Since then the couple together for over 35 years. They are very happy, although not so long ago their life was saddened by bereavement, from the complex form of pneumonia died the only daughter of Olga Antonova.

    The actress has a bright hobby – she collects beautiful dolls. It all began after the funeral of his daughter: Antonov saw toy handmade, incredibly similar to left the world a young woman. Buying it, Olga couldn’t stop and now her collection includes more than 250 copies.


    • 1965 — Big cat tale
    • 1977 — Almost funny story
    • 1983 — This lovely old house
    • 1989 — Asthenic syndrome
    • 1991 — the Kingslayer
    • 1993 — Sin. A story of passion
    • 2000 — Russian rebellion
    • 2005 — gentlemen of the jury
    • 2007 — Pen and sword
    • 2009 — Vidrimasgor, or History of my space


    Olga Antonova

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