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  • Name: Olesya Kafelnikov ( Ales Kafelnikova )
  • Date of birth: October 23, 1998
  • Age: 18 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 174
  • Activity: TV presenter, model
  • Marital status: not married

    Ales Kafelnikov: biography

    Attention to person Olesia Kafelnikov or call friends and relatives, Lesya KAF first appeared in 2001 after a high-profile divorce of her parents, the famous tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov and Maria Tishkova. Kafelnikov after a divorce, sued the ex-wife they shared a daughter Olesya. With Tishkova survived by her eldest daughter from his first marriage to Diana.

    What is known about the daughter of the famous athlete? Olesya Kafelnikov was born in October 1998 in Moscow. She first attended the Metropolitan school No. 1234, but then spent a few years in England. While still in his Teens petite girl took the first steps in modeling career.

    Olesya bright representative of Golden youth. From a young age she moved in the society of the Metropolitan elite, attended fashion shows. The favorite hobby of Kafelnikov horse riding. The father gave her daughter a horse, which she named Kitty.


    Olesya Kafelnikov claims that her modeling career she did without the help of famous dad. She said that my father not only invested in its promotion in the modeling business, but initially was opposed to Olesya worked as a fashion model. But the daughter turned out to be a solid character, and she insisted on his choice. The only help of his father, says the girl was the well-known names. And are unlikely to be able Kafelnikov to advance your career if she hadn’t had the relevant external data.

    In 2013, while training Alesya Kafelnikov in England, she received an invitation to the open day at the model Agency «Elite». The girl took part in the two model tests. It drew attention. But at the time of testing Forest 16.

    In 2014 Ales Kafelnikov was spotted at a fashion show of a new collection of young designer Kira Plastinina. The girl representing new model of the apparel. In the autumn of the same year, she became the debutante ball «Tatler». She was dressed in a dress from Dior and danced with her father.

    An invitation from the scouts «Elite» came when Kafelnikov already returned home. In September 2015, Olesya’s parents received a letter with a proposal to conclude a contract for 5 years. But when she came to London she was recommended to gain weight, because the existing – 43 pounds – was insufficient.

    As for a modeling career in Russia, some time Olesya Kafelnikov has cooperated with the Agency «Avant», but then voluntarily stopped working.

    In everyday life, Lesya KAF prefer a sporty style and affordable brands «Zara» and «Topshop». In her wardrobe, of course, there are expensive and exclusive items from famous fashion designers, but Kafelnikov is rare. A girl can be found in understated jeans or tracksuits. She rarely wears make-up.

    TV presenter

    In early June of 2016, viewers saw young model on the talk show «Let them talk». She appeared as an assistant host Andrei Malakhov. Perhaps the biography of Olesya Kafelnikov will continue as presenter.

    The daughter of a tennis player appeared in the 12th issue of the rating rubric «the Author is cool». The entire transmission, as before, said Malakhov. The girl got only the phrase «the Author is cool-12» in the beginning of the show. But the debut has taken place. Perhaps Alesya Kafelnikov in the following editions of trust is much more text.

    Personal life

    In the fall of 2014 personal life Olesya Kafelnikov was the center of attention of the fashion capital party. The girl was seen in the company of Nikita Novikov, son of the famous Moscow restaurateur Arkady Novikov. Blog Lesya KAF there was a very candid shots of the couple kissing, but soon the girl’s father forbade her to spread such an indiscreet photo.

    Relationship Kafelnikov and Novikov did not last long. The couple broke up. The girl was forced to explain the reasons for the separation, as social networks began to circulate rumors about the numerous infidelities of Lesja and Nikita, which became the reason of rupture of relations. Kafelnikov said that actually the relationship simply outlived its usefulness, because Nikita Novikov is a student and spends most of his time in Boston. The young people decided that each of them should focus on their main occupation: Ales career, Nikita studies.

    Not so long ago there were rumors about a new novel by Kafelnikov. Saw it along with a hockey player Herman Cicatricial.


    Ales Kafelnikov's father

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