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  • Name: Gaevaya Olesya ( Olesya Gaevaya )
  • Date of birth: 7 July 1991
  • Age: 25 years
  • Place of birth: Kremenchug, Ukraine
  • Height: 155
  • Activities: actress, television presenter, singer, choreographer
  • Marital status: not married

    Olesya Gaevaya: biography

    Olesya Gaevaya – Ukrainian actress, singer and TV presenter, a participant of the television talent show «Ukraine does not believe in tears». She poluchila popularity after starring in the romantic series «Inspired».

    Olesya was born in Kremenchug, located in the Poltava region. She has a brother Michael, who is an Orthodox priest. From childhood she was drawn to creative professions — wanted to be an actress, dancing and singing. Almost 12 years of dancing: classical ballet, ballroom and folk dancing, hip hop and contemporary. Gaevaya was a member of the children’s ensemble «Slavutich» and the soloist of the exemplary ensemble «Constellation Dnipro» in his native town, later performing in the Kiev ensemble «Gorlitsa».

    As a choreographer-choreographer Olesya worked at the First national children’s festival of beauty and creativity «the Future of the country», which took place in Mariupol, was the Director of the international children’s festival in Macedonia and also danced and she put numbers to jazz-step-dance club «Millennium».

    After high school Olesya Gaevaya becomes a student of the acting Department of the Kiev University of theater, cinema and television named after Karpenko-Kary. During her studies, she collaborates with the New theatre on Pechersk, where he played Catherine Hohlakov in the production of the famous Dostoevsky novel «the Brothers Karamazov». In addition, she starred in many commercials and as a presenter, worked for some time on Pixel a tv in a children’s educational program «tiv-ABC».

    Olesya was a member of the show «Machos don’t cry» and «Evening fairy tale» of the TV company «Visit». But the greatest popularity was brought to her popular talent show «Ukraine does not believe in tears» on the New channel. In televised were the most successful scene Olesya gaevoy, in which she portrayed Marilyn Monroe.

    In addition to the basic professional education is an actress graduated from a specialized course, which takes place in the creative workshop of Honored artist of the RSFSR Natalya Varley, and for this she received an official scholarship to study in Moscow.


    After successful appearances on television Director Lyubomir Levitsky Gaevoy invited her to try yourself in the art of cinema. She agreed and appeared in episodes of the youth film «unforgotten Shadows» in which teenagers faced with the manifestation of supernatural forces. Later in her career was the medical series «the doctors» and «Female doctor.»

    Interestingly, despite the Ukrainian origin, the actress really has an Oriental appearance. The fact that her grandfather was an Azeri.

    In 2015, Gaevaya Olesya took part in shootings of a multiseries film about the lives of flight attendants «Inspire», an adaptation of the popular British project «Mile High» where he plays one of the flight attendants Elena from «u-Lite». The picture is simultaneously romantic and dramatic as the work of girls is not only about journeys and pleasant acquaintances, but also with a fairly high degree of stress. The heroine Olesya — not careerist, like many colleagues, she has other values and goals, in the first place – family. The actress managed efficiently to convey this image, the series was a success with viewers, so the project managers have already announced the filming of the 2nd season of the series, which is planned for 2016, but Olesya Gaevaya has agreed to participate in the new part of the project.

    Personal life

    Olesya Gaevaya focus on professional activities and career of an actress, although she manages to combine intensive work in television, movies, and a lot of different Hobbies. Girlfriend enjoys yoga, horseback riding, choreography, psychology, photography, and tries to create in the genre of film critics.

    Strong interpersonal skills allow Olesya easily find common language with all colleagues on the set. But even the main dream of the actress is connected with work – she would like to star in the Comedy, which will be included in the list of the best movies in the history of comic cinema.


    • 2013 — shadows of unforgotten ancestors: Secrets Molfar
    • 2013 — Bar «Duck»
    • 2013 — Female doctor 2
    • 2013-2014 — physicians
    • 2015 — Inspired by
    • 2015 — Waste


    Olesya Gaevaya

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