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  • Name: Oles Buzina ( Oles’ Buzina )
  • Date of birth: 13 July 1969
  • Age: 45 years
  • Date of death: April 16, 2015
  • Place of birth: Kiev, Ukraine
  • Activities: Journalist-opposition activist, writer, broadcaster
  • Marital status: married

    Oles Elder: biography

    Elder A. Oles is one of the brightest representatives of the Ukrainian opposition journalism and the writing craft. Activities of Olesya Elderberry is extended not only to writing and journalism, the Elder was well-known Ukrainian TV presenter.

    As a writer Oles Elder is known for the seven released «from the pen» books on topical social and political themes, the first of which was published in 2000-m to year. In Ukraine this character of Russian journalism were treated in different ways: basically, funny incidents and scandals Oles suffered because of their views on Ukraine.

    Future famous Ukrainian journalist Oles Buzina was born in Kiev on 13 July 1969 in the family of descendants of Ukrainian peasants and Cossacks. Father Alex Oles Buzina known as the officer of the 5th Directorate of the KGB.

    Education Olesya started to get into Kiev in the 82nd school named after Taras Shevchenko, and then the future star of oppositional journalism continued her studies at the faculty of Philology of KNU. T. G. Shevchenko in 1992 year, the Elder received a diploma in specialty «teacher of Russian language and literature».

    Oles Buzina: journalism

    Since 1993, the year in the life of an Elder began active career progress in the field of journalism. At first he worked as a staff journalist for the newspaper «Kyiv statements» to 2005 year, and then until 2006, the year he collaborated with the newspaper «2000». Over time, the Elder manifested itself in particular in the publications «the Leader», «Ego», «the Other reader», «XXL», «Natalie» — his social and political activity did not end. In addition to working as a journalist in the Ukrainian media, an Elder from 2007, the year regularly wrote analytical materials for author’s columns and personal blog in the edition «Today».

    Television career of an Elder applies for participation in the popular TV: male participated in the show «the Bachelor. How to get married? With Anfisa Chekhova». Also Oles Elder was leading the TV show «Tenn-Liga» on the Ukrainian channel «inter».

    January 2015-year career of Olesya Elderberry got another round of development, he was appointed chief editor of the newspaper «Today«. However, for a long time in such an attractive position Elderberries are not held — he was forced to leave the post of the head of the patron of the media due to the fact that it was not satisfied with the orders of censorship of infoholding «Media Group Ukraine».

    Oles Buzina: Ukraine, politics and views

    Well-known journalist Oles Buzina manifested itself also in the political sphere — he once ran for the post of people’s Deputy of Ukraine from party «Russian block», but did not pass the vote. The results of the voting became known that the Elder had received an 8.22 percent support of votes, which gave him fourth place in the political race for the seat of MP.

    Overall Oles Elder is widely known those views of the Trinity of the Russian people, whom he chose to follow in life. The elder advocated the bilingualism of Ukrainian culture, was a supporter of federalization of Ukraine. Himself a writer and an opposition journalist said that he can clearly give his nationality — he was a Russian, and Ukrainian. «The Ukrainian people spends a huge amount of time not so much on the recreation of the Ukrainian culture, as trying to destroy Russian culture,» — said the Elder.

    The elder has never supported a new «Orange revolution» and was the founder of the movement «Shevchenkiana». The wide public resonance was caused by attempts to ban at the legislative level, the propaganda of Nazism, and various neo-Nazi organizations.

    Oles Buzina: murder

    April 16 at 12:30 GMT 2015 has been a murder of an Elder, which had already equated to the category of political. Unknown assassins killed the Elder in front of his house. It is reported that before the murder the Elder became the victim of a «pressure from above».

    Currently, the investigation of the murder of an Elder in Kiev continues, law enforcement authorities have not reported any new clarifying information regarding this crime. We know from reliable sources that the journalist was shot two hide behind masks of killers — the murder of an opposition journalist has been committed from the car brand «Ford Focus» in dark blue.

    Witnesses to the crime said that «Ford Focus» is not registered in Ukraine — Advisor to the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko reported in social networks, the car has a number of other States. The consequence checks the information about the murder of an Elder in Kiev.

    Oles Buzina: personal life

    Known in Ukraine and outside the country opposition journalist Oles Buzina do not spread information about his personal life. According to some sources, the personal life of an Elder was shrouded in mystery at the initiative of the writer.

    However, in one interview he was told that he has a wife and daughter. When the Elder replied to tricky questions, with its words it became clear that he and his wife were faithful to each other, he lived with her in marriage for quite a long time (at that time the Elder voiced that his wife lives in fidelity about 20 years). Despite the fact that he published the book «Return to women harems», he believed that the polygamous personal life allowed only for men.

    Then the Elder told about his attitude to women. In particular, he was convinced of the need for diverse women: activists and emancipated, and women in the traditional meaning of «weak and fair sex».

    Oles Buzina: books

    In addition to active opposition-journalistic activities Oles Elder is also known author of books on topical themes. From the pen of this writer were published books in Ukrainian and Russian languages:

    • «The secret history of Ukraine-Rus'»;
    • «Resurrection Of Ukraine»;
    • «Return to women harems»;
    • «Dokievskaya Rus»;
    • «Revolution in the swamp»;
    • «The Union of the plow and Trident. How to invent Ukraine»;
    • «Vampire Taras Shevchenko».

    Oles Buzina: photo

    Oles Buzina

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