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  • Name: Oleg Znarok ( Oleg Znarok )
  • Date of birth: 2 January 1963
  • Age: 54 years
  • Place of birth: Ust-Katav
  • Activity: the Coach, the player, the athlete, the head coach of the national team of Russia on hockey
  • Marital status: married to Ilona Znarok

    Oleg Znarok: biography

    Oleg V. Znarok was born in the city of Ust-Kitaev Chelyabinsk region, it happened on 2 January 1963. From a young age his life was connected with sports, because his father, Valery Znarok was the city’s famous football coach. However, he also conducted classes on hockey. Thanks Oleg learned to skate at the age of three years. From this age you can count the career of the coach of the national team of Russia on hockey.

    For the first time Oleg Znarok started playing in the ranks of the team «

  • Tractor», it was the city hockey club with a good intra prospects. Soon Znarok received an invitation to play in CSKA. It was very tempting prospect, but the father persuaded a young boy to go the easy way. He listened and made the right decision, soon Oleg V. became an advocate for the youth national team of the USSR on hockey. It is with this team is the reason for his rapid career rise. In the army he won the title of European champion in hockey in 1981. In the same year an event occurred that permanently put the brakes on the sports career of young and promising athlete. In the locker room Oleg Znarok had a fight with the old players «Tractor». Probably the conflict was the result of clashes of personalities successful, but still a young hockey player and the club veterans, who could not boast of such achievements, but enjoyed great authority in the team. The result of the fight was year disqualification Znarka. However, even if the disqualification was not the Oleg Valerievich still would not have been able to use this time for the good of the sport — the guy became ill with jaundice and long departed from this disease.

    Before recovery Oleg Znarok moved to Riga at the invitation of Vladimir Yurzinov, who encouraged him to play for the local «

  • Dynamo». After recovery, snarky took a lot of time and effort to restore the form. With the end of the period of disqualification of the hockey player became one of the most exciting players of Riga «Dynamo» he played for them until 1992. After 1992 Znarok some time played for German clubs, and then began to play for the national team of Latvia. In its composition he spent fifty-hockey matches. A player’s career ended in 2002 due to health problems, summed up the meniscus, but otherwise he remained in excellent form.

    Coaching career

    After finishing his playing career Znarok almost without interruption started the activity of the trainer, he first brought up the youth national team of Latvia, and in 2006 became the head coach of the national team of Latvia. During his coaching team left a large number of old players who retired for health reasons, so the team dramatically upgraded, but this has not led to a drop in the level of the team. This fact is credited to the head coach. Oleg Znarok held this position until 2011, he left behind a remarkable heritage: the national team of Latvia to this day is one of the strongest teams in Europe.

    Since 2008 Znarok started coaching the Russian clubs, the first of them was a hockey team of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia. Since 2010 Oleg V. started training at the Moscow hockey club «Dynamo». To his achievements in this post include twice winning the club of the Gagarin Cup in 1012 and 2013. Snarky recently recognized as the best hockey coach of the continental over the period 2009-2010.

    After a long and successful playing and coaching career Oleg Znarok took the place of the head coach of the national team of Russia on hockey, he took up the post in 2014, replacing Zinetula Bilyaletdinov. After 2 months of wards snarky at the world championship in Minsk won all 10 matches, the Russian team became the fivefold world champion in ice hockey. Note that in the final match, Znarok was present on the podium, as he was suspended for a threatening gesture to the coach of the national team of Sweden. After the return of the Russian national team 2014 world Cup Vladimir Putin awarded Oleg Znarka the order of Merit.

    Personal life

    Oleg Znarok happily married for many years. His wife

  • Ilona far from the sport. Famous coach met his future wife in the restaurant, although I spotted him on the podium, where the girl came for the company. The Ilona and Oleg Znarok two daughters: the eldest, Valerie, and a younger Alice.


    Oleg Znarok

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