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  • Name: Efremov, Oleg ( Oleg Efremov )
  • Date of birth: 1 October 1927
  • Age: 72 years
  • Date of death: 24 may 2000
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actor, Director, teacher, people’s artist of the USSR
  • Marital status: was married to Alla Pokrovskaya

    Oleg Yefremov’s biography

    Legendary Soviet actor, Director, teacher and founder of the theater «Contemporary» Oleg Yefremov was born into a large Moscow communal apartment on the Arbat. His best friends was the grandson of the legendary Soviet actor Basil Alexander Kaluga Kaluga and adopted son of the writer Mikhail Bulgakov Sergey Shilovsky. In the childhood Oleg often came to the house of Bulgakov in Nadolinski lane. He absorbed an intelligent creative atmosphere like a sponge, not knowing what a great man he was lucky to communicate. Little Oleg then still no one book of Bulgakov did not have time to read it. But then, of course, made up for lost time, putting not one product Bulgakov at the theatre.

    School years Yefremov held in Vorkuta. His father worked as an accountant in the Gulag, because the son close enough to see the real life in the camp.

    Immediately after the war, Oleg went to take exams in the school-Studio of MKHAT. Those wishing to enter the acting Department was an incredible amount, but ugly eighteen year old boy managed to conquer the admissions office and go through the competition the first time. Ephraim was lucky to get on the course the outstanding Soviet theater Director, winner of four Stalin prizes of Mikhail Kedrov and no less famous Soviet actor and Director, winner of two Stalin prizes Vasily Toporkova.

    With all his youthful ardor freshman Efremov fell in love with Stanislavsky’s teachings, so much so that together with his classmates swore her eternal loyalty. For more serious future actors sealed the oath with his blood. And Efremov was faithful to her until the end of his days.

    Oleg went to school with his head, dreaming of the Moscow art Theater. Ambitious student wrote in his diary that becomes the chief Director of the famous theater, and after graduating from high school he was not taken there, even as an extra. It was a complete failure. But he did not despair and entered the service in the Central children’s theatre.

    Oleg Yefremov, the theater

    In the CCC the young actor got the main role. He came on the scene in the image of Vladimir Chernyshev in the production of «Her friends» Viktor Rozov and loved the audience from the first performance. Efremov played so sincerely that no one saw him as an actor and seen a real, live student.

    The CCC soon became one of the most popular theatres of Moscow. Efremov has played on its stage more than 20 roles. The actor is equally brilliantly managed to transform the Impostor in «Boris Godunov» and in Ivan the fool in «little humpbacked Horse». And in 1955, Oleg Yefremov himself set musical Comedy by Mikhail Lvov and Vadim korostilev «Dimka-nevidimka». Directorial debut was a success by the time the famous actor brilliantly.

    Stanislavsky method, which Yefremov, a student swore eternal fidelity, by the time it was not fashionable in theatrical circles, but true to his vow, the actor found himself among like-minded pupils of school-Studio of MKHAT. After graduating from the Studio, Ephraim, remained in her teacher, and the students loved him very much. Of them he had collected the first troupe of the future of the theater «Contemporary».

    «Contemporary» fully justified its name. The theatre raised the most pressing problems. On the stage the plays of contemporary authors, among whom was Alexander Galich, Vasily Aksyonov, and even Alexander Solzhenitsyn. It was an honest, interactive conversation with the audience. The theatre had no curtain.

    Efremov, as Director of «Sovremennik», was always his actor. He set the tone and set the style of the theater, and all the other actors he imitated. In 1970 Oleg Efremov, invited artistic Director of the Moscow art theatre. An ambitious dream, recorded once in the student diary, became a reality.

    However, the reality turned out to be not what he seemed in his youth. Ephraim invited to the Moscow art theatre is falling apart as a matter of fact, the crisis Manager. The troupe «Contemporary» he suggested in full force to the Mat, but agreed to only Evgeni Evstigneev. Subsequently, the new artistic Director eventually managed to restore the former glory of the theatre and win back Alexander Kalyagin, Innokenty Smoktunovsky, and then Tatiana Doronin.

    The troupe of the Moscow art theatre became so great that roles for all actors is not enough. In the end, Oleg has offered the theatre to share. So he became head of the Chekhov Moscow art theater.

    The real blow to Oleg Efremov was the death of his favorite actor Innokenty Smoktunovsky. After that, the Director has put in a Mat only a play «Three sisters». And 6 years ago Efremov followed Smoktunovsky. His theatre was in this moment thousands of kilometers away – on tour in Taiwan. Admirers, without exaggeration, a great actor and Director has brought him goodbye so many colors, in the building of the Moscow art theatre in Kamergersky lane it was impossible to approach.

    Oleg Efremov movies

    Oleg Yefremov debuted in movies in 1955. He played the YCL Alexei Uzorova in the melodrama «First tier» by Mikhail Kalatozov, shot a couple of years an internationally recognized movie «the cranes are Flying», received in Cannes «the Golden palm». After a successful film debut movies with Ephraim began to emerge almost every year.

    Kinogeroi Ephraim was quite diverse, but every time the audience looked like the actor himself. And Dolokhov in «War and peace» and Dr. Feelgood in «Aibolit-66», and the investigator Maxim Brown and the movie «Beware of the car!» and, of course, the taxi driver Sasha in «Three poplars at Plyushchikha» came from Oleg so alive, as if he’s not playing and living in front of the camera. By the way, Eldar Ryazanov was initially seen Ephraim in the role of Yuri Detochkin, but the screen test found that a great actor can’t hide his strong-willed character, and play the main character invited innocent Smoktunovsky.

    Tell us that Alexandra Pakhmutova didn’t want to write the soundtrack to the film «Three poplars at Plyushchikha», until I saw the already captured images. The heroine Tatyana Doronina sang, and the hero of Ephraim listened to her. The actor looked so that his eyes, as if from the depths of the soul, Pakhmutova inspired to write music. So there was one of the most penetrating Soviet songs «Tenderness». And this episode was the most powerful moment in the movie.

    Oleg Yefremov: personal life

    Oleg Efremov was a very amorous person. Friends joked that before his silent gaze can’t resist any woman. First love caught up with future actor still in school. Her name was Tanya Rostovtseva. She was two years younger than Oleg. Trying to draw attention to your ladies heart, in love with the boy threw at her window baby nipple filled with water, until one day the shell did not hit the aunt of the girl. The affair ended before it started. Tanya Rostovtseva, when he grew up, was married to Yuri Nikulin.

    In the school-Studio of MKHAT by Efremov immediately fell in love with the first beauty of the theatre Irina Skobtsevu, but she married another. Rejected in love, not paying much attention, gave his heart to a classmate Lilia Tolmacheva and soon married her. The marriage lasted only six months. The actor fell in love with Margarita Kupriyanov, who played amazing in his debut performance «Dimka-nevidimka», also abused alcohol. The wife broke down and left. He then regretted it.

    Shortly after the divorce, the actor found himself in sympathy for another of his colleagues. Antonina Eliseeva was prima CDT, which at the time served Efremov, besides older actor for 10 years, but still married to the actor who played the Prince in the famous Soviet film «Cinderella.» But the heart will not order…

    In 1955, Galina Volcheck introduced to Oleg Efremova with the granddaughter of the Soviet polar pilot Mazuruk Irina. She was younger than him by 9 years, she was only 19, but she by that time was divorced. To officially register their relationship, the lovers did not, but we had a wedding. Soon, Irina gave birth to a daughter Anastasia. However, this did not stop the artist to continue to fall in love in all turns of the Actresses of the theatre. And during the filming of the movie Ephraim flashed a passionate affair with his co actress Nina Doroshina. Finally Irina broke down and began to take courtship strangers Cavaliers, some of which Oleg even met in person. When he finally left the family, Irene has tried to commit suicide. Fortunately, she was saved.

    Nina Doroshina Oleg Yefremov parted several times, but their relationship was again resumed. After one of these breakups Doroshina married Oleg dal. Efremov came to their wedding and announced that the bride loves it more than the groom. Dal parted ways with Dorosini a couple of months.

    Among the favorite of women of Ephraim was Irina Miroshnichenko and Anastasia Vertinskaya. Vertinskaya actor I first saw in Tashkent, where they were both on tour, and was so struck by her beauty that climbed to her room on the balcony. Vertinskaya made repairs in the apartment Ephraim, and even bought new furniture, but he never married her and gave the leading roles in the theatre. With Roman Miroshnichenko was also short-lived.

    In 1962 Yefremov was married to actress Alla Pokrovskaya. She bore him a son Michael and endured the betrayal of her famous husband for the longest time – a whopping 12 years.

    Mikhail Efremov has not been able to get out of the shadow of his legendary father, but now he is also a famous Russian actor. His son Nikita, the grandson of Oleg Efremov, has also gone on the thorny path of service to the Melpomene. And the daughter of the great actor Anastasia has devoted himself to art. It organizes theatre festivals and works as editor-in-chief of theatre magazine «Strastnoy Bulvar, 10».

    Oleg Yefremov filmography

    • The first train
    • Call the fire itself
    • War and peace
    • Aybolit-66
    • Beware of the car
    • Three poplars at Plyushchikha
    • The king stag
    • When I become a giant
    • The battalions are asked to fire
    • Shirley myrli

    Oleg Yefremov: photo

    Oleg Yefremov

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