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  • Name: Oleg Yankovsky ( Oleg Yankovsky )
  • Date of birth: 23 February 1944
  • Age: 65 years
  • Date of death: may 20, 2009.
  • Place of birth: Zhezkazgan, Kazakhstan
  • Growth: 182
  • Activities: actor, Director, people’s artist of the USSR
  • Marital status: married

    Oleg Yankovsky biography

    Among movie lovers, there is no man who would not know of Oleg Yankovsky, the charismatic actor who brilliantly embodied any way: from the heroic to the comic. This performer became a close friend theatrical legends Mark Zakharov, starring Andrei Tarkovsky, George Danelia and Gleb Panfilov. Each of the Directors said that it is not seen embodied in the role of anyone but Jankowski.

    Oleg Ivanovich was born in 1944 in Zhezkazgan Kazakh SSR, where his family was deported by government order. The Jankowski family the boy was the third child: he had two brothers, Slava and Nikolai. Ivan Yankovsky, the head of the family in the thirties was arrested twice as a disgraced Tukhachevsky and the former Polish nobleman. Because of this family were destroyed all the family archives, all the documents that bound the older Yankovsky, his wife and children with past life. Not even left the order of St. George, which the head of the family was awarded during the First World war.

    The future artist grew up in a dysfunctional post-war period, in impoverished because of the Stalinist repression of the family. Despite extreme poverty, Jankowski was able to maintain a huge library and often received guests such as representatives of the repressed intellectuals who were themselves. By educating children, mother and grandmother, and his father was busy building. The boy was fond of reading and football. For some time he dreamed of becoming a soldier or a pilot, and a hero. In 1951 the family moved to Saratov, where Ivan Jankowski was assigned as a reserve officer. There is a wound, received in the period of the First World war, finally crippled the health of the head of the family, and in 1953 his father died.

    Marina Ivanovna widowed, was forced to get an accountant. Money lacked. In 1957, Rostislav, who worked in the theater of Leninabad, received an offer to move to Minsk, and soon took back Oleg, who turned 14 years old. Acting career his not attracted. Soon, the teenager came home to missing the mother.

    Jankowski learned that there are examinations in theatrical Institute, I decided to try to join. Unfortunately, by the time all the exams are passed, but then fate stepped in. It was at this same University his brother Nicholas secretly successfully tested. The Director of the University subsequently decided that in the selection Committee messed up the name of the applicant, informing the surprised Oleg Yankovsky, which he accepted. The first years the boy was bad, had problems with articulation only at the end of training were able to open up as an actor with good potential.


    In the Saratov drama theatre Oleg got thanks to his wife, Lyudmila Zorina, also actress. Young, but already a popular singer has insisted that Jankowski took to the theater, where she worked for a short time. The young actor has long had to settle for the fate of the shadow of his wife. The situation changed in 1968, when Jankowski starred in the movie. In 1971 the actor has played the greatest role in the Saratov period of the theatrical career of Prince Myshkin from the play based on the novel «the Idiot». Two years later, received an invitation from Mark Zakharov, the actor moved to Leningrad, where he began working in the Theater named after Lenin Komsomol.

    Combining career and work in the theatre, quickly becoming Jankowski in «Lenkom» the leading actor. In 1977, Jankowski has managed to go beyond the existing in the Soviet Union of the image of Lenin, with emphasis on the figure of Vladimir Ilyich as a person and not as a living icon of the revolution. Critics and audiences loved the actor, and the performances with his participation collected full halls.

    During the work in «Lenkom» the artist had only one role, which caused discontent and indignation from the audience. In 1986, playing Shakespeare’s hamlet, Jankowski took the risk, significantly change the usual image and making your hero not a romantic, and Mature enough cruel man. And although the play was staged well, in a few months the theatre was forced to remove her from the repertoire.

    In the future, the actor played another dozen of brilliant roles in «Lenkom». There Oleg Ivanovich worked until the last days of life.


    Jankowski never went on auditions and starred in the crowd of films in the hope that it will be noticed and appreciated. In 1967, when actor Saratov drama theatre toured and performed in Lviv at the restaurant at the theater he was noticed by Vladimir Basov, the Director that was working on a four-part film «Shield and sword». At that time the crew was in search of an actor who could embody one of the Central images, but among the contenders there was no person relevant appearance. Oleg Yankovsky, who owned sculptural and masculine features, was ideally suited to the role.

    «Shield and sword» became a cult film about the war, it was seen by more than sixty-eight million spectators, and Oleg Yankovsky instantly received all-Union popularity. Following the film, which starred actor, only secured success. Together with Roland Bykov, at that time already a favorite of millions of viewers, Jankowski played in the film «two comrades were Serving». There in one of the minor roles were played by Rostislav Yankovsky.

    In 1969, the actor played the main character in the film «I, Francysk Skaryna». Then there was either the principal or the globe role in many famous films such as «the Star of captivating happiness» «the Prize», where he played Yevgeny Leonov, «My tender and gentle beast».

    In 1978 he published the tale «the Ordinary miracle», where Jankowski played the role of Host. This film was produced by mark Zakharov, almost not engaged in filmmaking. The project was risky, but in the end, the band won a runaway success.

    The actor continued to act, taking part in interesting films of its time. As in the case of theatre Oleg Ivanovich worked in the film industry until his death. The last film with his participation — «Tsar» by Pavel Lungin, he was released after the death of the actor in 2009.

    Personal life

    Throughout his life, the artist lived with his colleague across the stage with Lyudmila Zorina. The young people were married, when Jankowski studied in the second year of the Institute, and since then has been an example of exemplary acting of the pair. In 1968 the couple had a son, in the nineties by Philip Jankowski pleased parents two grandchildren.


    At the end of 2008, the actor went to the hospital because of constant pain in the stomach. At that time he already lost a lot of weight, felt disgusted with food. The diagnosis was disappointing — pancreatic cancer. Oleg Ivanovich was treated in Germany, but it did not help. So less than a month Jankowski returned to Moscow and has even played a in his last play «Marriage».

    In late April, the state of the actor had worsened and he was admitted in the hospital due to the opened internal bleeding. Oleg Yankovsky died may 20, 2009. Due to the fact that the disease was discovered already at the last stage to save the actor failed. From the time of diagnosis to death of Jankowski less than a year.


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    Oleg Yankovsky

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