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  • Name: Oleg Vasilkov ( Oleg Vasilkov )
  • Date of birth: 20 may 1970
  • Age: 46 years
  • Place of birth: Voronezh
  • Height: 168
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor
  • Marital status: divorced

    Oleg Vasilkov : biography

    Oleg Maratovich Vasilkov was born in may 1970 in Voronezh in a simple family where there was nobody in the art world. Oleg, like most of his peers, liked to go to the movies. At that time young people did not sit all day in social networks, therefore, the cinema and sport were the main vents. But dreams of becoming an actor from a simple guy not. The prospect of «getting on TV» Oleg Vasilkov considered the same «realistic» how to become an astronaut.

    But fate is sometimes full of amazing gifts, making a fairy tale come true. It happened with Cornflower. After serving in the army, he returned home and pondered which way to go next. Everything was decided by itself, when Oleg asked one of his friends by offering to try his hand at cinema. On the question of cornflowers wants to act in films, he replied in the affirmative, though not very much believe in the success of this venture.

    So the guy got on the set of the film «one Hundred days before the order» on the eponymous work by Yuri Polyakov. After a trial of Oleg Vasilkov not just have to the project, but entrusted him with one of the main roles, which aspiring actors can only dream of. He appeared on the screen with such masters of Russian cinema, as Armen Dzhigarkhanyan and Vladimir Zamansky.

    So Oleg Vasilkov was able to rapidly break into the world of cinema, not having a back is not something that actor’s education, and even the drama club at school.

    When the film was released on big screens, Oleg Vasilkov already wonder what he will do next. In 1990 he took the papers in the University and immediately joined. He studied at the Studio of the legendary Sergei Solovyov.


    A cinematic biography of Oleg Vasilkov, rapidly beginning in 1990, the painting «one Hundred days before the order» and continued at the end of high school theater. But since the yard was «dashing 90-e» the film was in a pretty sorry state. New projects are almost not removed, my art lacked. Cornflowers appeared in small episodes of low-budget films-by-night.

    But in 1997, Oleg Vasilkov received the offer to star in the star role. It was a loud pattern with explicit sex scenes «Weird». Oleg Maratovich played boy seduces experienced Mature woman. The image of the heroine starred Elena Mayorova. In Russia the picture is not appreciated. But at the film festival in Rotterdam, it had a lot of success.

    The following striking episode in the career of the actor was a cameo role in the sequel to the cult film «Brother», released in 2000.

    Often Oleg Vasilkov appears in the roles of the second plan or episodes. In most cases, the audience can see the actor in the image of the criminal characters. Oleg Maratovich have put up with this state of Affairs. With his characteristic humour, he says, that is visually a little like a nuclear physicist, so quite calmly accepts the fact that often the Directors invite him to portray gangsters.

    However, Oleg Vasilkov loved by many viewers and Directors. He’s one of the favorites of Director Alexei Mizgirev and appeared in several of his paintings. The most famous of them, «Flint», «Tambourine, drum» and «Convoy». The cornflowers played brilliantly crazy army captain. This image is not only Central in the picture, but one of the most beloved in the repertoire of the artist. Although, according to Oleg Maratovich, this work was very difficult. Filming sometimes lasted 14 hours a day and were very debilitating. But the result has justified the effort completely.

    In the 2000s Oleg Vasilkov were shot quite a lot. His most famous works related to this period, are the paintings «March Slav» and «Palmist». And in 2011, the actor appeared in three high-profile projects – the 2nd picture of «Burnt by the sun» and the series «witch doctor-2» and «Kotovsk», which caught the fancy of many viewers.

    Filmography of Oleg Vasilkov is very large. From 1990 to 2016 years, he has starred in more than fifty films. And let many of them the actor played the main role, but this does not detract from his merit and talent. Because it is often the secondary characters create the General background, which at the confluence of different circumstances and brings the success of the project. How not to recall in this regard the role of Fedka in the cinematographic Vladimir Khotinenko’s «the Devils», which Vasilkov played masterfully, being able to deeply feel and embody the image of the killer-convict.

    In 2015, viewers saw their favorite artist in two wonderful bands – the military drama of the painting «Battle of Sevastopol», where he played captain Makarov, and crime series «the Method». In the latest tape Oleg Maratovich appeared in the image of the hero, nicknamed the Deaf, who helped in the work of the investigator, Rodion Meglino (Konstantin Khabensky). Both projects have received warm reviews from the audience and high marks from critics.

    Personal life

    The first marriage of the actor was a student. Oleg Vasilkov married when she was studying at VGIK. His first wife was a student of the same University Svetlana Bobkina. The Union was short-lived and childless. Later Svetlana explained that otherwise this childlike affair to end could not. As she says, «cute young men met and didn’t become separated.» After their separation Bobkina gave up acting and soon became known as the lead singer of the group «Arrows» Hera.

    I must say that the personal life of Oleg Vasilkov was not easy. In 1997, during the filming of «Weird» Oleg Vasilkov met Elena Maiorova. The novel was bright, but it ended quickly and tragically. Mayorova died under mysterious circumstances. In the last fateful day of life Elena Mayorova sent beloved a message on a pager. But cornflower was in long business trip and did not get it.

    After a few years, Oleg Vasilkov married for the second time. His wife’s name is unknown, but the couple lived together for 10 years. It is known that in this marriage a daughter was born.


    • «One hundred days before the order»
    • «Do not shoot the passenger»
    • «Happy new year, Moscow!»
    • «Weird»
    • «March Slav»
    • «Brother-2»
    • «Freud’s Method»
    • «The road to Easter island»
    • «Demons»
    • «Stalingrad»
    • «Method»


    Oleg Vasilkov

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