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  • Name: Oleg Vasiliev ( Oleg Vasiliev )
  • Date of birth: 22 November 1959
  • Age: 57 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: skater, champion of USSR, European, world and Olympic games, honored coach of Russia
  • Marital status: divorced

    Oleg Vasiliev: biography

    Oleg Vasiliev — Soviet figure skater, who won the title of «Honoured master of sport» thanks to victories in the Championships of the USSR and in the international arena, including a gold medal at the Olympics in 1984. In 2016, he was invited to the popular show «Ice age», where Vasiliev after many years of coaching again felt the taste of competition as a participant.

    Oleg was born and raised in Leningrad in the family of Kim M. and Ludmila Konstantinovna lens. When the boy was five years old, my mother decided that he needed to play sports as he grew up sickly and weak. The choice fell on the section of figure skating in the Central Park of culture and rest named after Kirov S. M.. that Is he has not learn on the indoor rink, and right on the river, in the open air.

    Oleg Vasiliev
    Oleg Vasiliev | R-Sport

    First, Vasiliev played singles and had some success, for example, won the championship and the Cup of the USSR among juniors. He later moved to the Palace of sports «Jubilee», where his coach was the famous Tamara Moskvina. A qualified specialist immediately noticed that Oleg will be much more advantageous to look at the picture and put it in a duet with Elena Valova.

    Figure skating

    When Oleg Vasiliev began to speak in pair skating, he was already 18 years old, and his partner Elena – 15. But the young people quickly found a mutual understanding and reached great heights together. Three times they took the gold of the world and European Championships, and in 1984 became Olympic Champions. About silver and bronze medals is nothing to say, there were many more.

    Incidentally, Vasiliev and gross were the first sports pair, who performed a parallel triple jump in figure skating history. In the 90 years Vasiliev goes to America and goes to professional sports, which is very developed in the United States. On account of his medals in such tournaments as US Open, «World Challenge of Champions», «Masters Miko», «Legends», and many others.

    Oleg Vasiliev and Elena Valova at the Olympics
    Oleg Vasiliev and Elena Valova at the Olympics | Great sport

    At the end of a career skater started working as a trainer. His first disciples were Lithuanian couple Serokhvostova Elena and Oleg Shlyakhov. Later under its wing came the silver medalist of European championship, Tatiana Totmianina and Maxim Marinin, who under the leadership Vasiliev achieved their outstanding results: won the Olympic games-2006, has twice climbed the top step of a World Championship and five times winners of the European championship.

    Worked with Oleg Kimovich-and with single skaters, including Russian, Victoria Volchkova, but lately I began to pay more attention to children and juniors.

    TV show

    In the popular reality show «Ice age» Oleg Vasiliev came in 2012, when he was invited to be one of the jury members in an unusual season «the Glacial period. Cup of professionals». Then at the rink were not actors, musicians or boxers, as the only professional athletes who passed through the school of figure skating.

    Oleg Vasiliev
    Oleg Vasilyev | Soviet sport in Moldova

    In the fifth season Oleg Kimovich again occupied the judgment seat, but in 2016 he decided to go again on the ice as a full participant. Oleg Vasiliev in the sixth season of «Ice age» is paired with actress Daria Moroz, national star of the movie «don’t cry for me, Argentina!» and «Ded Mazaev and Zaytsev».

    Personal life

    As often happens in figure skating, the Duo of skaters has evolved from a sports couple married. In 1984 Oleg Vasiliev married his longtime partner on the rink Helen Gross. The couple lived together for 8 years, but in 1992 I got divorced. And, as he said in an interview, Oleg Kimovich, the whole divorce process took only three days.

    Oleg Vasiliev and Elena Valova
    Oleg Vasiliev and Elena Valova | Poetry movements

    Later Vasilyev remarried. His new fiancee, Valentina is also a native of St. Petersburg, where the woman stayed, even when my husband went to work in the United States. Valentina in St. Petersburg own business, which she didn’t want to leave. Life in two countries and meetings 3-4 times per year could not strengthen the family. And even the birth of their total daughter Catherine did not help: the second marriage of Oleg Vasiliev also disintegrated.

    More formal relation between the athlete and the coach has not concluded, although the loving relationship he, of course, was. One of the most famous novels are his courting his ward, Tatiana Totmyanina. The girl even told my friends that soon will marry Vasiliev. But Oleg refused, deciding that not being able to maintain two families, it is not necessary to create a third.


    Oleg Vasiliev

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