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  • Name: Oleg Tinkov ( Oleg Tin’kov )
  • Date of birth: 25 December 1967
  • Age: 49 years
  • Place of birth: p. polysayevo, Kemerovo region, Russia
  • Height: 178
  • Activity: the Russian businessman, millionaire, the head of «Tinkoff Bank», the founder of a network of home appliances «tekhnoshok» and restaurants «Tinkoff»
  • Marital status: Married

    Oleg Tinkov: biography

    Oleg Tinkov – a successful Russian businessman, which today is one of the richest men in the country. He is considered one of the most eccentric businessmen in the CIS, which the youth actively engaged in business and has achieved high results in this sphere. He is successful in everything they will undertake in the brewing industry in the production of dumplings in the restaurant business, and serious banking sector.

    Born Oleg Tinkov 25 December 1967 in the South-East of Western Siberia, in the village of polysayevo of the Kemerovo region. His father worked as a miner in Leninsk-Kuznetsky and her mother was a seamstress. The childhood and youth of the future businessman were like all Soviet children. It without great success graduated from high school where no more fond of the exact Sciences, and sports. In the sports area, namely, road Cycling, Tinkov has achieved great success and in 1984 he received the title of candidate master of sports.

    At the end of the school Oleg Tinkov was drafted into the Soviet army. He was in the border troops and served in the far East. Giving back to the Motherland, the future businessman decided to pursue higher education, which went to the cultural capital of Russia and entered the Leningrad mining Institute.

    As a student, Oleg Tinkov realized that his biography will be linked to the business. Then he began actively to demonstrate their entrepreneurial ability first of money on vodka that day, bought at one price, and at night the students in the hostel were selling for twice the price. Then the student, the businessman established friendships with foreign students. He bought them any imports brought from home, and then resell it at a high price among students or the native of Leninsk-Kuznetsky.

    Your student business Oleg Tinkov developed to a significant level. Until the third year of high school he already had business partners in the future also become successful entrepreneurs. Among them were the founder of a network of shops «roundabout» Andrey Rogachev, founder of shops «Diksi» Oleg Leonov and Creator of the network «the Tape» Oleg Zherebtsov.


    The first major business project of Oleg Tinkov «born» in 1992. Then he’s in his third year decided to quit College and devote himself to dreams of big business. At that time, the student opened a trading company «Petrosib», a seller of a Singapore office. His first business activities were conducted only on the territory of Russia, and then expanded to European countries such as Poland and Germany.

    A year later the business Tinkov began to grow, the entrepreneur has opened in St. Petersburg store «SONY», and a year later founded a chain of electronics stores «tekhnoshok». In stores Oleg at that time appeared the first in Russia specially trained sales consultants that have made the prestigious shops in the country, as people were willing to buy a product from Tinkov, despite the fact that the prices he set at 20% above the average.

    In the mid-90s Oleg Tinkov has expanded its business and acquired recording Studio «Shock records», the first customer which was the frontman of the «Leningrad» Sergey Shnurov. A year later, the entrepreneur was reorganize my Studio to the music store «Miss», as the Studio was profitable.

    In 1998, businessman tired of his sphere of activities, so he sold «tekhnoshok» and created the first Russian brewery restaurant «Tinkoff», which within a year became a successful network. Products Tinkov beer company enjoyed success as the Russians, and the Americans, due to what sold well in Russia and the United States. In 2005 Oleg sold its brewing business to Swedish company for $ 200 million.

    Beside the restaurant business, the entrepreneur opened a plant of semi-finished products «Daria», specializing in the manufacture of ravioli. Then Tinkov has been manufacturing products under other brand names such as «King-father», «Good product», «Thick cock». In 2001, the businessman has sold the business to Roman Abramovich, as mired in credit debt.

    One of the latest «creations» of the businessman was «Tinkoff Bank», which in 2006 was the first Russian financial institution remote service. For several years the Bank has been quite successful in the severe business environment and showed a 50-fold increase in net profit in the first few years of its existence.

    Personal life

    Personal life of Oleg Tinkov as successful as a business career. In student years he is in love with his classmate of Estonian origin Rina Woman, which lives for almost 30 years. Special attention of the society a couple of Oleg and Rina was attracted to the fact that for many years lived in a civil marriage legitimizing the relationship.

    Over the years of living together, Woman Tinkov gave birth to three children – a daughter and two sons. Wedding oligarch with the beloved took place only in 2009, after 20 years of marriage. The wedding ceremony took place in Buryatia, they invited only the closest people.

    The businessman calls his family to be the main success in life. He admits that he loves his wife and children and always tries to behave with them sensitively and with restraint, despite the fact that are known for their quick temper and sharp statements in relation with others.

    But business Tinkov continues to get involved in Cycling. He is the main sponsor of team Tinkoff-Saxo, which invests at least 20 million euros. Also, the entrepreneur is keen on writing, which shares with the readers his secrets of success in business.


    The status of Oleg Tinkov for 2016 is estimated at $ 500 million. Their goal in life seems to get in the Forbes rating of billionaires and overtake him as the Creator of the network of supermarkets «the Magnet» Sergey Galitsky.


    Oleg Tinkov

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