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  • Name: Oleg Tabakov ( Oleg Tabakov )
  • Date of birth: 17 August 1935
  • Age: 81 years
  • Place of birth: Saratov
  • Height: 176
  • Activity: the Soviet and Russian film and theater actor, theater Director and teacher
  • Marital status: Married with Marina Zudina

    Oleg Tabakov: a biography

    Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov was born in Saratov in the family of doctors. The first years of life, the future actor spent in a communal apartment. Childhood memories of Oleg Tabakov is very bright. It was surrounded by many loving people: mother, father, two grandmothers, an aunt and uncle, half brother and sister.

    However, this happy, tranquil life ended in June of 1941. In the first days of the war, father volunteered to the front. At the end of 1942, the mother of Oleg Tabakov became ill with typhoid fever, and even after recovery, could not stand up.

    In the spring of 1943 Mariya Andreevna, taking their children with them, went to the town El’ton, located in the North of the Caspian sea. Here, joining the army, she worked at the hospital as a therapist for two years. In Elton, Oleg went to school. But then the family returned to Saratov, where tobacco has continued her education in the male high school. Eighth-grader Oleg Tabakov was in famous all over the Saratov children’s theater «Young guard» under the leadership of Natalia Iosifovna Sukhostav, which he calls his godmother in the acting profession. Classes in children’s theatre played a decisive role in choosing a future profession.

    To enter the theater school, Oleg Tabakov decided in the capital. He applied to the School-Studio of Moscow art theatre. Nemirovich-Danchenko, and in GITIS. It took both of the Institute. But tobacco preferred Theater, which was considered «top of the theater pedagogy».

    Director of the course on which he studied Oleg Tabakov, was one of the greatest theatre teachers of his time, people’s artist of USSR, head of the acting Department of Studio School Vasily Toporkov. Simultaneously with Tabakov in the School-Studio of MKHAT studied future masters of the stage Valentin Gaft, Galina Volchek, Leonid Bronevoy, Evgeni Evstigneev, Oleg Basilashvili, Tatyana Doronin, Mikhail Kazakov and others.

    Oleg Tabakov theatre

    After School-Studio of the young actor were distributed in the Moscow drama theatre of a name of Stanislavsky. But fate brought in a new theatre, created by Oleg Yefremov, the theater, which later became known as «Sovremennik».

    After leaving Ephraim in the theater «Contemporary» almost seven years was headed by Oleg Tabakov. In December 1986 came the order on creation in Moscow of three new theatres. Among them were the Theater-Studio under the direction of Oleg Tabakov. So fulfilled his dream of opening my own theater, which was soon dubbed the «

  • Snuffbox». The beginning of the road «Snuff» was not cloudless. Some critics did not take seriously the emergence of the new Studio. But in the auditorium of the theatre on Chaplygin street was always full. The first work of the Theater-Studio under the direction of Oleg Tabakov was the play «the Chair» set Tabakov on the novel by Yuri Polyakov on March 1, 1987.

    During the reign of the Tabakov theatre going on here renewal of the repertoire and cast. The troupe was adopted by a number of young and talented actors: Marina Neyolova, Konstantin Raikin, Yuri Bogatyrev and others. Updated and repertoire. Oleg Tabakov was attracted to theater for new works of famous Directors and writers who brought fresh ideas and a new impetus for creative development.

    Theatrical biography of Oleg Tabakov is very rich and diverse. Tabakov worked abroad as a teacher and stage Director. The Russian Maestro has delivered more than four dozen performances of the Soviet, Russian and foreign classics in the theatres of the Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Denmark, USA and Austria. And on the basis of Harvard University, the actor has opened a Summer school of a name of Stanislavsky, which he headed.

    And Oleg Tabakov created and led a Summer school of a name of Stanislavsky. From 1986 to 2000, he was the rector of School-studios of MKHAT, the head of the joint postgraduate programme of the School and Carnegie Mellon University (USA).

    Since 2000, Oleg Tabakov, head of the Moscow Art theatre named after Chekhov.

    Olegtsvetkov: movies

    Already in the third year of the Moscow art Theater theatrical biography of Oleg Tabakova begins to intertwine with the film. The debut was the role of Sasha Komelev in the film «Sasha comes to life» Michael Schweitzer. She helped the actor to meet with the «kitchen» movie.

    The first heroes of the theatre called «Rozovskii boys». Student named Oleg Savin, which Tabakov played in the film «Noisy day» on the play «finding joy» Rozov, Viktor is the epitome of the best traits in people of the Khrushchev time. Rectitude of judgment, purity of thought, ability to defend its position – it applies to Oleg Savin, and Viktor Bulygin from the movie «people on the bridge», and to Sasha Egorov from «Probation» and Serge from «clear sky». This also can be attributed to Peter of Rostov from «War and peace», and Kolya grandma from the movie «Young-green». These pictures, by far the best actor in the beginning kinouchi.

    On-screen role of Oleg Tabakov began to appear in the period when the society was re-evaluated its system of values. Heroes Tabakov United civil pathos and directness of judgment. This can be seen, for example, in «Noisy day» or «Probation».

    In the biography of the master of a lot of other memorable works: «it’s colorful», «Built bridge», «Before», «War and peace», «Seventeen moments of spring», «unfinished piece for mechanical piano», «Gori, Gori, Moya Zvezda», «Patrimony», «the Twelve chairs», «Moscow does not trust tears» and others. The list is endless.

    It is worth noting the work of Oleg Tabakov in the cartoon. His voice says a favorite of several generations of children pet cat

  • Matroskin from Prostokvashino.

    Oleg Tabakov: personal life

    In the early 1990s, the personal lives of Oleg Tabakov for a long time was the top topic of the tabloids. After 35 years of marriage to actress Lyudmila Krylova tobacco went to the actress Marina Suginoi, who was younger than him by 30 years. Children Tabakov, Anton and Alexander, supported the mother and to protest even left the profession. Over time, improved relationship with his father Anton.

    Oleg Tabakov and Marina Zudina signed in 1995 after a 10-year-old novel. His departure from a family of tobacco and says: «no matter how corny it sounds, came lyuboff». All the facts with personal life and career of TOBACCOS described in his autobiography «My real life».

    Marina Zudina in 1995 gave Oleg Pavlovich, son of Paul, and in 2006 a daughter Mary. The actor grows three grandchildren: Nikita, Anna and Pauline.

    Oleg Tabakov: filmography

    • Case «motley»
    • Probation
    • Case and Polyvinyl
    • Seventeen moments of spring
    • 12 chairs
    • Unfinished piece for mechanical piano
    • D’artagnan and the three Musketeers
    • A few days from the life of Oblomov
    • Look
    • Man from Boulevard des Capucines
    • Sirota Kazanskaya
    • The President and his granddaughter

    Oleg Tabakov: photo

    Oleg Tabakov in the film

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