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  • Name: Oleg Strizhenov ( Oleg Strigenov )
  • Date of birth: 10 August 1929
  • Age: 87 years
  • Place of birth: Blagoveshchensk-on-Amur, far Eastern Krai
  • Height: 180
  • Activity: film and theater actor, people’s artist of the USSR
  • Marital status: married

    Oleg Strizhenov biography

    Oleg Strizhenov – people’s artist of the Soviet Union, the star of such Patriotic films as «the gadfly», «the Forty first», «captivating Star of happiness» and many others.

    Oleg was born in the far Eastern town of Blagoveshchensk-on-Amur, in the family of soldier Alexander Nikolayevich, who managed to pass the Civil and the Great Patriotic war. The mother of the future actor, Ksenia Alekseevna, was a graduate of the famous Mariinsky school and the Smolny Institute, taught in Russian and Finnish schools. The boy was the third son in the family Stroganovyh. Older brother Boris was a military pilot, and the average, Hleb, also became a famous actor.

    When the boy was 6 years old, the family moved to Moscow. After the war 12-year-old Gusman decided to help and got a job as a mechanic in the shop to process the film. Later, he will obtain the qualification of film in Theatre arts and technical school and will be awarded with the medal » for labor activities during the Second world war.

    The proximity to the art encouraged Oleg to think about becoming an actor, he makes the attempt to enter the Shchukin school and first became a student. Receiving a diploma of graduation, Strizhenov at the same time was distributed in Tallinn Russian drama theater, but he served in the Baltic in just one season. The actor moved to Leningrad theatre named after A. S. Pushkin, and from there travelled to Moscow, to the Moscow art theatre. True, and there admires the artist has not held up forever, as his irresistibly drew the opportunity to play in a movie.


    The first picture, where it was possible to see Oleg Strizhenova, was football Comedy «Sports honor», where he had a small role of a fan in the restaurant. And then came a series of not just the main, and truly legendary films.

    First there was the Patriotic drama «the gadfly» and «the Mexican», then the military picture «Forty-first» and the historical tape of a joint Soviet-Indian production «the Journey beyond three seas». After them Oleg was called among the most popular actors, and it is firmly and permanently entrenched the role of a romantic hero.

    Strizhenov has starred in film adaptations of Russian classics. Of the most famous is called «White nights» based on the novel by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, the film version of Pushkin’s «Captain’s daughter» and «Queen of spades», «North story» book by Konstantin Paustovsky and Chekhov’s «the Duel». In addition, in the filmography of Oleg is a biographical picture. He plays composer Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky in «the Third youth» Odessa pilot Sergey Utochkin in the «loop», Hero of the Soviet Union Lev Manevich in «the Earth, Poste restante».

    A separate line in the work of an actor held a military drama. It can be seen in the paintings of the great Patriotic war «In your hands life», «to Start liquidation», «Lord Novgorod the Great». You can not go past the two historical film «the captivating Star of happiness» and «Youth of Peter» and the fantastic Comedy «His name was Robert».

    Even before the collapse of the Soviet Union Oleg Strizhenov ceased to be in the movie. Returned to film one of outstanding Russian artists only in 2000, having played in pair with Sergey Bezrukov in the drama «Instead of me», and after five years with Olga Pogodina in the detective «Five stars». Thus, the actor stayed true to the tradition – or the lead, or no.

    Personal life

    Oleg Strizhenov officially married three times. His first girlfriend, whose name was Marianne, the audience could see in the role of Gemma in the drama «the gadfly». This marriage lasted 12 years, and during that time the couple had a daughter, Natalie, is following in the footsteps of their parents.

    Second wife Strizhenova was Love Liventsova -Zemlyanikin. With her actor met when he played on the stage of Moscow art academic theater. They had a son Alexander who is now famous as an actor and host of TV program «Star «Star». The joint life of Oleg and Love lasted six years, but due to claims they broke up.

    With last wife Lionello Puriefoy (Skirdow), the actor met back in the early years. But only many years later, they started Dating and got married when he was already well over 40. Today the couple are happy for 40 years. They often get together with the family of son Alexander and his wife Catherine Strizhenovoj, as children of Lionelli and Oleg Strizhenova no.


    • 1955 — the gadfly
    • 1956 — the Forty-first
    • 1958 — the Journey beyond three seas
    • 1958 — the captain’s daughter
    • 1968 — His name was Robert
    • 1972 — Land, demand
    • 1975 — the captivating Star of happiness
    • 1980 Youth Of Peter
    • 1983 is to Begin to eliminate
    • 2000 — Instead of me
    • 2004 — Five stars


    Oleg Strizhenov

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