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  • Name: Oleg Sidorov ( Sidorov Oleg )
  • Date of birth: 22 June 1994
  • Age: 22 years
  • Place of birth: Taganrog, Russia
  • Activity: singer, musician, participant of the show «the Voice 5»
  • Marital status: not married

    Oleg Sidorov: biography

    Oleg Sidorov was born in June 1994 in the suburban Krasnoznamensk, who calls the best place to grow and develop.

    The boy was an ideal and desired child. In the family of a retired Colonel of the space forces had already grown up daughter Olga. The son his father wanted for a long time, so his appearance brought all the family great joy. Mom, an accountant by training, devoted to my children all the time.

    Oleg Sidorov
    In the beginning | Vokrug.tv

    In the 5 years Oleg asked my parents to take him to a music school. The boy heard, and was soon convinced that he had towards music very serious. Sidorov first learned to play the piano. Then he learned to play the saxophone. He is equally loved as a classic, and jazz.

    Soon the teachers realized that the boy was not only a capable musician but also a talented singer. It is first sent to the competitions closed. And when the young singer brought to the first letters, the teachers have decided that he has grown up to a serious examination of your abilities.

    With the Delphic games Oleg Sidorov twice brought the gold medal. At «Junior Eurovision» and «New Wave» in their age groups, the young singer managed to get the second steps that inspired him to go in their chosen musical road.

    Oleg Sidorov
    On stage | Vokrug.tv

    It is noteworthy that the «New wave» Oleg Sidorov was lucky to sing a duet with such stars as Grigory Leps and Vladimir Presnyakov.

    After a successful honours completion Krasnoznamenskiy music school, piano and saxophone, the young man decided to continue his education. He studied at the famous Moscow Conservatory, Gnesin and graduated in 2014. Then was taken a new height: the Gnesins ‘ Academy, where the young man chose the faculty of composition, computer music and arrangements.

    Biography of Oleg Sidorov had grown together with colleagues from the group Point Charlie.

    Oleg Sidorov I group Point Charlie
    With colleagues from the group Point Charlie | krasotke.info

    In 2016, the singer has recorded his debut single called «hand». Soon for this song in Sevastopol was captured clip.

    The singer says that his musical style is a mixture of alternative rock, pop, funk, jazz, and lyrical piano ballads. He prefers to perform only «live».

    TV show

    For the first time Oleg Sidorov took part in the TV show in 2015. It was the «X-factor. Main stage», which was broadcast on the TV channel «Russia». In the qualifying round, he sang a song of Leonid Agutin «Forgive me,» self-accompanying himself on the piano. A gifted contestant praised Yuri Antonov. The guy was in the team of Igor Matvienko made it to the finals.

    Soon talented performer was again invited to the «New wave», which he conquered in his childhood. And he was once again able to perform very well and was even selected as a representative from Russia at the international final of the competition, which was held in the fall of that year in Sochi.

    In 2016, Oleg went on to conquer the musical Olympus on another popular TV show «the Voice» as a member of the 5th season.

    The sixth edition Oleg Sidorov managed to make a bright and unforgettable for the audience and competent jury. «Blind auditions» all of a sudden he sang the song of Alla Pugacheva in pain I sing», failing to impress experienced mentors.

    «I am blown away at how much you have to vote!» – sincerely enthusiastic singer Dima Bilan. The guy got into his team.

    In the second phase, «Matches», Oleg Sidorov, sang in duet with Aurika MgO complex song «Something Got Me Started». This single from the 4th album of the popular band Simply Red.

    The results of this phase Aurika Mgoi left the 5th season of «the Voice». Guys accompanied himself on the piano and both were strong performers. But then the road was opened only for one of them.

    Personal life

    In the childhood Oleg, like most of his peers, pulled to drive the ball. He asked his parents to take him to soccer, but the adults decided that his son should not «wasted»: at that time in the musical field, he had a serious victory. Therefore, professional football had expired the guy.

    Oleg Sidorov
    Life is art | Official website

    But with music and vocals from a guy everything went fine. From childhood he not only sings but also writes songs. Today, the Bank gathered more than 70 of the author’s compositions. Does not limit itself, and in the style: loves to sing like lyrical ballads and light funk and heavy rock.

    Personal life of Oleg Sidorov today is improving vocals and further promotion to career heights.


    Oleg Sidorov

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