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  • Name: Oleg Shklovsky ( Oleg Shklovskiy )
  • Date of birth: 9 July 1947
  • Age: 69 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 184
  • Activities: actor, playwright, screenwriter, broadcaster
  • Marital status: married

    Oleg Shklovsky: biography

    Oleg Shklovsky, a Soviet and Russian actor gained recognition after the release of such films as «Hello, I your aunt!», «Winter evening in Gagra», and lately, often appears in the television series, like «the Joker», «Chess player’s Syndrome», «Practice».

    He was born in Moscow in the early postwar years. They were very poor, the family huddled in the barracks, to feed themselves, had to work a lot more standard change. Therefore, little Oleg often spent her days closed in the house. Having graduated only seven classes, Shklovsky finds a job. Still quite a boy took an apprenticeship at the Studio «Mosfilm», where he mastered the specialty radiomontazhnika and assistant engineer.

    Later, the young man worked as a loader and driver on the manufacture of equipment for the dairy industry, and in parallel was in high school for working youth. Together with a certificate to Shklovsky came and the dream of the stage. He successfully passes the entrance exams to the School-Studio of MKHAT, once in the company of Oleg Efremov, which will last for the next 20 years.

    But Oleg Shklovsky – nature changeable. Once he decides that was wrong with the profession, casts a theatre and cinema began to teach children to sports clubs martial arts, which was just fascinated at the time. After returning to the actor’s environment, he not only became a popular actor, rewarded with the prize of the film festival «Constellation», but have mastered a new profession as a TV presenter. A program of previously classified cases of the KGB, «As it was» Oleg Shklovsky led with great interest and enthusiasm, as he himself was an interesting topic for this transfer.


    As in the first half of his career Oleg Shklovsky saw himself as primarily an artist of the theatre, his early filmography is dominated by the dramas – «Your island», «the hound of the Baskervilles», «widower», «twelfth night», «Down with the cucumber king» and many others. But popularity brought him the role of Jackie Chesney, son of Colonel, in the feature Comedy «Hello, I your aunt!», which starred Aleksandr Kalyagin.

    Other notable paintings in 80-90 years was the musical Comedy «Winter evening in Gagra» adventure drama «the Prisoner of If castle», a parody of spy movies «Deja vu», the Thriller «the priest had a dog…» and the melodrama «Love French and Russian».

    After a career break when Shklovsky was in the profession, he again started to act. Moreover, its relevance, perhaps even increased. He starred in the role of the chief saboteurs of the Belarusian Comedy «the salvation Army», played a A. the word «Instructor» and Colonel Voronova in the crime Thriller «Emergency call». Also artist connected in such famous TV series as «Not born beautiful», «Luba, children and the plant…», «Detective Putilin» and others.

    Most popular actor felt after the release of the Thriller «the Joker.» The relevance of this picture of the audience resulted in the shooting of a sequel – «the Joker. Retribution» and «the Joker-2. Operation «Trap». In addition, recently, the actor participated in the creation of a criminal action «a Syndrome of Chess», detective, «the Murder of 100 million» and medical drama «the Practice».

    Personal life

    Oleg Shklovsky is an example of a good family man. His only wife Galina Shklovsky also graduated from the school-Studio of the Moscow art theatre, and later played in the theater and starred in a movie, for example, as anti-aircraft gunner in the military drama «…the dawns here are quiet». But after having children, the woman focused on family.

    Now the couple have their own small theatre for children, for which they write a fabulous play, but Galina still acts as a Director, artist and actress. Have Shklovskij has three children. The eldest daughter Maria successfully graduated from the Moscow state University, as well as the legendary French University the Sorbonne, learned six foreign languages and became a professional linguist.

    The second child, a son, Michael, became an artist. He plays in theater and has starred in more than 20 films, sometimes appearing in scenes with his father. The youngest son Daniel while much of the interest in the film does not show.

    Oleg Shklovsky as a hobby, writes screenplays, plays and prose. In the 90-ies he took part in the restoration of the Orthodox Church, not only financial, but he worked on restoration work. Later the same actor sang in the choir.


    • 1975 — Hello, I your aunt!
    • 1985 Winter evening in Gagry
    • 1989 — Deja vu
    • 1993 — the priest had a dog…
    • 2000 — the salvation Army
    • 2003 — Instructor
    • 2010 — Emergency call
    • 2013 — the Murder of 100 million
    • 2014 — Syndrome Chess
    • 2014 — Practice
    • 2015 Wild: Retribution


    Oleg Shklovsky

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