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  • Name: Oleg Savkin ( Oleg Savkin )
  • Date of birth: 2 June 1965
  • Age: 51 years
  • Place of birth: Baku, Azerbaijan
  • Height: 174
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Oleg Savkin: biography

    Oleg Savkin – Ukrainian theater and cinema actor, in films of Ukrainian, Russian and Polish production. He is remembered by the audience thanks to his roles in the films «Bohdan-Zinovy Khmelnitsky», «Katyn», «Urgent! Looking for a husband», «Anna», «Wspolna».

    Oleg was born in the Azerbaijani capital Baku, in the family of aircraft. For the military service of his father Savkina often changed their place of residence. High school boy has done in the city of Chuguev, located in the Kharkiv region. By the time of maturity Oleg never had a clear goal regarding the future of the profession. He went to the city of his childhood and entered Baku petrochemical Institute, where he studied at the evening Department and worked on an oil rig.

    Being engaged in Taekwondo for only one semester, he realized that the oil industry is not its path, took the documents and returned to the father in Chuguev. There was work, factory electrician aircraft and received the appropriate qualification. Then in company with a comrade entered the Kharkov Polytechnic Institute, but here the story was repeated one semester showed that new specialty it is not suitable. Oleg Savkin dropped out of Polytechnic and began to prepare for admission to the Kharkov University, he decided to explore the depths of the ocean and become an ichthyologist.

    But at that time he was suddenly interested in dance. The young man began to engage in one of the creative teams: played guitar, sang and danced. He liked the atmosphere and creativity, so that he became a student of the Kharkov theatre Institute, where she studied on the legends course of the Ukrainian scene, people’s artist of the USSR Olesya Serdyuk, for which the set was the last in teaching.

    After graduation, was distributed in the city of Orel, where for three years he performed in local youth Theater. Released in late 1991, the actor accepts the invitation from Poland and moved to Warsaw to perform in the colorful musical «Metro». Work in the musical was interesting and difficult, as the troupe was rehearsing for 14-16 hours a day. When a bright spectacle has become commonplace in the corps de ballet, Oleg resigned and returned to Ukraine. At first he worked at the Kharkov academic theatre of a name of Shevchenko, where he made his debut in the play «the Lady with camellias», and later moved to the capital and becomes the actor of the Kiev national academic theater of Russian drama named after Lesya Ukrainka, as well as collaborating with Theatre workshop «Constellation».

    In addition to the theatre activities Oleg Savkin busy on television. He was a newsreader in the Kharkov period of his life, and now he can be seen on air of the program «For those who’s home» and «weather Forecast» on the First national channel.

    In 2008, the actor took part in the Polish version of «Dancing with the stars.» In this show, speaking paired with professional dancer Katarzyna Barley, he reached the semi-finals and took 4th place.


    The first motion picture, which starred Oleg Savkin was a serial TV show «the War in the West», which was created during 1988-1990. Shooting was really ambitious, and the work is memorable for the actor for life.

    In 1993 Savkin played Andrei Ciumac in the historical drama «the Garden of Gethsemane,» the film adaptation of the novel of Ivan the Crimson. His hero — a victim of the internal prison of the NKVD, where a vile hex he is forced to go through all the circles of hell. In this way, the actor was awarded a prize by the Ukrainian publishing house «Smoloskyp». In a year Oleg continued to work on this character in the drama «Tygrolovy»

    Interestingly, look at the situation around the Committee of state security actor was able from the opposite side. In 2008, he participated in the shooting military-historical drama by Polish Director Andrzej Wajda, «Katyn», where he played a nameless officer of the NKVD. The character Savkin is the Director and that he together with Russian actor Sergei Garmash have created their heroes, and better than she could tell. Even heavy dramatic scene communication between gunner and incaodata Oleg and Sergey have set for themselves.

    Oleg Savkin continued to cooperate with the Polish cinema. He played the role of businessman Boris in the very popular Polish television series «Wspolna», which by the time an actor in the film for several years was on the Central channels of Poland. Initially, the filmmakers planned to use Oleg in a small episode, but his character is so loved by the audience that the writers specifically rewrote the story.

    Now Oleg Savkin is working on the Ukrainian folklore project’s «Tales of the old Miller», which should be released in 2016. In this fairy story honey mean Oleg Savkin plays the main villain of the film, being the leader of a gang of werewolves. The actor has decided to move away from traditional roles, creating a contradictory and controversial character-a bully, which even have to get dressed in a dress pretending to be a girl.

    Personal life

    The main woman in the life of Oleg Savkin has always considered his mother. Even when he married for the first time, back in student days, and his wife bore him a daughter, he decided to name it in honor of his mother Anna.

    A few years after the divorce from his first wife the actor married with Anna Shevchenko, a psychologist by profession, whom he met in 2007 in Kyiv metro. They had daughter Pauline and Margot.

    Oleg Savkin is a healthy way of life, almost daily in sports. He’s also a year-round bathing in the river regardless of temperature and weather conditions.


    • 1990 — the War in the West
    • 1992 — the Wedding of death
    • 1993 — The Garden Of Gethsemane
    • 1995 — the Island of love
    • 2005 — Divorce and mother’s maiden name
    • 2007 — Bogdan Zinovy Khmelnitsky
    • 2008 — Katyn
    • 2008 — In Wspolna
    • 2011 — Urgent! Looking for a man
    • 2015 — For the love I can
    • 2016 — the Tale of the old Miller


    Oleg Savkin

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