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  • Name: Oleg Popov ( Oleg Popov )
  • Date of birth: 31 July 1930
  • Age: 86 years
  • Date of death: November 2, 2016
  • Place of birth: Vyrubova, Russia
  • Height: 170
  • Activity: circus artist (clown), actor, Director
  • Marital status: was married to Gabriele Lehmann

    Oleg Popov: biography

    Oleg Konstantinovich Popov was born on the last day of July 1930 in the village Vyrubova Kuntsevo district of Moscow region, which now belongs to the urban settlement Odintsovo. Some time after the birth of the son of Popov family was given an apartment in the capital, near the Dynamo stadium.

    Father Oleg Popov worked in a watch factory. With the outbreak of war he went to prison, and his mother married another man and changed her name.

    Being a 12-year-olds, Popov started working in the printing plant of «Pravda» newspaper as an assistant locksmith. The times then were very heavy, people had to go hungry, didn’t finish and Oleg. One day the boy so weak that he almost died – the mother barely out of her son. After this incident it was decided to give the teenager in the sports section. So Oleg Popov got into the circle acrobatics of the Palace of sports «wings of the Soviets». During the lessons it became clear that he is a lot easier than others. Once flexible and tough guy drew the attention of the head of the circus school, invited him to provide.

    In 1944 Popov went to study at the State school of circus art. This school, the future artist graduated in five years, his specialty is «Eccentric on the wire».


    After graduating, Oleg Popov was on the distribution at Tbilisi circus. There he began his journey of the artist as a juggler, a comedian, and two months later returned to Moscow. By 1953, he assisted renowned master of the comic genre of the Pencil in the Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard.

    In 1954, a fateful accident intervened. Popov had to replace Paul Borovikova – colleague that circus before the performance broke a rib. The young clown was improvising parodied the juggler, manipulating forks, spoons and pans. It was a resounding success, and after this number was finally formed his role is clown clowns, who knew with bright striped pants and a plaid cap.

    From mid-1950-ies Oleg Popov toured extensively abroad, and directed a circus performance. After performances in the UK in 1968 followed by the nickname «Sunny clown».

    In the 1970s, he worked in Great Moscow state circus on Vernadsky Boulevard. His most successful and beloved audience reprises steel «Cook», «Dream wire», «Drowned», «Whistle», «Ray».

    In the early 1990s, the artist, being depressed by the lack of prospects and low incomes, emigrated to Germany, while retaining Russian citizenship. After moving, he left a career she currently lives in Egloffstein and works as a clown under the stage name «Happy Hans».

    In June 2015, after more than two decades spent abroad, the famous Oleg Popov visited the home. He was pleased with his performance spectators in the circus of Sochi on the International professional circus prize «Master».


    When Oleg Popov came to fame, he began acting in television shows. In addition, the artist played in more than ten movies. The success of the young clown was so great that his circus was included in the documentary «arena of the brave» (1953). This work became his debut movie.

    The most well-known paintings with his participation have become «Clumsy friend» (1959), «the Last con» (1966), «the adventures of the yellow suitcase» (1970), «Carnival» (1972), «Mama», «Blue bird» (1976), «Strangers are welcome» (1987).

    Most often the actor playing in the movies himself, appearing in his famous checkered cap, which is a constant attribute of his image for more than 60 years.

    Personal life of Oleg Popov

    In 1950, Oleg Popov was first married. His chosen name was Alexandra, she was a violinist in the circus orchestra. Popov wife had a baby girl, Olga, who with 13 years decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and eventually also became a circus dancer on the wire. Now the daughter of the legendary clown lives near Frankfurt. Starting a family, she left the circus career. Oleg Popov has a granddaughter Faith and grandson of Maximilian.

    In 1990, Popov’s wife died of cancer. The last ten years of her life she had to fight the disease and her husband’s on the road she was not accompanied and lived in Moscow. At the time of the death of Alexandra Ilyinichna Oleg Popov was with performances in Hamburg and as a result of agreements impresario did not interrupt the tour to go on parting with his wife.

    In 1991 Oleg Popov married for the second time. His wife was a German woman, Gabriele Lehmann, under which a clown for 32 years. They met during a performance of Russian circus. The girl came to the event as spectators, she had a place and had to watch a performance in the aisle. The priests he noticed a girl standing and offered her a chair. Then Gaby went to thank the artist for their casual acquaintance grew into a real love, despite the language barrier. A pair of gilt in Germany.


    2 Nov 2016 Oleg Popov died. The death of 86-year-old legendary clown came in Rostov-on-don, where he arrived with a new program «Let there always be sunshine» as part of the nationwide tour. The legendary actor died of cardiac arrest.


    • «Blue bird»
    • «Strangers are welcome»
    • «Carnival»
    • «The last rogue»
    • «Arena of the brave»
    • «Mother»
    • «The adventures of the yellow suitcase»
    • «Clumsy friend»

    Photo By Oleg Popov

    Oleg Popov

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