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  • Name: Oleg Miami Kruikov ( Oleg Kruikov )
  • Date of birth: 21 November 1990
  • Age: 26 years
  • Place of birth: Yekaterinburg
  • Height: 181
  • Activities: member show «Dom 2», presenter, singer
  • Marital status: not married

    Oleg Miami Kruikov: biography

    Oleg Miami – charismatic personality, a talented singer, leading a kind, unique artist and controversial character of the reality show «Dom-2».

    Oleg, as a merry fellow and the Joker manages to turn his life into a solid show and dance competition. He has a lot of talent, but has not yet reached the peak of his fame. He dabbled in modeling, on television, participated in music videos, recorded a song, but can not cut off a trail that stretches behind him after the project «Dom-2».

    Kruikov Oleg better known under the pseudonym of Miami. This nickname arose after he realized that dreams of relaxing on the coast of Miami. While his dream is far from fulfillment, but he believes that everything will happen the way he wants.

    Oleg Miami
    Oleg Miami | L!VE

    Oleg Kruikov born in the Urals, in Yekaterinburg. Date of birth – 21 Nov 1990. All my early childhood and the school years talented boy held in his hometown. Oleg was never a wallflower and always stood out for its artistry and extravagance. He was not lost in the crowd, and was an active child, expressed himself in dance and vocal art. Kruikov wishes and hopes to become very famous, relying on the possibility of his beautiful voice.

    Oleg Kruikov finished school with excellent grades and as the most studious boy, unable to disappoint his parents, listens to the advice of his father and mother and entered the faculty of dentistry. But such activity did not care. He was accustomed to vivid life, not to work in a white coat. The young man never graduated from high school and forget everything and go to seek his fortune in the capital of Russia.

    Moscow had to work hard not to depend on relatives. Oleg was taken for weddings and parties, worked as a singer, starred in commercials.

    In March 2011, a young man gets on the TV project «Dom-2», where is held only twenty days. From the show it kicked through voting. But it doesn’t stop Oleg, and it comes in a television project for the second time. He returned on 6 June 2012.


    Oleg Miami get on the set of TNT in 2011. But his life in front of the cameras lasts only three weeks. However, after a long break Oleg returns to the show «Dom-2», to become known and find their fans.

    Oleg Miami and Varvara Tretyakov
    Oleg Miami and Varvara Tretyakov | DOM2 LIVE

    In February 2013, Oleg left the TV area TNT. He was asked to leave after a nasty dispute with a girl.

    Eight months on the project Oleg Miami «build love» with two girls, they left in my heart warm memories.


    After the scandalous departure of Oleg Miami project «Dom-2» has begun its life outside the reality show. Former hero of the television show remained in Moscow to become the new star of show business under the eye of producer max Fadeev. Well-known producer has invested a lot of money and effort in the promotion of Oleg, but then get the audience’s admiration has failed.

    Oleg Miami and Max Fadeev
    Oleg Miami and Max Fadeev | DIST INFO

    In 2014, Fadeev broke the contract with his client. Oleg is a talented singer, but he is constantly drawn past the «House-2», and there’s nothing you couldn’t do even such a master as Maxim Fadeev. What would have been the graduates of the reality show, they cause distrust and negative emotions.

    Oleg Miami has starred in music videos, develop their vocal abilities. The first event in the artistic career of Oleg was a recording of the song «goodbye my love», was then presented with the track «Tie me up». The next stage of its development, a former character on «House-2» have been seen on Big Love Show, where he heard his duet with Julia Savicheva.

    Artist in the soul and in reality tried to fly high under the leadership of showman max Fadeev. The young man made the Glucose, having played in her video «Why» a passionate lover.

    But no creative projects not led by Oleg Miami to be expected glory. Because max Fadeev had to make a stop, to find the right path to a successful future.

    In 2015, the Russian producer Fadeev reinstated a contract with Miami, and soon appeared a new video of the graduate show «Dom-2» And «Cutie».

    Now Fadeev Oleg sees the rising star and makes a huge bet.

    Personal life

    Oleg is still too young to start a family with wife and children. He still remembers the first failed attempt at cohabitation with the beautiful blonde, which ended with the gap of misunderstanding and scandals.

    «The House-2» a handsome young man trying to build relationships with several charming participants of the TV project TNT. On the first stay in the show Oleg strikes up a relationship with Victoria Bernikova, but it cuts off after the girl splashed him in the face with hot tea. The results of the voting men of the «House-2» close to Miami all the doors on the show. During this period, Oleg breaks his neck and communicates with the world through social networks and the Internet.

    Ekaterina Kolesnichenko and Oleg Miami
    Ekaterina Kolesnichenko and Oleg Miami | SHLOKAS

    In the summer of 2012 he returns to the project and starts a new relationship with Katya Kolisnichenko. Nothing is permanent, does not work. Oleg gives vent to his desires and invites you to a conjugal visit Oksana Duckweed. Following the passion of Oleg Miami becomes Oksana Strunkina. However, the young man gives all the secrets girls, what is the cause of her death. In the arms of Oleg visited and Cooking Tretyakov. Miami loses love, regains it in the same people. So he did with Katya Kolisnichenko.

    After the second departure from the reality show the young man, according to media reports, tried to find common ground with Olga Seryabkina from the group «Silver». However, recognizing the pair, they share a friendly relationship.

    Oleg Miami and Olga Seryabkina
    Oleg Miami and Olga Seryabkina | StarHit


    Oleg Miami

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