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  • Name: Kondrakov Oleg ( Oleg Kondrakov )
  • Date of birth: 18 December 1984.
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Dzerzhinsk, Russia
  • Activity: singer, member of season 5 of the TV show «the Voice»
  • Marital status: married

    Oleg Kondrakov: biography

    Singer Oleg Kondratov was born on 18 December 1984 in Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod region. He began singing at age 6. Grandma led by the hand of Oleg the Palace of children’s creativity and said: «Choose music lessons or ballroom dancing.» Oleg chose music. At the audition he sang a children’s song «In the grass grasshopper sat» and hit the children’s choir In the choir Oleg Kondrakov year sang, and then became a soloist.

    His childhood was a lot of musical festivals and competitions. From 1991 to 2000 years the group has performed many times in Moscow, participated in international festivals in Finland and other countries. They often won prizes. In 2000, the teachers ‘ Council of the Palace decided to arrange for Oleg Every benefit. The event was a success, and the name of the talented guy has brought in a list of honor students.

    After school Oleg was back to music College or culinary school. He admitted that he wanted to become a chef since childhood. So after school were going to achieve this dream, but the exams at the College of music has gone before. In 2000-2004 Oleh Kondrakov studied at the musical College of Nizhny Novgorod, Department of pop-jazz vocals. In his student years, he met many interesting people, worked in the provincial orchestra, but quit because to combine study and work did not work.

    Singer Oleg Kondrakov
    Singer Oleg Kondrakov | VKontakte

    After College, Oleg entered the vocal faculty of the Moscow University of culture and arts, and moved to the capital: since then live and work here. In 2009, he finished College and got a diploma vocalist.

    Musical career

    In 2005 Oleg Kondrakov participated in the competition «a success Secret» on TV channel «Russia» and entered the top five finalists along with Yevgeniya Otradnaya and Alexei Vorobyov. The following year, the musician organized a group of «R-Evolution», with whom he recorded some music and shot a music video for the song «S. E. X.».

    In 2007, Oleg began working as a singer with the Moscow cover-band «Prime Time», which is well known in Moscow and the Moscow region. With this team, Oleg is working today. The musician says that he has always been focused on quality foreign music.

    In 2015, Oleg Kondrakov engaged in the author’s project «StereoCase», which put the whole experience.

    In 2016, the singer and the musician decided to participate in the show «the Voice.» In the blind auditions that «channel one» aired September 30, 2016, he played one of the iconic songs of Michael Jackson «Billie Jean», but in a different interpretation. By Oleg song sounded difficult, and hoarse vocals of the performer reinforced the impression.

    His statement, the judges praised to Kondrakova back three: Polina Gagarin, Grigory Leps and Leonid Agutin. Dima Bilan after the speech, the contestant said that I never pressed the button, out of envy, the voice of Oleg. He noted that the voice of the performer cool. Oleg Kondrakov chose Grigory Leps, because even before the speech decided to go to the mentor, who will return first. Leps joy, even danced.

    Personal life

    Kondrakov Oleg lives in Moscow, he is married. His wife Irina Vorobieva younger than her husband of 3 years, she does wedding floristry.

    The Family Of Oleg Every

    Two years ago in their family there was a happy event – a daughter, Sophia. Oleg says that her daughter charges with energy, gives strength.

    Kondrachov says she can’t live without three things: microphone, milk and bed. He likes not only music, but also the carpenter’s craft. And still loves to cook embodies the dreams of a child in the home kitchen and is accompanied by the process of cooking with singing. He loves fishing and relaxing in the woods near the fire.


    Oleg Kondrakov

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