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  • Name: Oleg ( Oleg Haritonov )
  • Date of birth: 25 November 1967
  • Age: 49 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 178
  • Activities: actor, singer
  • Marital status: Married

    Oleg Kharitonov: biography

    Recognition and fame actor Oleg Kharitonov received after many years of fruitful work in the cinema. Spectators were amazed with the game of the actor in the TV series «the Web», which was first released in 2007, and since then, the artist has become firmly established among the popular actors of television.

    Oleg Kharitonov was born in November 1967 in cloudy St. Petersburg. The family of the future actor was very creative. Father REM was engaged in the jewellery activities, who from childhood was attracted to the future artist, and his mother Yulia though and had a prestigious and respected post of engineer-electroplating, were also not alien to art and always supported her son in his artistic aspirations. Kharitonov, Jr. pretty soon realized his desire to Shine on stage and even in childhood began to attend the Theatre of youth creativity. Already in 7 years Oleg performed for the first time on stage as a soloist of the State children’s choir, which was often shown on television.

    However, music’s fascination young Kharitonov is not limited. From an early age he learned the secrets of jewelry that belonged to his father. Fine was given to Oleg easily, already during his school years, he could boast of his own hand made silver jewellery. By the way, RAM A. was a famous wizard, his work can be seen in many famous galleries in Russia, in particular, in the Hermitage.

    The future actor also indifferent attitude to the sport. A favorite pastime during the summer holidays was a visit to the camp, where the young man was a joy to go sailing. Since yachting is a favorite pastime of the actor, which he happily devotes his spare time.

    After graduation Kharitonov filed documents in the Leningrad state Institute of theatre, music and cinematography. Literally from the first days visit to the Institute the teachers saw the student of uncommon talent and great prospects in life. Vocal Kharitonov seriously interested in the cult singer of those years, Rubin kalantarian, who took up professional voice training Oleg.

    Oleg Kharitonov: theatre

    Career Oleg has developed quite rapidly. In his student years promising actor course Director Vladimir Podgorodinsky. When the teacher established the only Russian Theatre rock Opera did not hesitate to invite vociferous and imposing Kharitonov in his company. The debut performance of the artist became legendary production of «Romeo and Juliet», where he played the role of the protagonist. No less memorable was his role of count Rezanova in the play «Juno and Avos».

    After graduation the actor was invited at the St. Petersburg state drama theatre «the Sacrament,» which gave a lot of experience. Together with the troupe he toured Europe, an incredibly interesting artist. When times of crisis Kharitonov left without a job the actor went to his favorite European country.

    In 2002, the artist returned home and almost immediately received a lucrative offer from the Director of the theater «Shelter comedian» Victor Minkov. At that time in Russia there were the cult American Director Neil Fleckman, who sought to put his play «As bees in honey» together with Russian actors. Thanks to this performance, the theater finally noticed a talented artist and was eager to get to the performances to once again enjoy the game.

    In 2003 for a career in the movies Kharitonov moved to Moscow, where he gladly accepted the Moscow academic Mayakovsky theater.

    Oleg Kharitonov movies

    Despite their strong roles in the theatre, Kharitonov stubbornly ignored in the movie. Sankt-Petersburg the cinema was very unfriendly towards the actor. Without the ability creatively to be realized, the artist decided to move to Moscow, which was much kinder to stars of the theatre than his native town.

    The artist was invited to detective series «Looking down», not being spoiled for roles in films, Kharitonov with great joy agreed to a small role, which could be added to his portfolio. He wasn’t afraid of the stigma of a soap actor and continued to participate in the multi-patterns, step-by-step priblizava it to star time.

    In 2007, Kharitonov has successfully passed the casting for the new detective series «Web». The actor got the main role of the operative Fyodor Tumanov, the main hero of the picture. Directors are not afraid to trust the artist to create a character. The hero is very honest, principled and charismatic that finally conquered the audience. Ratings of the project were so high that the management of the channel «NTV» made a decision on the extension. In January 2015 they released season 8 the adventures of a brave policeman Tumanov.

    Filmography of the actor is not restricted to «Web», among his works you can see shows such as «Alien nest», «Criminal legacy», «Search» and others.

    Oleg Kharitonov: personal life

    In his youth, personal life Kharitonov was pretty intense. The actor did these heroic things for their loved ones.

    Her true love He found in Moscow. Svetlana did yoga, where he met with the actor. Almost a year the lovers looked at each other and tested their relations to the test, and when I realized that it fit perfectly to each other, have applied to the Registrar.

    In marriage the couple had two wonderful children, a boy and girl affair barbarian. Family Kharitonov often travels abroad, visiting European countries, and very exotic.

    Oleg Kharitonov: filmography

    • Looking down
    • Talisman of love
    • The first circle
    • Emergency call
    • Web
    • Goldfish in the city of N
    • Love on the two poles
    • Karpov
    • My dad is a pilot
    • Someone else’s nest

    Oleg Kharitonov: photo

    Oleg Kharitonov

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