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  • Name: Oleg Haas ( Oleg Gaas )
  • Date of birth: 9 February 1994
  • Age: 22 years
  • Place of birth: Nizhnevartovsk, Russia
  • Height: 184
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Oleg Haas: biography

    Oleg Haas, a young Russian actor of theatre and cinema, has already established himself with roles in the Comedy «Complete transformation» and social drama «Beloved teacher».

    He was born in the Northern city of Nizhnevartovsk, spent the earliest years, but when Oleg was 13 years old, he moved with his parents in Omsk. About acting career Haas for quite a while did not think. However, after the 9th grade this desire was formed. A teenager vacationing at a summer camp where all players had to participate in concerts and skits. Standard measures of creative initiative called Oleg in the shower incredible review: it felt the first time that the stage is really his life’s work.

    Oleg GaAs
    Oleg Haas | VK

    But the guy has faced resistance from relatives. The mother wanted the son devoted himself to plastic surgery, and her father insisted on economic education and further work in the banking sector. In the end it daddy had managed to find the most convincing arguments, and Oleg after graduation went to St. Petersburg to apply to the University of Engineering and Economics. But the case involved the ever-present destiny. In St. Petersburg Oleg Haas was forced to clarify a question, this went to the nearest house, which turned out to be… Saint-Petersburg state Academy of theatrical art!

    Young man for fun I decided to test myself and managed without any serious preparation to become a student of this University, once in the workshop of Arvid Zelanda Mikhailovich. During his studies he played in a large number of student performances, and later, already in Moscow, debuted in the formulation of the Art academic theatre named after A. P. Chekhov.


    The first time Oleg Haas got on the last year of high school. He played Karpov rum in the soap Opera «Writing on glass». Soon followed the main role in the movie «a Complete transformation». Interestingly, the first movie is conceived by the filmmakers as a fantastic drama, but later the film’s budget was severely curtailed, so the writers rewrote the story into a Comedy. So Oleg came to the casting for a tough and masculine character, and in the end turned into the seller’s loser Dmitri Shakhmatov.

    Oleg Haas in the movie
    Oleg Haas in the movie «Full conversion» | the Newspaper «Culture»

    The real breakthrough came in 2016. Haas participated in half a dozen projects, such as sports drama of Nikolai Kudryashov «Sparta» with Gregory Siyatvinda and Elena Ksenofontova starred in the sitcom «Hotel Eleon», with Svetlana Kolpakova played together in the new Thriller «Secrets of the city «EN». But the most outstanding works of this year was a social drama about the feelings of the schoolboy to his teacher «my Favorite teacher», where his partner was the actress Alina Sergeeva, and romance «Threads of fate», which is a Ukrainian adaptation of Korean series «Shoes for the Cinderella».

    Today Oleg GaAs is very often compared to a famous actor Danila Kozlovsky. This similarity sometimes goes sideways. For example, a young actor took the film-catastrophe «Crew» for this reason. Now the young actor is going to prove to the audience, critics and filmmakers that his personality does not need any comparisons and mappings.

    Personal life

    Despite his youth, Oleg Haas has managed to build a family fortress. In June 2016 he married, his wife’s name is Anastasia.


    • 2014 — Writing on glass
    • 2015 — Complete transformation
    • 2016 — Dislik
    • 2016 — Favorite teacher
    • 2016 — Sparta
    • 2016 — Hotel Eleon
    • 2016 — the thread of fate
    • 2016 — Secrets of the city «N»
    • 2016 — Blind fate


    Oleg GaAs

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