Oleg Gazmanov

photo by Oleg Gazmanov

  • Name: Oleg Gazmanov ( Oleg Gazmanov )
  • Date of birth: 22 July 1951
  • Age: 65 years
  • Place of birth: Kaliningrad, Russia
  • Height: 163
  • Activities: singer, composer, poet, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married to Marina Muravyova

    Oleg Gazmanov: biography

    July 22, 1951 in the family of a cardiologist and a soldier of a son, Oleg. His parents went through the Great Patriotic War. Father Mikhail Semenovich served in the Navy, mother Zinaida Abramovna was a doctor in a military hospital, but they met after the Victory, got married and moved to Kaliningrad.

    Childhood of the future star also took place in Kaliningrad, where every yard was reminded of the recent war. Gazmanov friends and I were looking for a weapon and soon gathered an impressive Arsenal, including a German machine gun. One day he came across an anti-tank mine and out of habit wanted to take her home, but she was so heavy that Oleg decided to open her up on the spot. Fate has been kind to the guy passed the military pulled him from the mines. The second time he miraculously survived during a fire that broke out in the apartment, then went back in time parents.

    After school Oleg Gazmanov decided to become a sailor. He entered the marine engineering school in Kaliningrad, from which he graduated in 1973. Then there was a service near Riga, where in the company of colleagues Oleg often sang to the guitar in the evenings. After 3 years of service Gazmanov returned to Kaliningrad and settled in the home school. Enrolled in graduate school, had planned to defend his thesis, but decided against it.

    In the late 70’s Oleg Gazmanov enrolled in the school of music — could not defeat addiction to music.

    Oleg Gazmanov songs

    Music Gazmanov always liked: playing in Amateur ensembles in the restaurant and wrote songs. But he became famous not a singer and as a composer. The song «Lucy», written for the son of Rodion, the audience liked it.

    In 1989, Oleg Gazmanov recorded the song «Putana», after which singer began to learn. Then came the «Squadron» and the eponymous solo album. The success was overwhelming: the whole country sang Gazmanov. During the month the album «Squadron» went platinum.

    Every year, the singer released a new hit, which is instantly picked up by the whole country. «Captain», «sailor», «Spree», «the Vagabond» — with Oleg Budargin spoke at all the holiday concerts. In 1997 he sang «Moscow, the bells toll» — this composition is dedicated to 850-year anniversary of Russia.

    His hit «gentlemen» is still relevant 10 years after the premiere of the song. Every year, Oleg Gazmanov performs it at concerts, timed to February 23 and may 9.

    In 1995, the singer and composer was awarded the title of Honored artist of Russia, after six years he became a people’s artist of Russia.

    Currently, on account of Oleg Gazmanov 17 album: the last are the «Seven feet under the keel» (2008), «Upgrade» (2011), «Dimension of life» (2012), «anthology» (2013), «Reset» (2014). His hits performed and continue to perform Vika Tsyganova, Lyme Vajkule, Phillip Kirkorov, Tatyana Ovsienko, Iosif Kobzon, Larisa Dolina and many others.

    Acting talent of Oleg Gazmanov appeared in the project «Old songs about the main-1» and «Old songs about the main-2». The singer repeatedly received interesting proposals from the Russian film — makers film scripts specially written «Gazmanov».

    Recent works by the artist in the movie have become roles in the films «taxi driver-4» (2007), «new year SMS-ka» (2011), «Mixed feelings» (2014).

    Oleg Gazmanov: sanctions

    Oleg Gazmanov supported the annexation of Crimea to Russia, for which some EU countries have introduced sanctions against it. The artist went to the «black list» of Latvia — entry into this country is forbidden him. About the ban on entry he found out on the eve of the festival «New wave», which was supposed to participate. The official reason stated on the website of the foreign Ministry of Latvia, «contributed to the undermining of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine.»

    In August 2015, Gazmanov SBU banned entry to the territory of the country. The reason — the same.

    Oleg Gazmanov is not afraid of sanctions. In response he wrote the song «Forward, Russia!». The singer wanted to show the unity of the Russian people, to awaken the love for the Motherland to compatriots. The premiere of the song «Forward, Russia» was held in Kerch.

    Oleg Gazmanov: personal life

    Oleg Gazmanov was married twice. With his first wife Irina they legalized their relationship in 1975 and has lived for 20 years. Irina is a chemist by profession, but devoted himself to family and home. The couple have a son, Rodion. He graduated from the Financial Academy, worked as a financial Director in a large Russian company, specializing in nanotechnology. Free time the judge devotes to the music — he has his own group «DNA».

    Oleg Gazmanov became acquainted with his second wife

  • By Marina Muravyova in 1988, when the artist arrived in Voronezh on tour. Marina under Oleg for 18 years, while she studied at the economic faculty of the Voronezh University. The girl is not interested in the work Gazmanov, did not go to his concerts: they met by chance in a restaurant. The singer first drew attention to it and invited to the concert. Over time, the liking grew into a strong feeling. But both were proprietary, Marina was married to the brother of the legendary founder «MMM» Sergey Mavrodi, the family grew son. To live together, they began in the mid-90s, and formalized the relationship only in 2003. 16 Dec 2003 Marina and Oleg had a daughter. A girl named Marianne. The couple have a good relationship. But the second wife did not manage to find a common language with the mother of Oleg Gazmanov — Zinaida Abramovna didn’t take it. His only daughter-in-law she thought of Irina. No one was surprised that the funeral Zinaida Abramovna Marina was not. But Rodion she had a great relationship. Gazmanov Jr. attended the wedding of his father, and in his house he is a frequent guest.

    He lives Oleg Gazmanov in the Silver forest, in a conservation area on the shore of a Bottomless lake.

    Oleg Gazmanov: discography

    • Eskadron
    • «My clear days»
    • «The Vagabond»
    • «Seven foots near Kiel»
    • «Moscow. The best songs»
    • «Upgrade»
    • «Made in USSR»
    • «Red book Oleg Gazmanov»
    • «Measurement of life»
    • The «reset»

    Oleg Gazmanov: photo

    Oleg Gazmanov

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