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  • Name: Oleg Garbuz ( Oleg Garbuz )
  • Date of birth: 21 September 1970
  • Age: 46 years
  • Place of birth: Minsk
  • Height: 178
  • Activities: actor, broadcaster
  • Marital status: divorced

    Oleg Garbuz: biography

    Oleg Garbuz – the Belarusian film and theater actor, starred in the TV series «Expedited assistance», «the Kiss of Socrates», «the Leaving kind», «side of the moon».

    Oleg was born in a family of intellectuals. Mom was a mathematician and studied information technology and programming. The father, as a civil engineer developed the complex projects of the technical buildings. From an early age parents instilled a love for the son the exact Sciences, and he is so little he dreamed of becoming a physicist. But it so happened that mom, as an avid theater, always took him to different shows, most often to the Opera and ballet theatre. And an interest in art, apparently left the boy in the subconscious.

    Oleg Garbuz
    Oleg Garbuz | LJ photographer Alexander Korsakov

    But on the stage of the Pumpkin as a child did not think even for a second. After the 8th grade he enrolled in the Polytechnic, after which it was planned to study the physical faculty of Kiev University, but failed to contest. The young man got a job at the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus, where he conducted an independent project to automate research processes. The following year, Oleg enrolled in the correspondence Department of the Polytechnic Institute, but his life abruptly entered the theater.

    Pumpkin saw the announcement of the recruitment of youth in Amateur drama Studio and for filling free time with interesting activity, decided to enroll. But acting was fascinated by the guy so that he throws the Polytechnic and entered the Academy of arts. By the way, Oleg could learn in Moscow – he went to the capital of Russia and was even adopted in several theater schools. But the city has made Pumpkin a strange impression: he felt so empty. Oleg returned to Minsk and finishes the Academy there.

    Oleg Garbuz
    Oleg Garbuz | LJ photographer Alexander Korsakov

    After graduation, the young actor fell in with a company of the Republican theatre of Belarusian drama, which then had the name «Free stage». But since 1997, Oleg Pumpkin serves Kupalovsky theatre. Interestingly, there invited him first for antrepriznyh performances in the role of hamlet, but then I didn’t want to leave.

    A man works a lot on television. His voice sounds in several programs on different channels but on the screen it appears only in the popular program «Stop», which introduces viewers to the Belarusian attractions, with an emphasis on little known and even completely forgotten architecture.


    Movie Oleg Garbuz removed quite a lot, although not yet reached the same success as in the theatre, where he has several very prestigious international awards. He first debuted on screen in the biographical drama of the Belarusian production «the Flowers of the province», then starred in the medical series «er» and the historical drama «Eric XIV».

    Oleg Garbuz in the film
    Oleg Garbuz in the film «This woman is to me» | full Movie

    Larger known for his detective «Semin», a family Saga «Under the sign of the moon» and the romance «This woman to me.» Thanks to the charming smile, the actor, the audience loved his character, the janitor Karim romantic story «Life judge». Just on account of Oleg Pumpkin more than fifty works in the film, the last of which are the melodrama «Where it rains» and «cakewalk».

    Personal life

    When Oleg Garbuz was married, but family relationships are not formed, and the couple divorced. More in the official relationship, the actor did not enter. As noted by Oleg in one of his interviews, he is very freedom-loving person and maybe not suitable for family life.

    Oleg Garbuz
    Oleg Garbuz | LJ photographer Alexander Korsakov

    Pumpkin – a real workaholic. If he’s not a theatrical rehearsal, on the set of the film. And if there is no work, it means that people working on the next story shows. The best rest is change of activity.


    • 1999-2001 — Express care
    • 2007 — a Room with a view on lights
    • 2009 — Semin
    • 2010 — Quiet pool
    • 2011 — ginger in Wonderland
    • 2011 — This woman to me
    • 2014 — Life judge
    • 2015 Under the sign of the moon
    • 2016 a cakewalk
    • 2016 — Where it rains


    Oleg Garbuz

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