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  • Name: Fomin Oleg ( Oleg Fomin )
  • Date of birth: 21 may 1962
  • Age: 54 years
  • Place of birth: Tambov
  • Growth: 183
  • Activities: actor, Director, producer
  • Marital status: married

    Oleg Fomin biography

    Oleg Fomin, a Soviet and Russian actor, Director and producer. For movie lovers it is known as the man who starred in the films «my name is Arlekino», «Fan 2» and «Fighters» and has produced such famous paintings as «Next», «the Young Wolfhound» and «election Day».

    Oleg was born and raised in Tambov, in the educated family of engineers. Dad worked for a secret space company, and the mother was an employee of a chemical plant. But in the first place Fominykh was the creativity. Oleg’s father was regularly painted and even exhibited them in the museums in the city, and to have a home staged skits, which sang and danced.

    Son parents tried to develop versatile. They taught him classical literature, and gave to Boxing, where Fomin reached the second level. Mother and father saw Oleg the future of the architect, but he was still at school inspired by the initiative, firmly decided to associate with the scene.

    Received a certificate, a young man goes to Moscow and tries to act in all College theater of the capital. To the surprise of Oleg, to choose in the end had not the examiners, and he himself, as a very talented young man wanted to see in their ranks several schools and institutions. Fomin was engaged in the workshop of Yuri Solomin at the Higher theatre school named after N. Shchepkin, after which in 1983 he was sent to Riga, the State theatre of the young spectator of the Latvian SSR.

    In this theatre the actor was sought after for many years, appeared on stage in leading roles, but after disconnecting the Baltic States from the Soviet Union the theatre was closed and Fomin were left without work. He had returned to his native Tambov, to restore the Russian citizenship, and then re-start the conquest of Moscow.

    In that period, Oleg decided to devote himself to directing the activities. But he not only filmed but also directed plays, for example, has made the production of «Cavemen» with Tatiana Vasilyeva, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, as well as the performance of «Nina», which was played by Dmitry Kharatyan.


    He made his debut as actor Oleg Fomin in the domestic drama «Silver Lake», which was followed by several other pictures, but the popularity came to him after the execution of the main character in the crime drama «my name is Arlekino». This film, by the way, is the most successful in the history of Belarusian cinema.

    Soon Oleg starred in the sequel to the popular action sports «Fan». In the first part of the main role played by Alexei Serebryakov, but he refused to participate in the sequel, and Fomin replaced him.

    In 1991, Oleg made his debut as a film Director, creating the youth melodrama «Darling EP», but it’s on the big screen has not got, and were distributed only on tape. Then he took the scenario Ivan Okhlobystin mystical Thriller «the Publican», and he played a key character.

    Major directorial success expected Fomina are in the 21st century. The criminal tragicomedy «Next» have received recognition from the public, and the Director made two sequels. Also thanks to Oleg Fomin, the world saw such paintings as political drama «KGB in a tuxedo», the Comedy «election Day», fantasy, «the Young Wolfhound», detective «Glaciers» and many others. We must highlight the scale and colorful historical adventure film «gentlemen officers: Save the Emperor.»

    Interestingly, Oleg Fomin is almost always involved in movies that takes, as an actor. But other Directors would be happy to invite him to himself. «Only acting work should pay attention to the melodrama «Divorce and maiden name», action-drama, «Vesegonsk wolf,» the military drama «the Fighter» and new Thriller «the Crew».

    Now Oleg Fomin is working as actor and Director on a detective TV series «the penalty box».

    Personal life

    Oleg Fomin was married four times. His first companion, Alice was a costume designer and even after the divorce, talked about ex-husband only in an enthusiastic tone. With his second wife Helen, who bore him a son Daniel, the Director was short-lived and left her for actress Mary Balima. At the time of their meeting Masha was only 17 years old, and the husband was 26 years older. But this marriage was not long lasting.

    His true happiness, according to him, Fomin found in ‘ 52, when he married a young TV and radio presenter from Zaporozhye by the name of Tatiana. They met in their hometown girls, and the modest wedding celebrated in Moscow. His occupation 25-year-old Tanya decided to change and now relearn in the Russian capital on managing crisis projects.

    Filmography of the actor

    • 1988 — my name is Arlekino
    • 1990 — Fan 2
    • 1992 — the Game seriously
    • 1997 — Kill litsedeya
    • 2004 — Vesegonsk wolf
    • 2005 — Divorce and mother’s maiden name
    • 2009 — Love and hate
    • 2010 — Natural selection
    • 2012 — Department Of The «S. S. S.»
    • 2013 — Fighter

    Filmography of the Director

    • 1991 — Honey EP
    • 1997 — the Publican
    • 2001 — Next (Next)
    • 2005 — the KGB in a tuxedo
    • 2007 — election Day
    • 2007 — Young Wolfhound
    • 2008 gentlemen officers: Save the Emperor
    • 2009 — the best movie 2
    • 2013 — Glaciers
    • 2014 — COP 2


    Oleg Fomin

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