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  • Name: Oleg Fedorov ( Oleg Fedorov )
  • Date of birth: 2 August 1974
  • Age: 42 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activities: actor, master of dubbing
  • Marital status:

    Oleg Fedorov biography

    Actor Oleg Fedorov for theatergoers from the Northern capital the figure is important. Many of the visitors to his theater of the Leningrad city Council noted that the artist invariably draws attention to itself regardless of the setting. For viewers this actor is primarily associated with the role of the German Kaiser Wilhelm the Second in the series «Sherlock Holmes», but also he had the unforgettable images in the film «children of adult age», «Other» and «White night». A military drama of «28 Panfilov» was one of the most anticipated products of the fall of 2016.

    Oleg Fedorov
    Photo By Oleg Fedorov | Ruskino

    Biography of Oleg Fedorov took the count on 2 August 1974. He was born and raised in St. Petersburg and quite early became interested in acting profession, although his family had no relationship to the scene. The fact that in adolescence Oleg had to see on television solo performance of Oleg Tabakov «Vasily Terkin». And the boy literally imbued with art of the actor.

    Oleg Fedorov
    Photo By Oleg Fedorov

    But the fact is that Fedorov did not attend ordinary schools and with pedagogical bias. And high school graduates were accepted without exams to the Pedagogical Institute. Oleg decided to try to go in parallel to the faculty of acting, but is not prepared carefully enough, and in the second round failed. Then the young man began to study at the teacher, and at the same time to go to drama school. Next summer in the biography of Oleg Fedorov appears desirable school, but there he remained only one course, and then was deducted and went to the army.

    Oleg Fedorov in the performance
    In the play «the City. Marriage. Gogol» | Lensovet Theatre

    After serving in the armed forces, Oleg Fedorov began to cooperate with the puppet theatre «the Sky of Tbilisi» Jeanne Kondratovsky, but in 25 years have firmly decided: if you fulfill your childhood dream, then pull nowhere. In 2003, a young man graduated from the workshop of Gennady Trostyanetsky at the St. Petersburg state theatre arts Academy and becoming a famous actor of the Academic theatre named after Lensovet. Although on a professional stage actor made his debut while still a student in the play «waiting for Godot».

    Oleg Fedorov in the performance
    In the play «Bed for three» | Lensovet Theatre

    Fedorov is far more than a dozen performances, including the staging of «Bed triple», for the role of Adam in which he was awarded the theatre award «St. Petersburg debut». Most of all he plays negative characters: vicious, narcissistic, pompous. But Oleg is not trying to entice the viewer on the side of the dishonest characters, but rather with the coldness emphasizes personal rejection of such people.


    On television screens Oleg Fedorov first appeared in the late 90-ies. At first, the spectators saw the film adaptation of the play «waiting for Godot», and the second was romance «In the mirror of Venus». Then in the filmography of Oleg Fedorov was a famous crime series «Uboynaya Sila», «Streets of broken lamps», «COP war», «the Foundry» and many others.

    Oleg Fedorov in the film
    In the role of Wilhelm II in the film «Sherlock Holmes» | Movie-Theater

    Very interesting images of the actor managed to create in the psychological drama «children of adult age,» suspense melodrama «Mayakovsky. Two days,» ironic detective «Two guns», the military drama «Ladoga». Looked impressive Fedorov, becoming Kaiser of Germany Wilhelm the Second in the detective series «Sherlock Holmes» with Andrey Panin, Igor Petrenko and Mikhail Boyarsky in the lead roles.

    Oleg Fedorov in the film
    In the role of petty officer Shemyakin in the film «28 Panfilov» | 28 Panfilov

    The largest roles and Oleg Fedorovich can be considered major Oleg Nekrylov with pictures about the Second world war «White night», head of the Research center Igor Devotchenko in a mystical novel, «the Other» and the Sergeant Grigoriy Shemyakin in the history of the legendary 316th infantry division «28 Panfilov». In this film, Oleg Fedorov, along with Alexander Ustyugov, Jacob Kucherevsky, Azamat Nigmanov and other actors showed the audience an incredible feat of a small group of people who stopped 18 enemy tanks on the approach to Moscow.

    Personal life

    About his work, the actor with pleasure communicates with journalists to various interviews and with the fans after performances. But personal life Oleg Fedorov remains closed from the public. The public do not even know whether the Oleg Fedorov’s wife and children.


    • 2002 — a Time to love
    • 2005 — Kingdom of crooked…
    • 2009 — the man at the window
    • 2011 kids Games adult
    • 2013 — Mayakovsky. Two days
    • 2013 — Sherlock Holmes
    • 2014 — White night
    • 2014 — Accordion
    • 2015 — Other
    • 2016 — 28 Panfilov


    Oleg Fedorov

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