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  • Name: Oleg Yesenin ( Oleg Luty )
  • Date of birth: 7 November 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Uralsk, Kazakhstan
  • Activity: comedian, parodist, improviser, player of KVN
  • Marital status: not married

    Oleg Esenin: a biography

    Oleg Esenin – Russian parodist, improviser, participant of the project «Comedy Club», «Big difference», the player in the WHC. Real name Oleg – Lutov.

    He was born in the Kazakh town of Uralsk, where he spent his childhood and youth. For the first time parodied another person at 11 years of age, and I must say that, in the opinion of his friends, it had turned out pretty good. After 2 years, Oleg hits on local radio, where he tried his hand as an advertising man, leading the stations «Union», «Talap» and «Aksai».

    After high school Lutov some time working as a dancer and DJ in Nightclubs, and then again returned to the post of radio host and cooperates with the station «First FM». This work brought him his first fame in the city. But to develop through a small town – not an easy job, so Oleg in 2010 decides to move to Samara. Immediately to conquer a city on the Volga the young man failed. First he had to work as a waiter, then as a musician in the restaurant and then he got the opportunity to go on air of radio station «Love Radio».

    In the program of this station Oleg Luty under the pseudonym Oleg Yesenin for the first time presented its own parodies of famous people to the audience. The effect surpassed all expectations: the Yesenin became the darling Samara citizens and soon drew the attention of the organizers of the Samara club Comedy.

    Career of the humorist

    Thanks to their participation in the projects of the Samara branch «somedy Club» Oleg Yesenin was part of the team of KVN Ural state University «Swing» from Ekaterinburg, played for about 5 months. And his next step on the career ladder was the casting for the show «Comedy battle». This stage comedian went well, so he went to Moscow to participate in the main rounds.

    In «Comedy battle» Oleg has presented on court of spectators and jury of a mock room, which showed voice and typical gestures of a few local stars, and conquered space. Good jokes and most importantly – instant reaction and, as a consequence, quality improvisation helped Yesenin to win this show. The impersonator has even received praise from the usually very strict Pavel Volya, which in itself is worth a lot to any comedian that strives to reach a high level. And Oleg Yesenin was really keen to develop as a comedian. He had honed his skills and expanded collection of votes almost to 70!

    Success in «Comedy battle» has allowed the showman to rise above and become a part of the main project «Comedy Club». Oleg also took part in the «Laugh comedian», «Point», «Parodic» and «Cartoon personality». In the last draft he had to announce Mikhail Boyarsky and Ivan Urgant.

    At the festival «Big difference» in Odessa Oleg Yesenin again achieved victory thanks to a parody of Sergei Bezrukov won the Grand Prix.

    Recently, the comedian returned to the game of KVN team «national Team of Bolshoy Moscow Circus» performed at the festival in Sochi. 20 Feb 2016 team Yesenin was able to win the 1/8 of the Highest League of KVN. By the way, except for the famous comedian, performs in the national Team and other well-known viewers participant – finalist in the last project «the Voice» Michael lake.

    Personal life

    Oleg Esenin was in a serious relationship in Uralsk, where he lived in a civil marriage with the mother of his children, the son of Artemis and daughter Amelia. Together they moved to Samara, but then they parted ways.

    Oleg is a big fan of the poet Sergei Yesenin, the one that took this pseudonym. He also writes poetry and even started a literary club «the Creative pen», which takes young poets with a philosophical Outlook on life and vibrant creativity.

    Humorist loves to make selfies and post them to various social networks.


    Oleg Yesenin

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