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  • Name: Diamond Oleg ( Oleg Almazov )
  • Date of birth: 16 October 1972
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Growth: 182
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: civil marriage

    Oleg Diamond: the biography

    16 Oct 1972-born actor of theatre and cinema Oleg Diamonds. His hometown is Saint Petersburg. At school, Oleg went to three educational institutions in turn — the family constantly moved, solving the «housing problem»: fortunately, a few years later he successfully resolved.

    In my childhood favorite pastime of Oleg Almazov has been rehearsing in a dance ensemble «rainbow». He gave them 10 years of his life. There the boy found real friends with whom support relations today.

    After school Oleg wanted to join the theater, but doubted his talent. Mom insisted on getting into LEIS. Engineer with Almazov did not work — he studied for two courses, with the «tails» after each session and a huge number of inquiries about missing lectures «sickness». At the University he became acquainted with three people who played a decisive role in his life. First brought Oleg Almazov on the radio, the second was infected with love for the theatre, and the third is a love of cinema.

    The actor calls himself a fatalist and don’t believe in luck, believing their destiny. After two years, he left the Institute and settled by the administrator of concert Department at the TV. His responsibilities included the organization of meetings of actors, their resettlement, and other organizational issues.

    Oleg lasted a year and then enrolled in an acting course LGITMiK. Along with his studies, got a job at «Eldorado» and stayed there for twenty years. Since 2000, he is in the TOP 3 best radio.

    In 1996 Oleg Diamond received the diploma of the actor. Previously, he played the guitar, but the Institute abandoned the tool because of deficiency of time.


    For his career, Oleg has changed nine theaters in St. Petersburg. He participated in the production of «the Plane-the fugitive» «theatre», played by Joseph Brodsky in «Gorbunov and Gorchakov» Theatre «Vacuum», and also participated in performances of «Anna» and «Lefty» ONTEATR.

    The actor worked with the Classical theater Shelter comedians, the Traditional author’s theatre, Theatre on Liteiny, and others. Oleg Diamond says he does not found his theatre, and therefore is free floating.


    The career of Oleg Almazov movie is going well. He played more than 120 different roles. His filmography began to grow since 2000. First was a small, but lively and distinctive role.

    In the movie «a Time to gather stones,» which tells about the work of engineers in the postwar period, the audience saw him as the head of the club. In the TV series «angel Heart» he played Demidov.

    In the painting «Alla Alla search for» actor played the main role. His character Andrew, a bystander who helps a woman to restore the memory, to remember everything about himself.

    He starred in the films «Lucky,» «Illusion of happiness», «new year happiness» and others.

    Had Oleg Almazova play the doctor in «Doctor» and «curiosities», a businessman in the film «Instead», a crime boss in «Accidental meeting», the journalist of «Secrets of the investigation», major in «February». So he tried himself in different roles. The last works of the actor became the role in the films «Cold calculation» and «Alien nest».

    Personal life

    The personal life of the actor, as he says, has long been formed. Nearly 20 years he, along with choreographer Irina Panfilova, he calls it his one true love. Oleg and Irina live in a civil marriage, children the couple yet, but they do not lose hope. Diamond believes that the stamp for the relationship — not the main thing.

    Periodically there are rumors about the novels of the actor with other women, he even attributed the novel with Tanya Bulanova, supposedly she was going to leave her husband for Oleg. Bee says with Tatiana they have been friends a long time, but in this friendship there is no hint of love. The actor once admitted that one time on set he had a liking for a partner and grew into something more. However, he overcame passion and took himself in hand.

    Oleg Almazov busy schedule, time favorite a woman is not enough. In January, when I get a few free weeks, they go to the sea to be alone away from everyone.


    • «Cinderella in boots»
    • «Gangster Petersburg 10: Payback»
    • «The crime will be solved»
    • «Highway patrol 4»
    • «Personal circumstances»
    • «Someone Else’s Nest»
    • «Cold calculation»
    • «Every man for himself»
    • «Owl Creek»
    • «The doctor»


    Oleg Diamonds

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