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  • Name: Oleg Dal ( Oleg Dal )
  • Date of birth: 25 may 1941.
  • Age: 39 years
  • Date of death: 3 Mar 1981
  • Place of birth: Lublin
  • Height: 185
  • Activities: actor, author, theatrical productions
  • Marital status: was married to Elizabeth Eichenbaum

    Oleg Dal: biography

    Oleg Ivanovich Dal was born just before the beginning of the war, on may 25, 1941 in the suburban town of Lublin, which is now included in the territory of the capital. In addition to the Oleg in the family of a railroad engineer John Z. and teacher Paul Petrovna was the daughter Iraida.

    In school the boy began to play basketball, but soon left these studies for the revealed heart problems. After that his Hobbies were poetry, literature and painting. Like any boy who grew up during the war years, he dreamed of a heroic profession, pilot or sailor. But childhood dreams don’t come true because of the mentioned health problems. After reading the works of N. Lermontov «Hero of our time,» Dahl came up with the idea of becoming an actor to ever play Pechorin. And 15 years later his dream would come true.

    In 1959, after graduating from high school, Oleg Dal decides to go to drama school. Parents strongly opposed this decision of the son. Their first argument was the instability of the acting profession and, consequently, wages and the second is that Oleg since childhood Burr.

    Nevertheless, he went to take the entrance exam. Had prepared for him a monologue nozdryov from Gogol’s «Dead souls» and excerpt from «novice» favorite Lermontov. After passing the exam, a talented young man was enrolled in a course N. Annenkov Schepkin theatre school. His classmates were Vitaly Solomin, Mikhail Kononov.

    Oleg Dal movies

    In the magazine «Youth» published the story «the Star ticket», written by V. Aksenov, who in 1961 decided to film Director Aleksandr Zarkhi. After a selection among the students of theater schools, we selected a few dozen people started the test on the basis of which the role in the film had been selected Oleg Dahl (who got the role of Alik Kramer). In the summer of 1961 began shooting on location in Tallinn. So appeared on television film «My little brother», which was first presented to the public the names of the three young actors.

    After the release of the film on dal’s noticed two eminent film Director: Leonid Agranovich and Sergey Bondarchuk. Agranovich was even entrusted a young actor a lead role in his movie called «the Man who doubts». The film was a detective-psychological. In it is based on the following events: after the murder of a schoolgirl investigating authorities have arrested an innocent friend of the murdered Boris Dulenko (which was performed by the Dal).

    In 1963, when this film was released, Dahl had just finished training at drama school. At his graduation performance was attended by the actress of the theater «Contemporary» A. Pokrovskaya, who was so impressed by the work of Dahl, invited him to his theater. After the two-stage tender young actor was admitted to the troupe. But it has not brought a major breakthrough. Within a few years was performed by Oleg Dahl in the «contemporary» exclusively the role of the second plan.

    Following TV work, Dahl was the film «the First trolley», shot at the Odessa film Studio. The picture was released in 1964 and was very warmly received by the audience due to the light and cheerful story.

    Over the next few years he was only two minor works in the movies (films «Built the bridge» and «seven to twelve»). In 1966, he was noticed by the Director of «Lenfilm» Vladimir Motyl. Dahl recommended the Joker his colleagues immediately hit the fictional Director of the image of the protagonist of the film «Eugene, Zhenechka and Katyusha». The picture was taken public leaders negatively, despite the widespread success that was replicated a very small number of copies.

    Nevertheless, all these problems did not affect the growing popularity of Oleg dal. His next work was the film «Chronicle of a dive bomber», where he played the role of a pilot named Eugene Sobolewski. This picture brought the actor national popularity. Thus the end of the sixties was the peak in the career of Dalia, both in cinema and in theatre. In the «contemporary», where he returned after a long break, he was entrusted first significant role. She got the role of Vaska’s Ashes in the play «the lower depths».

    In 1968-1969 Dal has come to the attention of such renowned filmmakers as Hope Kosheverova and Grigori Kozintsev. It Kozintsev Dahl introduced his «King Lear» on the role of the Jester, who later became one of the brightest in the box of the actor. This film which was released in 1971, won several international awards at festivals in Chicago, Milan and Tehran.

    The actor soon moved to Leningrad and entered into the troupe of the Leningrad theater of drama. In the early seventies in the Treasury of the actor added a few more interesting film roles.

    In 1972, the actor begins work on the film «Sannikov Land», which soon disappointed. In his opinion, of quality material has made a cheap spectacle. After this picture the distance more carefully in choosing roles.

    In 1973, sold his childhood dream — he embodies the image of Pechorin in the picture «by pages magazine Pechorin». During the 1973-1974 years Oleg Ivanovich starred in five films.

    Oleg Dal: personal life

    Many were in love with a famous actor, but to find a soul mate Dahl was not possible for quite a long time. First was having an affair with actress Nina Doroshina, then was Tatyana Lavrova. However, due to the heavy nature of Oleg Ivanovich both alliances broke up.

    And here on the set of «King Lear» Dahl met the one that finally got him to «tame». The fateful meeting took place on 19 August 1969. Chosen one actor was Lisa Eichenbaum, who was involved in the work on the film as editor. Soon the lovers were married. They managed to keep the feeling of early love, which gives a special charm to the relationship for many years. Oleg was very proud of his wife, and Elizabeth always cared about her husband. She only managed to pick up the key to such a talented, but such a complex person. In the last years of her life Elizabeth was surrounded by his wife with more care.

    Oleg Dal: death

    Towards the end of the seventies Oleg reduces the pace of the film. Recent notable work in the actor’s career was the film «Holiday in September», which was released in 1979. The actor began to have problems with alcohol, he did not solved. In addition, affected the health of the actor and heart problems and frequent conflicts with the Directors.

    Oleg Dal died during a business trip in Kiev. He died on 3 March 1981 in a hotel room. The cause of death as a heart attack which could be triggered by alcohol consumption. Besides, Oleg Ivanovich for some time before death, had said that a presentiment of death.

    Oleg Dal: filmography

    • My younger brother
    • The man who doubts
    • Zhenya, Zhenya and «Katyusha»
    • Chronicle of a dive bomber
    • King Lear
    • The Sannikov Land
    • Can’t be!
    • Variant «Omega»
    • Gold mine

    Oleg Dal: photo

    Oleg Dal

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