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  • Name: Oleg Basilashvili ( Oleg Basilashvili )
  • Date of birth: 26 September 1934
  • Age: 82 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 181
  • Activities: actor, people’s artist of the USSR
  • Marital status: married to Galina Mshanskaya

    Oleg Basilashvili: biography

    Perhaps, there is no lover of Soviet cinema, who would not know Oleg Valerianovich. Basilashvili — the stunning actor who embodied a number of the images forever imprinted in the history of our filmmaking. This and Yuri Samokhvalov of the iconic «Office romance», and sympathy Platon Ryabinin from «Station for two» of Eldar Ryazanov.

    Oleg Valerianovich was born in 1934 in Moscow. His father Valerian Nochevnova worked as the Director of the Moscow Polytechnic University, and mother, Irina Ilyinskaya, was known throughout the Soviet Union philologist. Friendly family Basilashvili consisted of six people. In addition to moms and dads Oleg lived with half-brother Zhora, grandparents – bossy, strong woman who kept the entire family under his leadership. In an interview, the actor recalled that it was thanks to Olga Nikolaevna, the house was kept in order and comfort. She is also very influenced the education of grandchildren, including those with moderate corporal punishment.

    The great Patriotic War is remembered, the future actor terrible hunger, even reached Tbilisi, where the family moved before the outbreak of hostilities. It took Oleg’s older brother. Reaching the rank of captain, Giorgi Basilashvili was in the hospital, after which he was sent to the rear, but mysteriously disappeared. And the next actor almost died when weak resistance had contracted tuberculosis.

    In 1943 the family Basilashvili moved back to Moscow, where Oleg gave to the third grade of school №324. In an interview the actor told that no pleasure from the study had not experienced since the school system it is very depressed. The bad boy was given to all the Sciences. Trying to better understand algebra, Oleg just not had time to do any other lessons and eventually rolled up deuces. In addition, twelfth grade young Basilashvili was considered unreliable person when he wrote about «the Golden calf», then banned in the USSR, a laudatory review. Then the story was hushed up, but the residue remained. Drawing lessons at the art Academy also ended with a tragicomic episode when Oleg was accused of imitation of post-impressionism and expelled from the institution.

    Although this situation does not contribute to the creative development of Oleg Basilashvili, the desire to touch the world of art was stronger than the ideological restrictions. With adolescence the young man loved the Moscow art academic theatre, went to every performance and soon came up with the idea of becoming an actor. Together with a friend he began to participate in Amateur art activities, joining an Amateur troupe under the Ministry of foreign trade. Having the experience of playing in Amateur productions, Oleg ventured to apply to the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre, joining the first time.

    Basilashvili studied under the famous Paul Massalsky. Oleg Valerianovich recalled that life in the Theater, was harsh, like in a medieval monastery, and students, as the fun and noisy time of life, passed by in the future experts.

    Oleg Basilashvili: theatre

    After graduation, Oleg Basilashvili and Tatiana Doronin, his wife, sent to distribution in Stalingrad. Young actors that wanted to stay in the Theater, tried to change the decision, but in the end were forced to go to the South of the Republic. It turned out that the new place of work, Stalingrad oblast drama theatre, the newcomers did not need nor the staff, nor the audience. Three months later, the couple broke down and quit.

    Oleg and Tatiana moved to Leningrad, where parents lived Doronina. Almost immediately they both managed to get to the Theater of the Lenin Komsomol, which was conquered by Oleg of interesting, varied repertoire and colleagues, welcoming disposition towards newcomers. However, just a few months the couple transferred to the Bolshoi drama theater, where Tatiana was invited by Director Georgi Tovstonogov. Doronina agreed on the condition that her husband would take the role in the first production. So Oleg was on the BDT stage, but there for Basilashvili place was not. The young man played in the episodes until his wife got one starring role after another, and gradually become a leading theater actress. Only a few years George A. drew attention to the artist, and gradually began to trust him interesting roles, mostly Comedy character. The audience fell in love with the inspector, Mamaev and Jingle performed Basilashvili, but this was only in the seventies.

    During his cooperation with the Bolshoi drama theatre the actor has played almost fifty shows, and even now, despite his advanced age, Oleg Valerianovich involved in four productions: «Copenhagen», «Quartet», «Summer» and «uncle’s dream».

    Oleg Basilashvili movies

    In 1956, the screens out the film «Bride,» which was the debut of Oleg on the set, but it appears on the screen went unnoticed for the audience. To act in films on a regular basis Basilashvili has started only ten years, and then on a distinctive, handsome guy fell down one offer after another. Image Lahnovskogo, one of the Central characters, Oleg Basilashvili embodied in the series about the great Patriotic War «Eternal call». In the following year came the drama «Day of reception on private matters», where he got the main role. But the average viewer remembers Oleg Valerianovich by way Samokhvalova, successfully embodied in the film «

  • Office romance». This role made Basilashvili known throughout the Union, and these films helped the actor avoid being trapped in the image of the antihero. In 1985 was filmed series «Confrontation», in which the artist masterfully played Colonel Vladislav Kostenko, pursues an enemy of the people. In the nineties, despite the crisis and a default, Oleg Valerianovich has continued to act in films. He played a Central role in the film «the Prophecy» film Director Eldar Ryazanov, as a good friend. The actor then starred in the Comedy-fantasy «Dreams», where he embodies the image of an important political person.

    This was followed by many films, and especially from them is based on the novel «

  • The master and Margarita» in 2005, in which Oleg Leschenko has played Woland. The mini-series gained immense popularity, it was viewed more than forty million viewers in Russia alone. In recent years Oleg Basilashvili starred in several series, the latest of which is «Farmers» and «New life».

    Oleg Basilashvili: personal life

    The first wife of the actor was his classmate and colleague on the stage

  • Tatyana Doronina. The young people were married, as in the third year of the School-Studio MXAT. They lived together for eight years, after which cooled to each other and peacefully, without mutual insults broke up. Several years later, the actor met with the journalist
  • Galina Mshanskaya. Two years young people lived in a civil marriage and then got married. In 2011, the couple celebrated their Golden wedding, noting a significant date in the family: daughters Olga and Xenia and grandchildren Timothy and Marinika.

    Oleg Basilashvili: filmography

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    • The Return Of «St. Luke»
    • Day of reception on personal matters
    • The life and death of Ferdinand Luce
    • Station for two
    • Theatre Chekhonte. Pictures from the recent past
    • What did the dead
    • Leningrad
    • Sonka The Golden Hand
    • Don’t think about white monkeys

    Oleg Basilashvili: photo

    Oleg Basilashvili

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