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  • Name: Oleg Anofriyev ( Oleg Anofriev )
  • Date of birth: 20 July 1930
  • Age: 86 years
  • Place of birth: Noumea
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theater and film actor, singer, songwriter, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Oleg anofriyev : biography

    Oleg anofriyev was able to implement in your life immediately granted him more than two talents: acting and music. The face of the actor familiar to millions of viewers, and his songs from the cartoons and movies are popular and loved.

    Oleg Andreyevich anofriyev was born in Sunny Noumea in July 1930. His passport place of birth was listed this southern city. But as fate would have it he considers himself a native Muscovite. The fact that the mother gave birth to him when she came to her husband, sent to Noumea.

    All children’s and youth Oleg Anofrieva took place in the capital. In Moscow courtyard, he grew up quickly, because his childhood singed by the Great Patriotic war. And burned in the truest sense of the word. When Anofrieva turned 12, he found in the yard of a grenade. After the explosion, the boy survived, but the healing process took a year. His right hand was crippled great. It seemed that this circumstance was to forever put an end to plans to become a musician. But it was then that Oleg anofriyev learned to live, overcoming insurmountable circumstances.

    He became a musician and an actor, how dreamed of in his youth. Successfully graduated from music school and learned the basics of acting in theatre.

    To enroll in the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre Oleg Anofrieva failed on the first attempt, although because of the injured right hand he had a long time to prove to the Commission that he will be able to study and to perform on stage. In 1954 the young artist received a diploma and got a job in the Central children’s theatre.


    On stage CDT anofriyev made his first steps in the profession. He was fortunate to work side by side with Gennady by Pechnikova and Lev Durov.

    But a serious role to Oleg Andreevich got only 2 years later, when he went to work in the theater Mossovet. Anofrieva trusted to play Basil terkina in the same statement.

    This role was played so that acting Anofrieva appreciated even abroad, where she went to perform in the theatre. In Bulgaria, the artist became a national hero. One of the cities of this country – Russa – assigned to the Russian artist the title of honorary citizen.

    A cinematic biography of Oleg Anofrieva began after the release of the Comedy «beauty Secret». But really, the audience saw and remembered the actor when I saw the film «Girl with guitar». The picture, where in addition to Anofrieva appeared Faina Ranevskaya, Lyudmila Gurchenko and Mikhail Zharov, entered the Golden Fund of Russian cinema. But she is remembered not only for a great game of artists and songs performed Anofrieva.

    But not this film, and the other, titled «Friends and years», Oleg anofriyev calls his favorite. In it his hero Vadim Lyalin sang the song «It was recently, it was a long time ago.» She immediately turned into a smash hit.

    In 1972, the actor has decided to give up the theater for the movie. In the next decade, screens out outstanding pictures with his participation. In the Comedy «Car, violin and blot the dog», he played artist of the orchestra. In the picture the «Northern option,» the audience saw Oleg Anofriev in the image of the foreman of petroleum Yuri Kozhevatov.

    Then there was the musical film «Under roofs of Montmartre», the Comedy «Be my husband» and filmed the novel by Nikolai Gogol «Inspector». (The film is called «Incognito from Petersburg»). In it the actor played Bobchinsky.

    In the 1980s, viewers watched a game of Oleg Anofrieva in the wonderful film «midshipmen, forward!», «The man from Boulevard des Capucines» and «back in the USSR».

    In the next decade, the actor starred little, but made his debut as a Director. He took a picture of «being in love», for which he wrote all sounded in her songs.

    Song of Oleg Anofrieva for many feature films, musicals and cartoons brought him great popularity. For example, beloved by many generations of «the Bremen town musicians» all of the songs instantly became hits, written and sung (most) Oleg Andreevich. And who doesn’t know the song «I’m lying in the sun», «lullaby», «Song of driver,» or «What song without a Bayan»? It’s all creativity Anofrieva.

    In 2004, Oleg Andreevich Anofrieva was awarded the title people’s artist of Russia.

    Personal life

    A romantic story of meeting the artist with his future wife, he described himself in the story of «Love-longing». In the mid-1950s anofriyev, resting in the South, met with a lovely girl who, like him, a Muscovite. We agreed to meet after returning home. But the phone of the girl was not, and it gave the room a friend. She’s Natalia Tlepshukov and became the wife of actor.

    Personal life of Oleg Anofrieva associated with this wonderful woman since 1955. Soon after marriage they had a daughter Mary. She gave parents three great grandchildren Natalia, Maria and Anastasia.

    But the greatest happiness Oleg anofriyev experienced when the granddaughter of Maria gave him the great-grandson of Oleg, named of course in honor of the famous great-grandfather. The boy was the first man born in the family of the actor over the last 80 years. He anofriyev even dedicated poems where there are lines: «From Oleg to Oleg’s exactly 80 years».


    • «Secret of beauty»
    • «Girl with guitar»
    • «Friends and years»
    • «Car, violin and dog Klyaksa»
    • «Northern option»
    • «Under roofs of Montmartre»
    • «Be my husband»
    • «Incognito from Petersburg»
    • «Midshipmen, forward!»
    • «The man from Boulevard des Capucines»
    • «Back in the USSR»


    Oleg Anofriyev

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