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  • Name: Samoilov Oksana ( Oxana Samoylova )
  • Date of birth: 27 April 1988.
  • Age: 28 years
  • Birthplace: Ukhta
  • Height: 177
  • Activity: model and designer
  • Marital status: married djigan

    Oksana Samoilov: biography

    The name Oksana Samoilova became popular after it appeared in tandem with another name – dzhigan. Popular in Russia and Ukraine, the musician, the rapper added beauty even more charm and attractiveness. Although in fairness I must admit that Oksana like an expensive diamond, worthy of such a luxurious «setting».

    Oksana Samoilova was born in April 1988 in the city of Ukhta. She grew up and was raised in a normal family and was the same girl as the other peers. That looks maturing all the girls were close to the model standards that have brought increasing attention to the boys.

    With youth Hobbies Oksana Samoilova is possible to allocate two: with the greatest pleasure she visited a dance club and a drama Studio. But the classes they remained at the level of Hobbies. Neither the choreography nor the theatre are unable she is to «take captive».

    At the end of the school Oksana Samoylova enrolled in the local University, choosing for himself the faculty of Humanities. But after the 3rd course she realized that there are no prospects for the future, which it currently scheduled, training will not open. So took off and went to conquer Moscow.


    Fashion industry has accepted arrived from Komi beauty with open arms. Model parameters Oksana Samoilova allowed her to count on a great career in this business. No, she did not immediately enter into the dizzying contracts with the Paris fashion houses, but at the shows of top fashion designers in the country girl appeared. Her image graced many catalogs of well-known brands and flashed in glossy magazines.

    Soon Oksana Samoilov turned his keen male perspective, the magazine «Maxim». The model readily agreed for a candid photo shoot, after which her heroines were often opened new attractive prospects.

    Indeed, after a photo shoot in men’s glossy magazines, so there were stars, but Oksana Samoilova was able to launch its own brand of clothing. He was named MiraSezar and specializiruetsya on the issue of evening and cocktail dresses. Brand Samoylova created with my friend Miroslava Shvedova. She has been the face and designer of the brand. Dresses from the collection Samoilova and Shvedova differ special refinement and femininity. They are designed for girls with a great figure and socialite.


    Like most women that have taken to plastic surgery, Oksana Samoilov does not like to speak on this subject. But the media has leaked information about the alleged multiple plastic surgeries that made the model. We are talking about breast augmentation and lips. And in social networks rumors about rhinoplasty and correction of the chin. Of course, confirmation from the beauties there. It is on this subject and gave no comment, so the veracity of this information, it is impossible to insist.

    Another remarkable detail with regard to appearance Oksana Samoilova is a 3 tattoo on her body. Here the model is more talkative. She said that the first tattoo was done at a young age and she Oksana would like to get rid of. But the other two is a phrase in Latin that appeared on the body Samoilova in the age of reason. They are translated as «be faithful to those faithful to you» and «the greatest power is the one who has power over you.»

    Personal life

    The man who changed the life of beauty and became a real mate and a reliable support is, of course, geegun. With popular performer, whose real name is Denis Ustimenko, Oksana met in one of night clubs of the capital. Rapper, amazed by the beauty of a stranger, not long delayed. He immediately came and met Oksana. They never separated even for a minute.

    Personal life of Oksana Samoilova took shape in a formal marriage with Dzhiganom in a very symbolic date 12.12.12. At that time the couple already has grown one-year-old daughter Ariela. Girl with a beautiful name was born in 2011. Therefore, 12 Dec 2012 Oksana and Denis on the celebration in honor of their wedding have been able to present a striking proof of his love.

    And in September 2014 Oksana gave your loved one a priceless gift – a second daughter with no less strange name Leah.

    It is known that dzhigan loves her woman’s Kingdom and spoils my girls. He often carries favorite women on the world’s best resorts, and Oksana gave a luxurious «Bentley».

    Samoilov quickly returned in the old physical form after giving birth. And although the worries of young mothers has doubled, but she finds time to promote their clothing brand, and even developed a paid mobile sports app called FitForYou. This is a joint work of Oksana Samoilova and successful coaches. Exercise, FitForYou allegedly helped the Oksana quickly bring yourself back into great shape after childbirth.

    Samoilov promotes a healthy lifestyle and sport activities. She willingly shares best practices in this regard and does not skimp on the fresh photo of his family.


    Oksana Samoilov

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