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  • Name: Oksana Robski ( Oksana Robski )
  • Date of birth: 10 June 1968
  • Age: 48 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 162
  • Activity: the Russian writer and screenwriter
  • Marital status: married

    Oksana Robski: a biography

    The Creator of the famous novels about life on the ruble Oksana Robski Muscovite.

    Oksana polyanska – sounds exactly like a maiden name writer – was born on 10 Jun 1968. She was born and brought up in a family of teachers. Victor Polyansky died when the daughter was in 1st grade. Except for Oksana, in the family grew up the son of Vadim, who is older sister of 5 years.

    How to remember teachers, school years Oksana polyanska was not distinguished by brilliant successes. But the girl was quite active. She studied at a music school playing the guitar, I went swimming and took lessons in fencing.

    In high school Oksana Robski was attracted to journalism. At 15 she wrote notes in the newspaper «Gudok» and engaged in School the young journalist, who worked at MSU.

    In their Robski curriculum vitae indicates that he studied at the faculty of journalism of Moscow state University. But at MSU documents student surname Polyanskaya not preserved.


    Some time Oksana Robski worked as an assistant Director at the TV station Ostankino. Then I worked in the Circus in the Lenin hills, where he was the assistant of the chief Director.

    This work aroused Oksana Robski want to try to make a movie. She entered the advanced directing courses. According to some reports, thesis film novice Director even got one in the festival «St. Anna».

    Robski tried his hand in publishing: under her leadership, the magazine «Sebastian,» which focuses on Pets, were given tips on care.

    In the late 1990s, in Moscow there was a chain of interior design stores «Gallery About» Oksana Robski, which sold antique furniture. It is known that Robski was the first in Russia who founded the Agency of female bodyguards. It was called «Nikita». Another type of business that deals Muscovite – tailoring for domestic staff. The Agency was called «Majordomo».


    The first book of Oksana Robski appeared in 2005. «Casual» is a novel about the indiscreet charm of the Russian bourgeoisie. Critics and readers took an ambiguous novel. Some have even suggested that it was written not the Oksana, and «ghostwriter», and a man.

    But no evidence, to write their works Robski use external force does not exist. As for artistic value, Oksana Robski says that does not claim the laurels of «intellectual» writer-type Lyudmila Ulitskaya and Tatyana Tolstaya.

    However, her first novels – the aforementioned «Casual», «Day of happiness — tomorrow», «Glamurnyy Home» «About lyubOFF/ON» – caused great excitement. As it turned out, the townsfolk are incredibly interested in how to live the latter-day Nouveau riche, successful businessmen and the Russian elite behind a high fence of Barvikha and Rublevka.

    It is noteworthy that after the appearance of the novels of Oksana Robski many young writers rushed to write similar works. But it was too late: Robski managed to «stake out» behind the brand.

    And in 2005, Robski became the nominee of the award «national bestseller 2005». In the same year, her book «Casual» has got in shorts-sheet of prestigious award «book of the year». It is noteworthy that the «company» novels of Oksana Robski consisted of works by Boris Akunin and Dan brown.

    Breakthrough 2005 gave the writer and her novel two awards: the award «national bestseller» and the award «Silver Shoe».

    Later Oksana Robski has published several novels, the most popular of which is «Life», «Oysters in the rain» and «Zamuzh a millionaire». The last work was written in collaboration with Ksenia Sobchak.

    Personal life

    About the personal life of Oksana Robski’s written more than her novels. According to information from various sources, she was married 6 times. The names of the 1st and 2nd men unknown. There is information that both died: one in a fight, the second was killed in the entrance of the house Oksana.

    The name Robski Oksana went from third husband – a wealthy foreigner Michael Robski. With him from Moscow was engaged in the furniture business. But the marriage did not last long. The man left Oksana not only his name but also a new house built on Rublevsky highway.

    In 2005, the personal life of Oksana Robski again changed. She married the coach of «Spartacus» Igor Shalimov. The couple met in a supermarket on the Garden ring. But this marriage did not last long.

    5th husband of the famous Rublev writer was a businessman Oleg Gorelyshev. Many friends Robski was sure of the strength of the Union. It seemed that the couple was happy. The man found a common language with two children Oksana’s son Joseph and daughter Daria. But suddenly broke up the marriage.

    Recently it was reported that Oksana Robski got married for the sixth time. But the name of her husband is unknown. The last 2 years the woman with her son living abroad. Adult daughter Dasha remained in Moscow. She runs a tourist firm.


    • «Casual»
    • «The day of happiness — tomorrow»
    • «Glamurnyy House»
    • «About lyubOFF/ON»
    • «Life anew»
    • «Oysters in the rain»
    • «Rublev kitchen Oksana Robski»
    • «Zamuzh a millionaire» (together with Xenia Sobchak)
    • «Casual 2. Dancing with head and legs».
    • «This Is Theta»
    • «Happy Book. Technology perfection»


    Oksana Robski

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