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  • Name: Oksana Pushkina ( Oksana Pushkina )
  • Date of birth: 10 may 1963
  • Age: 53 years
  • Place of birth: Petrozavodsk
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: Russian TV host and public figure
  • Marital status: married

    Oksana Pushkin : a biography

    The life of Oksana Pushkina, known to millions of viewers in her program «Female stories» deserves its «women’s history». Not less interesting and exciting than all the others, told by a talented presenter.

    Oksana Pushkin was born in may 1963 in Petrozavodsk. She claims that her childhood was quite happy and well-fed. Dad, a famous athlete, coached the national team athletes of Russia. Mom also took place in the profession and he worked at Central television, where he was a special correspondent for the news program.

    Oksana Pushkina in early childhood has shown ability in several directions. In 10 years, she is seriously fond of rhythmic gymnastics and after 4 years managed to get the title «master of sports». At the same time Pushkin was making headway in the music. The girl played beautifully on the piano and teachers considered her a brilliant career.

    But after graduation, Oksana Pushkina surprised everyone. She chose the profession, not connected neither with music nor with sports. In 1981, she entered the Leningrad University, choosing for himself the faculty of journalism. As later explained to the heroine, she had an opinion on life and she always wanted to Express. The girl’s eyes were always the example of her mother, who gave up journalism for many years.

    In 1985, Oksana Pushkina left the walls of LSU with a degree in the specialty «journalist».


    Life’s first great blow » Oksana Pushkina had to endure in College. Her parents broke up. For girls began a difficult period that Oksana was later called «the torn time». Each of the parents tried to pull the daughter to his side, exposing each other in a bad light. To sort out these squabbles the young girl, equally loved, and the father and mother, it was difficult.

    All this added financial problems. The father married a second time. The new family had a baby. Money older daughter’s dad is no longer allocated. The student had a hard time. Oksana went to look for a job, to somehow make ends meet. She got a job as a cleaner at the dairy kitchen came every day at 6 am. She was washing out of the hose in the refrigerator and then fled into pairs. Studied Pushkin willingly and classes missed.

    Biography of Oksana Pushkina started the last courses of universities. One night the girl saw the documentary, whose title – «Children of discord» – for obvious reasons attracted Oksana. The film was really interesting. Two-and-a-half-hour Pushkin watched it with bated breath. The presenter, whose name was Vladislav Konovalov, was very persuasive and talked about the problem with a deep knowledge of the case.

    Cried for the whole night and remembering all of his regrets, she decided to write a letter to the editor. She wanted to tell the story of a man who, as she thought, understood her. Response to the letter came soon. Konovalov immediately realized that the letter was not just a smart girl, but a journalist. After meeting and speaking for several hours, the host offered Oksana to work together.

    The working relationship soon became romantic. Received an offer of marriage, which Oksana Pushkina accepted. In these first years after graduation young presenter he worked at the Leningrad television Studio, «5th channel». Here Pushkin for 5 years, he led his first transmission. They were called «People results» and «Lady Luck». These projects although not brought by Oksana great popularity, but it gave invaluable experience.

    In 1993, a young Leningrad’s leading used tucked opportunity and went to San Francisco. Here in California, Pushkin continued his studies and worked. She got a correspondent on the channel ABC. With huge interest she was studying management and marketing of the company. The journalist came back home after 4 years. It then began a rapid ascent Oksana Pushkina the career ladder.

    In 1997, ORT channel out the authorship program, which was called «Women’s history Oksana Pushkina». Heartfelt stories about the private life of «stars» proved to be very popular in the country. An audience of many thousands of spectators and especially spectators would sit at screens to listen to the concerns of recognition and stories about the fates of the characters whose names are known all over Russia. «Women’s history» came to «ORT» for two years. But in 1999, Pushkin left the channel due to disagreements with his leadership.

    The journalist went on the channel «NTV». Soon there came out of its transmission, which now was called a little differently — «Women’s opinion by Oksana Pushkina». Leading finally appreciated in the rank of the stars of national television. She was awarded the prize «Olympia». This award, which is awarded to outstanding women who have achieved tangible success in its work.

    At the end of 2013, Oksana Pushkina switched from channel «NTV» on «the First channel». In March, started out his new personal project called «I’m filing for divorce». But in August, the transfer was off the air for an unknown reason.

    In the summer of 2015 biography of Oksana pushkinaís made a new unexpected turn. The journalist got the position of Commissioner for children’s rights in Moscow and the Moscow region. And in the spring of 2016, the audience again saw Oksana Pushkin in the familiar role of leading. It works again on the channel «NTV» and leads a new program «mirror for a hero».

    Personal life

    With her first husband Vladislav Konovalov Oksana Pushkin had been married for more than 27 years. That her husband lives on two families and he has an illegitimate son, leading learned quite a long time before the trip to America. But the couple divorced in 2010. In this marriage Oksana Victorovna was born the only son Artem. He now works in the market of IT technologies. Not so long ago Artem married.

    Personal life of Oksana pushkinaís changed in the winter of 2012. Her second husband was a Bank employee Alex Wide. For him it is also the second marriage. First left two children.

    A few years ago, the media was discussed unpleasant story that happened with Oksana Pushkina after a visit to one of the capital’s beauty salons. Subsequently, Oksana has written a book «Life behind the scenes,» which openly talked about the challenges she had to face.


    Oksana Pushkina

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