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  • Name: Oksana Kazakova ( Oxana Kazakova )
  • Date of birth: 17 June 1982.
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activity: singer, contestant on «the Voice 5»
  • Marital status: married

    Oksana Kazakova: biography

    Bright, beautiful, talented – the kind we know today, this artist. Biography, songs, personal life of Oksana Kazakova interested in a large army of fans. The singer has firmly occupied a niche in the Russian show-business.

    Oksana Kazakova
    The talented singer | Assorted

    Oksana Kazakova was born in St. Petersburg in June 1982. She grew up in a creative family where the parents tried hard to develop in daughter data nature talents. Oksana’s mother, a doctor by training, known St. Petersburg artist, designer and stylist. The head of the family, too, has a solid profession – the education he is an engineer-technologist. But it is known as a professional musician.

    Oksana Kazakova in childhood
    Early years | oksanakazakova.ru

    In the 5 years the girl came to the audience and sang. After the first warm welcome the girl made a decision that will definitely become a singer. This way she no longer paid. Step by step the young singer had a career.

    At age 11 she became the winner of the Grand Prix of the festival «Mini-93» in the name of Viktor Reznikov. In the same year, the parents gave the young singer, piano, resulting in Oksana began to attend the school. But, having studied it for 3 years, his girlfriend dumps classes. Not surprising, because her schedule was very tight: in addition to participating in various competitions, the artist was engaged in athletics and ballet.

    Oksana Kazakova
    Step by step closer to their goal | Treda

    In 1995 Oksana entered the St. Petersburg Studio theater stage. Each year, the young performer has been marked by important achievements. In 1997 he began a collaboration with talented girls DJ Tsvetkov. Together they released 2 successful tracks that sounded on all radio stations of Russia.

    And in 1999, the biography of Oksana Kazakova has been enriched with new page: young St. Petersburg singer reached the final of the «Morning star» and won.


    That music career of the singer from St. Petersburg is growing rapidly, you can judge by its composition «Melody of rain», which she sang accompanied by the London orchestra.

    At 21, the actress took part in the popular vocal show «the national Actor». In 2003, the project was broadcast on the TV channel «Russia-1». Oksana managed to get into the top five. If you consider that the singer was to end, leaving behind 18 thousand singers from all over the country, it becomes clear the scale of the victory.

    Oksana Kazakova I. group
    With a group of «Assorted» | Hollywoodmakeup.ru

    The promising singer was allocated the project’s producer Eugene Friedland. He took Oksana Kazakova in their pupils of the group «Assorted» and signed her contract. The team sang a lot of songs, including the hit «Beautiful love», which received the «Golden gramophone».

    All this time Oksana Kazakova had time not only to get on stage and touring, but also to learn. In 2006 she successfully graduated from one of the universities of his native city, having received the specialty «Actor Estrada».

    After completion of the contract with Fridlyand singer began his solo career. In 2011, the singer presented to the public his debut album «OXYGEN». Two singles from the album, «Banks» and «no Compromises» – there were videos that were in rotation on many music channels of Russia and Ukraine. Songs by Oksana Kazakova very popular and have their supporters.

    In 2013 they released their second album entitled «Comet». The song «Be near», «Hypnotize», «My eyelashes» and «the Seagull» was in rotation 90 radio stations of the country. The talented singer sang in duets with such stars as Larisa Dolina, Soso Pavliashvili and Alexander Panayotov. It was an invaluable experience and a great gift that made the singer Oksana Kazakova for their fans.

    Oksana Kazakova
    At the photo shoot | Starhit

    Creativity of the singer is filled not only with vocals. Oksana is also a model, photoshoots for various fashion magazines and glossy periodicals. In addition, the singer takes part in charity events, support seriously ill patients and people with disabilities.

    Show «The Voice-5»

    Oksana Kazakova, who has considerable experience of public speaking, says that the competition is her phobia. Maybe that’s why 34-year-old singer decided to participate in season 5 of «the Voice».

    The singer presented to the mentors and audience a song of Valery Leontiev «house of cards». The judges of the project as much as possible kept the intrigue and went back to Oksana Kazakova in the last second. The contestant by surprise and overwhelmed her emotions burst into tears. As it turned out, Kazakova long been familiar with Polina Gagarina. But my mentor, she chose Dima Bilan.

    Was incredibly surprised by the composition of judges Oksana Kazakova and Sardor Milano on stage «Fights», singing a complicated song «How It Used to Be» Kirk Franklin. It was a lovely room both in terms of vocals and production. A rare case when after this point in the project remain both contestants.

    Personal life

    Personal life of Irina Kazakova has developed happily. Married the singer left in 2010. Her lover was a dancer, choreographer, one of the famous Ingrid Alexei Filippov. At the time of marriage Oksana Kazakova was 28 years old, and Philippi 40.

    Oksana Kazakova and Alexey Filippov
    At the wedding next to the beloved man | ed.Gee

    The wedding of the former soloist of the «Assorted» and the choreographer was held on the ship. The happy couple were congratulated by Ingrid.

    Reporters happy bride said that the offer from your current husband received after a romantic trip to Cambodia. It was a gift of Alex to the birthday of his girlfriend. The proposal itself Filippov made on the birthday of mother Irene.


    • «OXYGEN»
    • «Comet»

    Photo Of Oksana Kazakova

    Oksana Kazakova

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