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  • Name: Forest Oksana ( Oxana Lesnaya )
  • Date of birth: 20 April 1965
  • Age: 51 years
  • Place of birth: Minsk
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: married

    Oksana Forest: biography

    Oksana Forest — Belarusian actress, who plays a lot like a theatre stage, and in film. The first steps in the movie she did in the early 90-ies, but has become a real celebrity in adulthood.

    Oksana was born and grew up in Minsk. Her parents to art had no relationship: mother worked as regiomontana at the capital factory, and his father taught in the College building. But the girl grew up impressionable, emotional, childhood, capable of deep empathy. These qualities prompted Oksana to closely look at the profession of actress.

    After high school, she passed exams to the Belarusian theatre and art Institute and 1986 studies in the Studio of people’s artist of Belarus Zinaida Brovary. He recalls the Forest, their course had a lot of talented guys, but in the end on the theater field in addition she was the actress Svetlana Naumenko.

    After the release of Oksana took in the Minsk TUZ that the girl was very surprised – she’s quite tall and play Thumbelina or butterfly was somehow illogical. However, five years she served in this place, then moved to the national academic Russian drama theatre named after Maxim Gorky. In this very prestigious Minsk theater, she acts and is still in good standing, as a leading master of the scene.


    In the movie, Oksana Forest debuted in 1992 in the biographical drama «the cross on the earth and moon in the sky.» Then there was another Belarusian film production – «the epilogue», after which the actress came a seven-year break in the film career.

    In the 21st century it appears again on the screens in the medical Comedy sitcom «Express care», a detective series «Kamenskaya», and in different seasons, the crime Thriller «Law», sports drama «the Team,» a military film «In June 41-go».

    Gradually, Oksana Forest gets the glory the most popular Belarusian Actresses in the Russian film industry. And finally starting to shoot in the national cinema. It should be noted shows such as drama «Rhymes with love», a detective adventure «Three Taler», a children’s film about the war, «homeland or death», a love drama «Temptation».

    I must say that the actress is not one clear role. It is equally harmonious in the role of a peasant-brigaders in the melodrama «boomerang», and in the role of detective kilerci in the «Operation Supermarket», and simply depicts the head of children’s dispenser in the military drama «Zastava Zhilina», and the good teacher in the children’s Comedy «Striped happiness».

    Good reviews small family drama «hick», where Oksana Forest interacted with a young actress Antonina Komissarova. And in 2016, on TV screens with new work of Oksana – the social melodrama «Difficult happiness», in which she played the role of educator of children’s home Anna Sergeyevna.

    Personal life

    Relatively early, Oksana Forest married the first time for the actor Sergei Forest. But this marriage was not long, but left the actress the name under which she became famous.

    Her second husband Vitaly is also an actor. He not only plays in the theater, but who voiced the audiobook. The family raised the only son, who had tried in my childhood to play in the theatre the role of the Tsarevich Alexei and even took part in the filming of the movie. There is a 7-year-old boy was flying a kite. But as a teenager he focused on the exact Sciences, graduated from the radio College, and now works as a programmer.

    Oksana Lesnaya interested in psychology, history of fashion and national costume. She is also a believer and believes that true happiness is a state of harmony within us.


    • In 1992, the cross on the earth and moon in the sky
    • 2001 — Express care
    • 2003 — In June 41 th
    • 2006 — Rhymes with love
    • 2006 — Three thalers
    • 2006 — Temptation
    • 2007 — boomerang
    • 2009 — insight
    • 2008 — the Shadow of the samurai
    • 2011 — Four-time summer
    • 2016 is not an easy happiness


    Oksana Forest

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