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  • Name: Oxana Fedorova ( Oksana Borodina )
  • Date of birth: 17 December 1977
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Pskov
  • Activity: TV Presenter
  • Marital status: married to Andrei Borodin

    Oksana Fedorova: biography

    Oksana Fedorova was born in Pskov in 1977 17 Dec. Oksana raised by his mother, father had left the family. Growing up, Oksana attempted to find him, but the result was that he was already dead.

    In his school years, he attracted Oksana legal subjects and the police service, therefore, the average education she received at the police school. Also Fedorov graduated from a special school police, and then some time worked as an investigator.

    Motivated by nature, the girl did not stop their education even after entering the service, and since 1997, she entered the St. Petersburg University of the interior Ministry. At the University the student studied management and operation of city and district police departments. After graduation in 2000, she was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and appointed to the position in the linear branch of the Pulkovo airport.

    Oksana Fedorova: «Miss Universe»

    Despite the great career achievements at such a young age, Oksana Fedorova managed in the same years and start your modeling career. So, in 1999, Fedorov won the beauty contest «Miss St. Petersburg». Girls modeling career developed in parallel with her training: after graduation, Oksana decided to continue scientific work and to attend graduate school.

    As a model Oksana managed to achieve tremendous success. In 2001, Fedorov won first place in the contest «Miss Russia», and in 2002 a charming Russian woman managed to win the title of most beautiful girl of the Universe at the international competition «Miss universe». However, wearing Oksana the title of the main beauties of the Universe had only four months. The reason for this short «reign of the Kingdom of beauty» lies in the fact that Oksana didn’t fulfill the contest requirements. The winner was required to participate in many events around the world, and Fedorov could not afford frequent absences, as he was busy writing a research paper.

    Oksana Fedorova: career

    Before the defense of the thesis Fedorov in 2001 began teaching at his Alma mater civil law. After defending his thesis Oksana received the title of associate Professor of Civil law and, thus promoted to police captain. After the beginning of stable teaching Oksana Fedorova devoted much time to political and charitable activities. From 2002 to 2005, the girl helped the work of the Russian party of life, headed by Sergei Mironov, «the third person in the state.» Since 2006, Fedorova became a partner of Children’s Fund United Nations.

    In 2006 she was a doctoral student in the University of the interior Ministry in St. Petersburg, and in 2007 she was able to defend my doctoral thesis. A year earlier Fedorova was awarded the rank of police major, soon after, the girl went to the reserve. In 2009, she became a doctoral student at your home University.

    In 2008, the ex-policeman decided to change roles. For starters, the girl has tried himself in the role of the writer, in the same year Fedorov became the official representative of jewelry house «Magic gold». It is noteworthy that Oksana Fedorova has been personally involved in designing many ornaments of this brand.

    Since the beginning of 2010-ies Bono Fedorova has reached very large proportions. So, in 2010, the singer and the writer has made significant donations for the restoration of ancient monuments of Pskov . In 2012, the beauty became one of the main organizers of this unique exhibition dimensional icons in Kaliningrad, after the exhibition there was held a charity auction, the funds collected were directed towards the program helping children with disabilities, administered by the Museum of the World ocean.

    Oksana Fedorova: TV

    Since the second half of the two thousandth’s Oxana Fedorova is increasingly moving away from teaching and service. Beauty has become a leading many of the TV show «Fort Boyard», «good night, kids!», «Saturday», «Saturday night» , etc

    The greatest impression on him was provided by the experience of the home children’s program in the country. According to Oksana when she taught at the University, dealt with the audience a maximum of one hundred and fifty people, now leading had in fact to work with tens of millions of viewers a very young age and their parents.

    It should be noted that for the most Fedorova in childhood, «good night, kids» has been a favorite transfer. Oksana Fedorova is remembered by many as a charming leading child transmission before bedtime.

    Oksana Fedorova: personal life

    For seven years, Fedorov was in a relationship with the St. Petersburg businessman Vladimir Golubev. Oksana was happy in this relationship and considered Vladimir their ideal man. She saw the Blue in person, it has a very strong effect and greatly supports his darling in achieving many success in life. Since 2004, Oksana pondered the suggestion of Vladimir to be married, however, in 2006, decided that their relationship should not continue.

    In 2007, the girl was first tied the knot, her lover was a German businessman (according to other sources – student) Phillip Toft. Relations with TomTom were not particularly long, in 2009, Fedorov opened the public the fact of her engagement with Nikolai Baskov. It is worth noting that at the time relations with the popular singer, her marriage with TomTom has not yet been officially dissolved, divorce was only completed in the spring of 2010. Already in spring 2011 Fedorova and Baskov said that part.

    New elect Oksana was the FSB officer Andrei Borodin, the couple formalized their relationship in early 2011. Since she was to bear the name of Borodin. According to the ex-beauty Queen, new husband gave her true happiness, Borodin artist feels safe. From this marriage Oxana Fedorova had children. In March 2012, was born Oksana’s son Theodore, and in July 2013 — daughter Elizabeth. Oksana dreams of the son continued his father’s work in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

    Oksana Fedorova: filmography

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    • Sophie
    • Goldfish

    Oksana Fedorova: photo

    Oksana Fedorova

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