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  • Name: Oksana Fandera ( Oksana Fandera )
  • Date of birth: 7 November 1967
  • Age: 49 years
  • Place of birth: Odessa, Ukraine
  • Height: 171
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married to Filipp Yankovsky

    Oksana Fandera: biography

    Oksana Olegovna Fandera was born on November 7, 1967 in Odessa. The father Oksana is the representative of a distinguished ancient Gypsy family, and the mother is full-blooded Jew. Impulsive character of the Gypsy was passed on to Oksana Fandera. One day, inspired by the idea to make mom a gift, devonka on a par with my sister carved the portraits of Lenin from the packs of hundred-ruble bills and presented mom a collage. The reaction of women it is easy to imagine.

    To 12 years Oksana had the opportunity to get the role of girlfriend electronics – Shirts. However, he said the lack of experience, and the main female role in «the Adventures of electronics» was awarded to Oksana Alekseeva. Talented girl not gone unnoticed, and the first step in film was the role of a schoolgirl in the same Soviet bestseller.

    The love drama she instilled Pandera father, who often visited the Odessa drama theater and participated in productions. The future actress not only watched the scene from the auditorium, but that they are behind the scenes. Love for his hometown remained in the young heart, when 14-year-old Pandera had to settle in Moscow. The reason for the move was the parents ‘ divorce and a new marriage mom.

    The girl long sad and soon settled in the capital. The young Oksana for the first time felt the national question. Receiving a passport, the newly minted Muscovite asked me to write it: a Jew or a Ukrainian. «Ukrainian!» — hastily came the confident voice. Prejudice caused by the attitude of others, forced the girl to blush at the mention of the Jews. Then, when she becomes a successful star of television, you will understand that nationality is not a reason to be ashamed of roots.

    After school, sixteen-year-old Oksana Fandera, armed with optimism, attempted to enter GITIS. Among the election Commission was the famous actor Vladimir Andreev, who saw in Oksana’s lyrical heroine. The desire to dispel the image of a weak, fragile, romantic nature forced the entrant to go for broke. Extraordinary person appeared on the exam in a wide loose fitting and performed several circus «PA», seasoning clowning sharp words. The exam was failed.

    Imbued with the charm of a secret life, Oksana continued to cherish the dream. Future celebrity got a job in the fashion house Slava Zaitsev to the post of Secretary. After worked as the head of group of child mannequins, and even a cleaner.


    1987 was a seminal moment, biography of Oksana Fandera has undergone a 180-degree turn. Slowly walking through the streets of Moscow, Oksana saw crowding girls. Place, as it turned out, led to the casting of the first contest «Moscow beauty». A charismatic character pushed Pandero to arrive at the competition in the men’s shirt and jeans. A casual competition clothing did not prevent the selection Committee to see a twenty year old contestant high potential. First place went to Masha Kalinina, and Oksana was among the winners. It was the first step to great prospects.

    The success was immediate. The contestant struck offers filmmakers, who immediately offered a serious role. In the same year Oksana sang the first adult role in a detective «Morning highway». The shooting took a lot of effort and required certain skills. Fandera realized to relax never. There followed a succession of new scenes, including «Winter in Paradise», «Ship». Received role clearly demonstrated the expressive nature of the character.

    Success is not reflected in the mind. The absence of star fever and the desire for professional growth has pushed for education. The first meeting with the Russian master of cinema, directed by Anatoly Vasiliev took place in complete silence. He did not want to listen to the girl, fearing that she did not like it, but was invited to the course. Oksana often had to close their eyes to the oppressive nature of Vasiliev for further learning. Patience enough for a year, then the actress left the course.

    The actress was able to realize the potential in the entreprise. A new experience was presented in the play «Of mice and men» and «Moonlight, honeymoon». Fandera fully join in the heroine Masha controversial theater production of «the Wedding journey».

    The appearance of the actress is promised a great future and starring in the movie. Photo of Oksana Fandera could instantly be on the covers of glossy magazines. However, typical «girl» deliberately refused blank sentences, looking for roles where the appearance of the departed on the second plan – it was essential.

    The absence of fear to be in the picture ugly vividly depicted in the movie «the State Counsellor». The actress is presented as a suicide-Bombicci Needle. In internal contradictions and closing it is pure and unhappy. The only faded shapeless dress for the whole movie and the lack of makeup – this was the requirement Actresses for their characters.

    In recent years, the actress can be seen in such films as «new run», «Depth», «Brutus», where Fandera played in one of the main roles together with her husband.

    Personal life

    Oksana Fandera and Philip Yankovsky met in 1988. With her future husband, the son of the famous actor Oleg Yankovsky, the actress was happy. Philippe’s mother did not approve of daughter-in-law, but after learning about the pregnancy, she insisted on a speedy marriage. The image of the clan Jankowski excluded the birth of illegitimate children and forced the men to marry once and for all. In 1990, Filipp Yankovsky and Oksana Fandera became parents — was born the son Ivan, and after 4 years daughter, Elizabeth.

    The trouble began when Philip became a flourishing music video, and then took a swing at directing. A family drama unfolded in 2002, after the release of the film «In movement» under the leadership of her husband Fandera, who had an affair on set with Elena Perova. Moreover, interpreted the picture under the iconic «Sweet life» is not appreciated, from the masters of film industry showered with criticism.

    A crack in the family life prevented father-in-law Fandera. Oleg Yankovsky son back to his wife, forcing him to throw Perov. After some time, Oleg Yankovsky again had all the tricks to keep the daughter-in-law, who was going to divorce her husband after his «affair» with drugs.


    • «In motion»
    • «Morning highway»
    • «Stone head»
    • «The state Counsellor»
    • «Red pearls of love»
    • «Depth»
    • «Brothel lights»
    • «Nightingale the robber»
    • «About loff»
    • «The miracle worker»


    Oksana Fandera

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