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  • Name: Dorokhin Oksana ( Oksana Dorokhina )
  • Date of birth: 2 may 1973
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: Rudnyy, Kazakhstan
  • Height: 170
  • Activity: actress, model
  • Marital status: divorced

    Oksana Dorokhin biography

    Oksana Dorokhin, a Russian actress and model. It is known to a domestic audience thanks to the TV series «Race for happiness», «Enigma», «Save the boss» and «Stairway to heaven».

    Oksana was born in a small Kazakh village Ore in family of workers. Besides her parents raised her son Vyacheslav and tried to give his children a good education. The girl from early childhood, told relatives and friends that he wants to become an actress. First, relatives took those words as a child’s game, but when Dorokhin was in high school, there was a question about the final choice of future profession. Relatives strongly objected to the realization of dreams Oksana and forced her to choose a stable, «normal» activity.

    For years Oksana Dorokhin was engaged in the hated work. As emotional outlet «for yourself», she was visited in his home town theatre «Sovremennik». She often came up with the idea that it is necessary to change something. But only 28 years old young woman decided on a bold step: he left everything and went to play in Moscow theatre universities. In the capital of Russia, she managed to become a student of the famous School-Studio of MKHAT and start a new life.

    Along with acting career Oksana Dorokhin began to develop another direction – for several years, she worked at the Agency «Globus» and as a model and starred in a large amount of advertising.


    In 2004, while still a student, Oksana Dorokhin began to appear in many famous TV series and various TV films. On account of its participation in the Comedy «Interns» and «Happy together,» the detectives, «I’m the bodyguard» and «Dasha Vasilyeva», dramas «Copper grandmother» and «Brand story» and many other paintings.

    A special popularity she received in 2007 after he released a melodramatic series «Race for happiness», which Dorokhin played the role of a caring doctor Julia Kern. After the first popularity has appeared numerous interesting job offers. Dorokhin continues to make a choice in favor of television projects and starred in the rating series «the Kremlin cadets», and later in the mystical film «Enigma».

    New success expected the actress in 2012. Comedy «Save the boss», which was filmed on the adapted Korean script, aroused great interest among the audience. In fact, as the following humorous picture of «drop dead diva» tells the story of lawyer’s body which possesses the soul bright top models.

    Latest movies Oksana Dorohina is a romantic melodrama «Stairway to heaven» and the historical drama about the mid-20th century «Bunches of grapes».

    Personal life

    Oksana Dorokhin at 18 she married a young man named Vladimir, whom he had met a few years. In 1993 they had a son Bogdan, but the baby not yet a year old when his father, too attached to alcohol, abandoned his family. Moreover, people almost robbed my wife and son, taken from the apartment, even the furniture and kitchenware.

    In the future, Oksana never married again and raised a son, who took with him to Moscow as soon as it settled. Bogdan is not following in the footsteps of his mother, though most of the childhood spent on the set. The young man received a degree in Economics and works in one of the largest enterprises of the capital.


    • 2007 — the Race for happiness
    • 2010 — the Kremlin cadets
    • 2010 — Enigma
    • 2011 — Protected persons
    • 2012 — Champion
    • 2012 — Save the boss
    • 2013 — drop dead diva
    • 2014 — Bring back my love
    • 2016 — Stairway to heaven
    • 2016 — grapes


    Oksana Dorokhin

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