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  • Name: Oksana Domnina ( Domnina Oksana )
  • Date of birth: 17 August 1984
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Kirov, Russia
  • Height: 173
  • Activities: Russian figure skater
  • Marital status: married to Roman Kostomarov

    Oksana Domnina: a biography

    A celebrated Russian athlete, figure skater Oksana Domnina managed to achieve considerable career heights. On account of its many victories and awards. But all the athletes who have managed to get out on the Olympus, know the price of their achievements is the rejection of childhood and many simple human pleasures, available to millions of peers.

    Oksana Domnina with coach Elena Tchaikovsky
    Oksana Domnina with coach Elena Tchaikovsky | Tribunalul

    Oksana Domnina was born in August 1984 in Kirov old, town, located on the Vyatka river, and is famous for its Dymkovo toys.

    Skating parents brought the girl as soon as she turned 6 years old. After 3 months of able and plastic Oksana was selected to dance in the open ice. 8 years young skater appeared first partner Anton Ryabov. And the first coach of domninoj was Irina fedorovyh.

    Figure skating

    The first victory came to the skater in 16 years. Oksana Domnina in 2000 he managed to take 8th place at the senior national Championships and 9 Championships. At the moment her partner was Ivan Lobanov.

    The promising athlete was noticed by a famous coach Alexei Gorshkov and called in Odintsovo. Here Oksana has a new partner Maxim Bolotin. With him the skater got to the final «Grand Prix» among juniors and won a bronze medal at the national Junior championship.

    But disagreement is not allowed domninoj and Bolotina continue to skate pairs. In the spring of 2002 the sportsman has a new partner – skater Maxim Shabalin. With it athlete and have reached the heights previously only dreamed of.

    Oksana Domnina and Maxim Shabalin
    Oksana Domnina and Maxim Shabalin | reoples.ru

    In 2003, the pair has managed to gain the lead among juniors at the world championship. In 2004 took the 2nd place in the Championship of Russia, but in the next year Domnina and Shabalin pulled out the gold.

    In 2007 at the national Championships the pair managed to reach the highest step of the podium. But in the European Championship Russian skaters skipped forward the French finally received the honorary «silver». Then there was a short break. Due to an unfortunate knee injury to athletes Maxim Shabalin had to withdraw from participation in the world championship.

    After successful rehabilitation Domnina and her partner went back on the ice, but the teachers they became Gennady Karponosov and Natalia Linichuk. Under their leadership, the Russian figure skaters won the Chinese stage of the world Grand Prix «Cup of China».

    Oksana Domnina and Maxim Shabalin
    Oksana Domnina and Maxim Shabalin | Vlasti.net

    In the spring of 2009 sports biography Oksana Domnina and her partner was enriched with «gold» the world Championship. Thus, the pair became the only world figure skating, which managed to win the Junior and adult world championship in the same composition. This triumph was marked by the presentation of the skaters medal «for Merits before Fatherland» 2 nd degree.

    Went Domnina with big-time sports with excellent results: she is the bronze medalist and three-time champion of Russia.

    Personal life

    The twists and turns in the personal lives of domninoj her fans have watched with considerable interest. A few years a famous athlete lived in a civil marriage with figure skater Roman Kostomarov. At the beginning of 2011 the couple had a daughter Nastya. But after 2 years the family waited a considerable test.

    Oksana Domnina & Vladimir Yaglych on
    Oksana Domnina & Vladimir Yaglych on «Ice age» | kozlovskiy-danila.ru

    In 2013, the personal life of Oksana domninoj are not descended from the top of the news. All the tabloids have been discussing the details of the new novel of known figure skater and popular actor Vladimir Yaglych. Roman broke out between them on the show «Ice age». But flushing brightly, he quickly went out. To the great delight of fans of the two talented skaters Domnina and Kostomarov, their Pets reunited. But this time they got married and were married in the Church of St. Nicholas in Tolmachi.

    Roman Kostomarov and Oksana Domnina with her daughter
    Roman Kostomarov and Oksana Domnina with her daughter | WORLD PODIUM

    It seems that now this marriage, the last ordeals, became only stronger. In the beginning of 2016, happy parents again celebrated the completion of the family: they had a son.


    Oksana Domnina with Elena Tchaikovsky

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