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  • Name: Oksana Bazilevich ( Oksana Bazilevich )
  • Date of birth: 26 February 1969
  • Age: 47 years
  • Place of birth: Ryazan
  • Height: 178
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: widow

    Oksana Bazilevich: biography

    Oksana O. Bazilevich — Russian theater and film actress, starred in more than 60 film projects. She is best known to fans of contemporary Russian cinema for his roles in the TV series «This work», «Short stories», «the Knife in clouds» and many other works.

    Oksana Bazilevich
    Bazilevich, Oksana Olegovna

    The national star of TV series born and raised in Ryazan. Her father was a military doctor, and her mother held a senior position in the Union organization. It is interesting that the mother gave birth to future actress in your own birthday and still believes his daughter the most expensive gift. By the way, both parents girls once wanted to be artists, so the atmosphere in the house was appropriate: spontaneous concerts, impromptu performances, a puppet theater with plush toys on his fingers – it was the norm for little Oksana.

    Oksana Bazilevich
    Oksana O. Bazilevich | Keeno.tv

    Bazilevich grew very obedient girl, never capricious, almost never cried and, most surprisingly, almost never got sick. She’s not been sick one day in kindergarten, which probably is a world record. About the profession of the actress Oksana dreamed of almost since birth. Four of it, after watching the performances in the execution of their parents, she tried to put scenes. Of course, like many children, Bazilevich often changed its «profession» — wanted to be a singer, a dancer, a circus performer, and sometimes even surgeon. But simultaneously uttered the words «Oksana Bazilevich – actress,» tasting will sound like an announcement of her name in the theatre.

    Oksana Bazilevich
    Bazilevich, Oksana Olegovna

    In high school, she constantly participated in all the school contests like «Hello, we are looking for talents». And there were leading, and a magician, and a singer in a vocal group, and actress. But to do somehow Oksana decided not to drama school, and the faculty of the Ryazan pedagogical Institute. However, after just one year, Bazilevich took the documents and went to the Northern capital. There she became a student of Leningrad state Institute of theatre, music and cinematography. And I must say, a student is quite unpredictable, eccentric and rowdy.

    Oksana Bazilevich
    Oksana Bazilevich | Cinemania

    So obedient in childhood, Oksana suddenly became a bright young woman, able to throw out amazing. For example, it could a week or even a month gap from the Institute, because it was offended by a phrase of the teacher, or in love with a guy and doesn’t want to waste time on lectures. But the most outstanding and always extremely creative, was the return of students to their Alma mater. Once she even brought a real policeman and played a great show with his participation as an apology to the teacher.

    Oksana Bazilevich
    Stars of the local scene | Cinemania

    The end theatre of the University coincided with the collapse of the Soviet Union. At that time, many famous artists were left without work, what can we say about more «green» newcomers. Classmates Bazilevich not confused. Of its graduates, as well as parallel course been formed a new troupe of «Farce», which was named in honor of the first performance. Young artists toured across the country. And when he plays «Fantasies, or Six characters waiting for the wind», she suddenly gained recognition in Western countries, and the theatre together with Oksana has traveled almost the whole of Europe.

    Oksana Bazilevich
    Photo By Oksana Bazilevich | Movies 24

    In addition, the actress was invited to the Lensovet Theatre, the State dramatic theatre on Liteyny, variety Theatre named after Arkady Raikin and about a dozen different theatrical centers. For the play «Night Elvera» staged at the theater named. F. Komissarzhevskaya, Bazilevich received the highest theatrical award of St. Petersburg «Golden Sofit», as well as the audience award of the society «Theater-goer».


    For the first time on screen, the actress appeared in 1992 in the historical film «Rin. The legend of the icon» and social drama «Chekist». Then there was the long break, associated with theatrical activities, and was again filled with the filmography of Oksana Bazilevich shooting in the American adaptation of «Anna Karenina», where the main role was given to Sophie Marceau. The Russian actress played a small role of the Princess-courtesan barbarians. The Bazilevich was amazed at the respect the Director has paid attention to detail and a very serious approach to all the details.

    Oleg Stefan, Oksana Bazilevich in the film
    The Duo of Oleg and Stefan, Oksana Bazilevich in the movie «Double surname» | Movie-theater

    In the twenty-first century, she was an integral part of many domestic TV series. Although used her talents mostly to create images of the secondary characters, the actress did not descend from screens of TVs. It can be seen in the crime drama «Streets of broken lamps», «national security Agent», «Secrets of the investigation», «stopping power». Clearly revealed comedic abilities Bazilevich thanks to the show-joke «little johnny» and especially the series of short stories from humorous short stories by Russian and Soviet writers «Short stories».

    Oksana Bazilevich in the film
    Bazilevich in the form of a militia Colonel in the film «This» | Movie-theater

    It is necessary to highlight such films Oksana Bazilevich as detective «the Knife in clouds», action «Chess player», melodrama «Double last name» duologue «One for all» criminal history «Strong.» In all the pictures the actress played the leading role. But the most famous project to date is the series about the everyday life of police «This». There Oksana appeared in the form of the chief of homicide, police Colonel Valentina Kalinikova. Bazilevich was overjoyed, and having received this offer, as always likes to try something new, and boss in uniform she had not previously played.

    Personal life

    While studying in the second year of the theatre Institute, Oksana in the country with mutual friends met by Ivan Voropayev. He was the son of the actor of theatre of Comedy, Gennady Voropayev and a famous ballet dancer Alla Osipenko, when graduated from the same University, where he studied Bazilevich. By the way, a classmate Ivan was an actor and musician Maxim Leonidov. But the Nikolaev creative profession did not go, and started his own business.

    Oksana Bazilevich and her husband Ivan Voropaev
    Husband of Oksana, was a businessman Ivan Nikolaev | Ukraine

    Personal life of Oksana Bazilevich happened in an instant: a girl fell in love at first sight, and as it turned out, too. However, for the love of a student was nearly expelled from the Institute Oksana a month did not appear in the classroom. Soon the young couple got married and lived very happily, but not for too long: the husband of Oksana Bazilevich died suddenly from internal bleeding. The death occurred so fast that the actress did not even have time to say goodbye to loved ones. Maybe that’s why a woman, widowed at age 28, still says he sees a man in a dream.

    Oksana Bazilevich sin
    The actress’s son, Denis Nikolaev, graduated from the cadet corps | Ukraine

    From Ivan Voropayev in Bazilevich was the only son Denis. To raise a boy not only helped the grandparents who took him to school a music Studio and creative circles, but all friends of the actress. Thanks to the support of relatives and partners in the troupe of the «Farce» Oksana felt not alone in the world. Today Denis was a grown man. He finished the Institute of culture, trying to find himself in the world of cinema. By the way, Oksana Olegovna has already become a grandmother: her son got a beautiful granddaughter that calls the actress was not «grandmother», and not even by name, and all her friends «the Base».

    Oksana Bazilevich onuki
    Young Granny Oksana O. Bazilevich | Telenedelya

    Interestingly, the actress’s talents extend not only to her profession. Enjoys Oksana Bazilevich photos, writing poems and drawing. His paintings she wrote definitely on the floor, attentive to every brush stroke and always speaks aloud their works during their creation.


    • 2000 — johnny
    • 2002 — a Short history
    • 2002 — the knife in the clouds
    • 2004 — Chess player
    • 2006 — Double last name
    • 2009 — Tatar Princess
    • 2011 — Strong
    • 2012 — One at all
    • 2014-2016 — This work
    • 2016 — Mysterious passion


    Oksana Bazilevich

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