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  • Name: Oksana Bayrak ( Oksana Bairak )
  • Date of birth: 16 February 1964
  • Age: 52 years
  • Place of birth: Simferopol, Crimea
  • Activity: film Director, screenwriter, actress, actress, TV presenter
  • Marital status: civil marriage

    Oksana Bayrak’s biography

    Oksana Bayrak – Ukrainian film Director, screenwriter, TV presenter and producer. Known thanks to the work of Director and screenwriter for more than twenty-melodramatic films and television series. He’s making several films a year, and was awarded the status of Queen of melodramas. Repeatedly awarded the National prize of cinema business of Ukraine and received other awards.

    Oksana Bayrak
    Oksana Bayrak | Heliograph

    Future celebrity was born on 16 Feb 1964 in Simferopol in the family of doctor and economist. After leaving school he entered the Kiev pedagogical University. Dragomanov. Graduated in 1986. The next two years worked in the specialty – speech therapist.

    Oksana Bayrak
    Oksana Bayrak | UAset

    The selected profession is not satisfied. Oksana makes a decision on admission to the Institute of theatrical arts. Karpenko-Kary. After successfully passed exams becoming a student of the directing faculty. Studying in the creative workshop of A. Serebryannikov, and A. Marchenko, learning the intricacies of theatre arts and directing.


    The Institute met with Alexander Kopeykin, who later becomes her husband. Along with him, even while studying, a film «the Cruise, or journey of divorce.» At the same time, it creates a Studio Bayrak – own Studio, which acts as a producer. Currently, it is one of the biggest studios in Ukraine.

    Oksana Bayrak in the film
    Oksana Bayrak in the movie «Yours, truly» | Movie-Theater

    Her second directorial experience – the motion picture «Paid in advance» was released in 1992. In 1999, out documentaries social content «Alenkina dreams» and «a date with a Chimera.» Ever since the beginning, Studio shot more than twenty films and TV series.

    Oksana Bayrak in the film
    Oksana Bayrak in the film «late regret» | Movie-Theater

    The film «Aurora», made in 2006 and tells the story of Chernobyl, was nominated for «Oscar» of Ukraine, received the award in 2007 as the best Russian rolling film. Oksana Bayrak was named Man of the year in the movie business. The talented Director does an excellent job of leading her project «Sentimental ballads serious men» on TV channel inter. From 2009 to 2012 the program is «let’s get married» on the popular Ukrainian TV channel STB.

    Personal life

    Oksana takes a fascinating movie about love and relationships. In her personal life, as in movies, there are violent novels and beautiful stories. With her first husband – a classmate Alexander Kopeykin, whom she met while studying at the Institute, she lived for 10 years. The following novels and attempts to build relations with other men was in vain.

    Oksana Bayrak
    Oksana Bayrak | FaceNews

    In 2011 during the filming of the TV show «let’s get married» when the age Oksana was closer to 50, she met fitness trainer Gosha. Young, athletic, good-looking guy coming on the show with a friend who acted as the groom. Since then, George moskaluk, and Oksana live as one family. Boyfriend who was the main contender for the hand and heart, pleases favorite gifts, cares for her and carries to rest on Cyprus.

    Oksana Bayrak and George moskaluk
    Oksana Bayrak and George moskaluk | Facenews

    Oksana dreams of children and believes that age is not an obstacle. An example of this Alla Pugacheva. As a Diva, she’s watching her appearance, changing hairstyles and style. She has a boyish haircut, long wavy hair, elegant hairstyle from blonde hair. Thanks to the training she noticeably lost weight, looks younger and prettier eyes.

    Refuses Bayrak and plastic. Although she says that plastic surgery was only one. It was done in order to restore the shape of the nose, lost after a car accident. But, if you look closely at old photos and compare them with pictures of 2016, the visible changes that affect not only the shape of the nose, but also lips, and some other parts.

    Oksana Bayrak at a time
    Oksana Bayrak is now the Top-celebs

    All my life Oksana loves sports. Athletics, volleyball, swimming. Swam year round from June to October in the sea, with the onset of cold weather I went swimming. Currently in the gym and doing Jogging in the morning. Oksana in good physical shape, cheerful, full of optimism and terrific energy. She has a lot of interesting plans and ideas. This applies to both work and personal life.


    • 2009 – the Territory of beauty
    • 2004 – You, really
    • 2004 – two kilometers from the New year
    • 1991 – Cruise, or Adjustable travel

    The Director’s work

    • 2016 – Geometry of love
    • 2016 – to see a rainbow
    • 2014 – Share your happiness (mini-series)
    • 2013 – late regret (TV series)
    • 2012 My new life (mini-series)
    • 2010 – Winter dream
    • 2010 – Everything is possible
    • 2009 – Cinderella from the island of Djerba
    • 2008 – I
    • 2008 – Cardiogram of love
    • 2008 – Want to have a baby
    • 2007 – Villa of contention, or dance of the solar Eclipse
    • 2007 – Men’s intuition
    • 2006 – Aurora
    • 2006 – infant
    • 2005 – woman’s intuition-2
    • 2005 – bat
    • 2004 – You, really
    • 2004 – two kilometers from the New year
    • 2004 – Kill me! Please
    • 2003 – a woman’s intuition
    • 2002 – the Slackers
    • 2002 – snow love or sleep in the winter night
    • 1993 – Paid in advance…
    • 1991 – Cruise, or a journey of divorce


    Oksana Bayrak

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