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(biography, photo, video) Oksana Okhlobystin

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  • Name: Oksana Arbuzov ( Oksana Okhlobystin )
  • Date of birth: 24 April 1973
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: Russia
  • Activities: actress, screenwriter
  • Marital status: married Ivan Okhlobystin

    Oksana Arbuzova: biography

    Today Oksana Arbuzov know as the wife of Ivan Ohlobystina, and in the 90s she was known as «the Accident — the daughter of ment». Oksana was born on 24 April 1973, she was the youngest daughter in the family. Sisters Arbuzov was raised in a family of geologist and lawyer, parents had to work, so the girls were often in the garden for five days. The kids missed mom and dad, Oksana was going through this grief in silence.

    She loved candy and sweets, but the girl had serious stomach problems, so the adults were constantly hiding from her treat. Favorite game Oksana was search of candy when she was found, I ate heartily. However, as punishment, the parents stopped to talk with her daughter. 1-2 day after eating sweets Oksana Arbuzova admitted to the hospital with another attack, had to swallow the probe, suffered from stomach pain and each time I made a promise to myself that I won’t touch the candy.

    In adolescence I started going to drama school and was so enthralled that the film became her profession. In 1995 Arbuzov graduated from the acting and directing course of Sergei Solovyov at VGIK. She admits that she received a diploma largely through the mentor, because until the fourth year she had a lot of «tails» – particularly diligent student Oksana Arbuzova has never been.


    For the first time Oksana Arbuzova starred in a movie in 13 years. The film’s Director, Katya saw her in one of the Amateur productions and decided to try the role of a schoolgirl. On the trial it turned out that the girl did not know how, but Oksana was luxurious braid. It was approved for the main role. But the film went unnoticed for most viewers.

    In 1989 Arbuzov starred in the film «Obsession», but it is not popular. In the same year came the film «Crash, daughter ment,» in which she played the lead role. Her character – the girl-punk, which denies life’s conventions and constantly in conflict with their parents that challenges the society. After the release of «Crash» on the screen about Oksana Arbuzova learned the entire Soviet Union. Glory descended on her like an avalanche – the actress was not ready for it, experienced «star disease».

    Unfortunately, such films with her participation are unable to repeat the success of «Crash». Arbuzov has starred in 14 films, among them «Made in the USSR», «White clothes», «Stalin’s Testament», «See Paris and die».

    Personal life

    She met my love in 1995. Ivan Okhlobystin they met in a nightclub. Later in one of his interviews he says that Oksana first sight was synonymous with a washing machine and seven children.

    In 1995 Oksana and Ivan got married. At the suit of the party was late – came closer to midnight, on his knees with a bouquet of daisies in his teeth for a long time begged for forgiveness. The table was dominated by the tense atmosphere, then future son-in-law asked future mother-in-law to unbutton his shirt, saying, don’t want any secrets from home. The parents of Oksana when I first saw the torso Okhlobystin tattoos. Mom immediately thawed.

    In August 1996, the couple had the first daughter Anfisa. All they have six children, but Ivan persuades her husband to give birth to the seventh child and to realise his dream.

    In 2001, when the party decided to become a priest, Oksana supported him. Since then, she wears long dress and covers her head with a handkerchief. The couple took a vow of fidelity before God.

    About a career in film Oksana forgotten, because now she is a mother of many children and a happy wife and that is her main role in life. Says completely happy, she likes to be married, giving a Central place to him.


    • Katusha
    • «Sophie»
    • «Who if not us»
    • «Men’s zigzag»
    • «Wolfhound»
    • «See Paris and die»
    • «Made in USSR»
    • «Stalin’s Testament»
    • «Mara»
    • «White clothes»


    Oksana Arbuzova in the film

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