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  • Name: Ewen Rabatowa ( Ivena Rabotova )
  • Date of birth: March 22, 2005
  • Age: 11 years
  • Place of birth: Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  • Activity: singer, participant of the project «Voice. Children»
  • Marital status:

    Of Ewen Rabatowa: biography

    In March 2016 the Ewen Robotboy, a girl who was born in the Sunny Bulgarian city of Plovdiv, is going to be 11 years. But she was already an experienced actress. So consider the surrounding adults, professionals.

    Singing of Ewen Rabatowa beginning, just learning to talk. It’s her heredity. In the family Rabatowy all singing. But especially excelled in this lesson, dad. He perfectly plays the piano and breathes music. It is not surprising that her daughter followed in his footsteps. The mother, a vocal teacher, has to keep his most precious people, and with all his soul to root for their success.

    The creative biography of Eveny Robotboy began on a scene of Theatre of the Russian Army in Moscow, where the family moved from Plovdiv. Here the young singer and actress for the second season in a row playing in the world’s first musical, made in 3D format, under the name «Pola Negri». Little Even the audience saw in the role of Polit. The girl was so fascinated with this work that is ready to carry out at the theatre day and night. Here is her second home and family.

    Of Ewen Rabatowa, despite of her young age, knows who you will become. Of course, the singing actress. And parents support daughter in every way, investing in the girl knowledge and private experience. They see that daughter with those gifted children, who for hundred percent belongs to art, «breathe» them. She even Rabatowa says that «music is the friend who always knows your mood and can find the right words».

    «Voice. Children»

    In the 3rd season of the show «the Voice. Children» Iven Rabatowa came a few months after in the same project, just for adult performers, visited her father, 32-year-old Konstantin to provide more jobs. First the girl and noticed backstage adult «Voices» when it came to support father. So appeared on the project «Voice. Children» even many fans of the TV show looked familiar.

    For «blind auditions» Iven Rabatowa chose a fairly complex jazz composition «who’s Lovin’ You». The girl wanted to repeat the success of the Pope and «return» to all three coaches. And she did it. The daughter is not less than the father managed to impress strict judges. It is so masterfully to sing jazz in 10 years is an incredibly difficult task.

    All the time behind the scenes were parents Eveny, with a heavy heart listening to every note, sung by daughter. Then admitted Constantine to provide more jobs, to observe the performance of the child, he was a hundred times heavier than itself.

    The first to Ewen Robotboy returned Leonid Agutin. In the last seconds the red button pressed Dima Bilan and Pelagia. The girl at first did not even believe such a resounding success. Emotions burst out in tears. A few seconds, the contestant could not believe that this is not a dream but a reality. Mentors are not spared for the talented girl’s words of admiration.

    «It’s enchanting», — briefly commented on the performance of Eveny Leonid Agutin. Pelagia also was succinct, stating that the girl sang very original and very interesting, because she managed to perform this song, not imitating anyone, completely on his own.

    Dima Bilan in its assessment of the heard beat the Bulgarian name stars: «Ewen Rabatowa you worked so hard. Or rather, served

    art! Stunningly performed.»

    Of even fairly quickly decided on the selection of a mentor. She called the name Dima Bilan with which he was very happy. To his team such a strong performer is a real chance. Now Ewen Rabatowa will prepare for a fairly challenging stage «Fights».

    Personal life

    The young Bulgarian singer almost all my free time is spent on vocal lessons and stage performance. So your Eveni Robotboy is music. But the girl is very Sunny and sociable, she can’t imagine life without communication with peers.

    She has a wonderful friend Valeria Berkovskaya, who also sings and is going to take part in the next season of the show «the Voice. Children.» Lera watched the performance of the girlfriend together with her parents eagerness and excitement behind the scenes of the show.


    Of Ewen Rabatowa

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