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  • Name: Nyusha ( Anna Shurochkina )
  • Date of birth: 15 August 1990
  • Age: 26 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 167
  • Activities: Russian singer, songwriter, actress, TV presenter
  • Marital status: not married

    Nyusha: biography

    Bright, beautiful, talented singer has firmly occupied a high niche in the domestic show business. Nyusha, biography, songs, personal life which are of interest to many fans, has achieved recognition from critics, many of whom are committed to it.

    Nyusha father
    The young singer’s father | the Art review

    The real name of the singer Nyusha — Shurochkina Anna. Anya was born in Moscow on 15 August 1990. Grew up in a family of musicians. Parents divorced, the girl was barely two years old. Her father Mr Kurochkin — in the past one of participants of group «Tender may», who also wrote the lyrics and music. Now it is the producer’s daughter. Father often took my daughter with me to the Studio where Jane was making its first steps as a singer. At the age of eight talented girl will write their debut song.

    Nyusha in childhood
    Anya Shurochkina | Stan.KZ

    The NYSE has a sister Maria Shurochkina, world champion, European and Russian synchronised swimming Championships. The younger brother of the singer Ivan shurochkin, deals trimingham (stunt martial arts). In addition to music education, the artist was engaged in Thai Boxing.

    Being on stage Nyusha began with 12 years, the first songs were in English own translation. New celebrity began to learn. On tour in Cologne Anya noticed and made an offer from a major production company of Cologne, which he refused, choosing a career in the home country. At the age of 14 auditioned for the casting show «star Factory», but did not come due to age. The girl has a recognizable tone of voice, an individual style of performance, shiny appearance, choreography and drive to succeed in achieving their goals.

    Career Nyusha

    Success and winning in the contest «STS lights superstar» in 2007 marked the beginning of a career for the singer. It was during this period Anna officially changed the name to Nyusha. In 2008, she ranked 7th on «the New wave», in the same year records a duplicated translation of the song from Disney’s «Enchanted».

    In 2009, the singer Nyusha has recorded a single, «Howl at the moon», which became the first hit of the performer. For his first single, the singer was nominated for several awards, including «song of the year — 2009».

    In the recording Studio | XORST.ru

    In 2010, Nyusha Shurochkina recorded his first album, «Choose the miracle», which will be a lot of good reviews and positive criticism, called it «the birth of a new Russian stage».

    Turned out to be very fruitful for the singer 2011. Single «Hurt» and «Above» brought the singer another award, including a victory in the nomination «Best artist» at the ceremony «MTV Europe Music Awards 2011». The first song was even selected as the most vivid and memorable in the last 20 years. Appear clips Nyusha on these songs.

    In 2012, the singer gives his fans a new single «Memory». Interestingly, on the portal «TopHit» the track held the first place for 19 consecutive weeks, a record in the history of this project. Noted that single and «Russian Radio», including Shurochkina in the list of winners at the «Golden gramophone».

    The second album Nyusha «Association», was released in 2014, the author of all the songs which was the singer. The singles «Memories», «Alone», «Only», «New Year», which was included in the album, brought the artist many music prizes and awards. The album was voted the best at the ceremony of «ZD Awards 2014».

    In 2015 the premiere of the new single, Nyusha, «where are you, I am There», and in June the premiere of the video for this song.


    In the fall of 2013 Nyusha actively participated in the show of First channel «Glacial age». Paired with the famous figure skater Maxim Nyusha the other band members gave the audience a very good number. Unfortunately, in late November, the singer dropped out of the project, but their performances on the ice will remember.

    In addition, Shurochkina was the leading program «TopHit chart», «chart at the Russian MUZ-TV» and the charts «Theme» and «Love» RU.TV.

    Nyusha in the film
    In the movie «friends of Friends» | W

    Biography Nyusha includes film work. In cameo roles, she appeared in the sitcom «Univer» and «People Ho» in the image of the girl Masha in the Comedy «friends of Friends» and a popular voice actress talking cartoon characters Priscilla, Smurfette, Gerda and the ISU.

    Nyusha 2016

    The singer continues to delight his fans with regular solo concerts. In November 2016 premiere of the new show «9 lives». On the eve of the show, the artist launched a social project # nyusha9zhizney. In creating mini-films participated Dima Bilan, Irina Medvedeva, Gosha Kutsenko, Maria Shurochkina and other famous personalities. These 9 stories taken from life Nyusha, they talk about emotions and feelings experienced by the performer.

    Sports | Teleprogramma

    Churochkin, like many stars of show business pays a lot of attention to his appearance. She regularly works out in the gym, trying not to eat starchy foods, restrict themselves to the use of confectionery, and drinking plenty of water.

    Personal life Nyusha

    Personal life Nyusha shrouded in mystery. Admirers and fans of the singer were periodically credited to her Affairs with famous men. Talked about the relationship girl with Aristarkh Venison, known for the TV series «kadetstvo».

    Nyusha I Aristarchus of wines
    With the star of the show «kadetstvo» | Without makeup.ru

    After the rupture of these relations, as claimed by some media, the singer struck up a romance with hockey player Alexander Radulov — the main character of the video «Hurt». Perhaps it is the script of the video in which Radulov played favorite Shurochkina, and caused such rumors.

    Nyusha I will be Radulov
    Singer Alexander Radulov | Thing-Dryukov

    It is authentically possible to speak only about the relationship of the artist with Egor Creed, which began in 2014. Egor even talked about children in some of the interviews. But the couple broke up. According to some publications, creed accused the father of the NYSE at the end of the relationship. The singer once admitted that she and Egor very different views on life, and this was the main cause of a breakup.

    Jane Egor Krid
    Photo of Nyusha Egor Creed | Cosmo.ru

    Kurochkin believes that personal life should not be a subject of broad discussions, Yes, it opens all the artist on stage.


    • 2010 — «Choose a miracle»
    • 2014 — «Union»



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