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  • Name: Nuta Baidavletov ( Anna Baidavletov )
  • Date of birth: 26 November 1992
  • Age: 24 years
  • Place of birth: Stavropol
  • Height: 165
  • Activity: singer
  • Marital status: not married

    Nut Baidavletov: biography

    Anna Baidavletov better known as Nuta-Ranetka. She was born November 26, 1992 in Stavropol. His father Anya didn’t know – from birth lived with my mother. The mother of Baidauletova worked as an elementary school teacher, and when her daughter decided to move to Moscow, the woman quit her job to travel with her. In the capital she worked in real estate and is engaged in real estate activities for more than 10 years.

    Nut Baidavletov in childhood
    Nut Baidavletov in childhood | Vkontakte

    Nyta grew musical in the girl loved to sing and dance since childhood. Mom noticed this and in 7 years has led a daughter in a music school. Anna studied piano, and in parallel learned the basics of playing the accordion and guitar. Her most vivid childhood memory was buying a CD Janet Jackson honestly saved school lunch money. The joy of Nity no bounds – they danced with my mom all night.

    The love of Nuti to the music shared is that the mother and relatives and friends were skeptical of her desire to become a musician. Moreover, no one believed Anna Baidavletov, ordinary girl from Stavropol, famous all over the country. In an interview with Nuta said to Stavropol it was something extraordinary, because no one and nothing happened. Plus the stereotype that in show business get money or other obscene ways: Anna believed it, but hoped that fate would give her a chance. The chance the girl really was. In Moscow she entered the University of culture and arts and successfully finished it.


    His first band Anya organized in 13 years. She was inspired by the work of German band «Tokio Hotel». Anya was a friend of Olga, a talented bass player and a very musical person. The girls joined forces and created the band «Reality». However, their group did not last long.

    After the breakup of the band Baidavletov decided to organize another group – «Nine Lives». With them and she went to the casting of the program «Readimage» on STS. At the time, producer of the popular female group «Ranetki» Sergei Melnichenko was looking for a party instead of Lera Kozlova, which left the band. This position was awarded to Anna Baidavletov. Then she became Newtoy, because «Ranetki» has been one Anya and could cause confusion. In collective Nut worked from 2 November 2008 to 1 June 2013 until «Ranetki» not broken.

    Nut remembers that she had two weeks to learn the drums and learn the repertoire of the group. So I got «from the ship to the ball» and gained experience in practice and show schedule at «Ranetok» was dense.

    The girls took Nutu Baidavletov easy, fast friends, can not be said about the fans «Ranetok.» They are categorically not taken a new member of the group, even staged rallies against her. It was psychologically hard, but survived Nut. After a couple of concerts fans attitude to it has changed dramatically – they recognized her talent and bright personality. Between the tours Nuta starred in the TV series of «Ranetki».

    One day after the concert she was approached by a fan to present flowers and to take the autograph. Baidavletov ignored the young man. Then her namesake Anna went up to her and said that their team is not doing this because it is a symptom of the «star disease». Then Nuta caught up with the guy, apologized to him and remember this lesson for life.

    When «Ranetki» broke up, she was awake – his solo career started only 4 years. Unfortunately, his attempts were not successful is that fans were outside near the entrance, grabbing any job to survive. She had no money even to pay for public services.

    Four years after retiring from «Ranetok» Nut Baidavletov started a video blog in which talks about your daily life. In September 2016, the girl shared in his video blog the news that she recently signed a contract with the production center Maxim Fadeev. The year before Nut my friend Jack was sitting in a café and said in conversation that her life was all, but she missed it, music, creativity, self-realization, and full of happiness – of working with max Fadeev, who Baidavletov considers a high-class professional. When Fadeev producer center has signed a contract with her, she is not immediately believed.

    Nut Baidavletov and Max Fadeev
    Nut Baidavletov and Max Fadeev | VK

    She often takes a personal diary with him on tour, where she writes important thoughts, your secrets and dreams. This notebook it started in childhood and almost never parted with him. Another mascot of the singer has a toy cow with pretty eyes, which gave her a fan.

    Personal life

    Nuti was a close friend, whose name she kept secret from the public. Wrote that she met with Arthur Frick. But Arthur himself has repeatedly said that Nut-Ranetka became his Muse, and stimulates him to develop creatively.

    Nut Baidavletov with mother Angelica p.
    Nut Baidavletov with mother Angelica p. | ASKfm

    Nut mom lived in a rented apartment in Moscow, on the wave of success the girl acquired an apartment in the elite suburban village, but the tale ended with the collapse of the «Ranetok». In the program «Psychics lead the investigation», where the girl asked for help in the spring of 2015, she said that her mother lived a long time without light, save on food and couldn’t even go to the hospital because there was no money. Psychics then claimed that soon life will change for the better. After a year Anna Baidavletov confirmed it in his blog and said that at the filming of it was real.

    She is now working on his first solo composition, and preparing to move into your fabulous house at the time of repair, they mother moved to a rented apartment. Anya believes that in personal relationships, and creativity all will be good at it, because if changes occur in her life, in all areas at once.


    • «Doll»
    • «Love and me»
    • «For you»
    • «Arrow»
    • «When»
    • «The Barber»
    • «Land’s End»


    Nut Baidavletov

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