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  • Name: Nurgul Esily ( Nurgul Yesilcay )
  • Date of birth: 26 March 1976
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: Afyon Garahisar, Turkey
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: divorced

    Nurgul Esily: biography

    Nurgul Beach – one of the highest paid stars of contemporary Turkish cinema, the most known to the Russian viewers of the television series «Love and punishment», «Shattered» and the movie «Red love».

    Nurgul, was born in the small agricultural town of Afyon Garahisar, but her childhood took place in Izmir. It is interesting that the name of the Beach translates from Turkish as «Green tea», which is why parents gave her daughter the name of Nurgul, which means «Fragrant» or «Aromatic».

    Unlike many other Turkish actors and Actresses, whose path to film was through modeling, Beach received special education. She studied at a theatre Studio in Antalya, and then at the faculty of acting in Eskisehirspor University.

    After the University before the girl opened its doors the best theaters in the country. She played a lot on stage, including in such famous plays as «hamlet» and «the Tram «Desire». Left the theater Nurgul Beach solely because of the rapidly evolving career of an actress.


    First, Nurgul Beach debuted on television. She was invited to the lightweight Comedy «Everything will be fine» and then in the family TV series «Second spring» and the romantic history of «Waterfall» and «90-60-90». On the big screen, the actress first appeared in the adventure Thriller «the Mummy on the run». Then came the drama «the Mansion with vines», the family Saga «the Train of Adam,» romance «Bride».

    Until 2008, Nurgul Beach was already a very popular actress with Directors and was among the favorites among fans of the cinema of Turkey. And such films as the Comedy «7 husbands for Hurmuz» psychological drama «Conscience» and ironic picture of the «plane», has further strengthened the popularity of Nurgul.

    In 2010, the Turkish TV was showing the action-melodrama «Love and punishment» where the Beach Nurgul interacted with Murat Yildirim. This series did actress known abroad, as many countries, including Russia, has bought the rights to demonstration of the series.

    After this great success of Beach has become one of the highest paid Actresses in Turkey. She continued to star: a romance of «Sultan», Thriller «the Red love», a crime film «Galip derviş». Shock turned to Nurgul 2014 – just four full-length project has attracted interest from fans of the movie. It’s a Thriller «Murder», the Comedy sitcom «Soon», drama, «Night,» love story «Shattered».

    Over the years, the actress many times won prestigious awards and several times was called the best performer of female roles for the year.

    Personal life

    In one of his interviews, Nurgul Beach said that for her unacceptable relationship with a married man because she does not want to be the cause of the destruction of the family. However, her husband, actor Jam Ezir, for the sake of Nurgul left his previous wife Celine Delman.

    Husband was 17 years older than Beach. They married in 2004, lived together for six years and managed to give life to his son Osman Nagato. But even the appearance of a child are unable to strengthen the marriage of two such different people. The husband was jealous, Nurgul to her professional successes, wanted her to quit working. As a result, in 2010, Beach and Ezir broke up.

    However, the actress not long remain alone. In her life has a new boyfriend — film Director Tolga Karacelik. But, Nurgul Beach is in no hurry to legalize these relationships, as has already burned in my first marriage. The lovers spend a lot of time together, but prefer a quiet relaxing holiday secular parties. She calls this Union a «guest marriage», as in fact Karacelik Beach and live separately.

    Another very interesting fact about Nurgul: it turns out she is quite a talented artist and has already won his paintings the recognition in the world of painting.


    • 2002 Mansion with vines
    • 2006 — the Bride
    • 2007 — Train Adam
    • 2008 — the Conscience
    • 2009 — 7 husbands for Hurmuz
    • 2010 — Love and punishment
    • 2011 — Cinar
    • 2012 — Sultan
    • 2013 — Red love
    • 2014 — the Murder
    • 2014 — Shattered


    Nurgul Esily

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