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  • Name: Nonna Yeganyan ( Nonna Eganyan )
  • Date of birth: 1 January 2005
  • Age: 12 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activity: singer, participant of the project «Voice. Children»
  • Marital status:

    Nonna Yeganyan : biography

    11-year-old Nonna Yeganyan lives in St. Petersburg. The girl studies at a music school in violin and sings beautifully. She has managed to participate in many competitions and take prize-winning places in his hometown. Nonna says that brings to life the dream of his mother, who once wanted to be a singer. For various reasons life has been such that the mother failed to realize their plans, so the daughter tries for two. And she is doing well.

    Nonna Yeganyan said it all like. And most importantly – that she loves to sing and no day can not live without this class.

    «Voice. Children»

    To participate in the popular show «the Voice. Children» Nonna Yeganyan has long wanted. But now I do, when I felt that I have enough forces. On «blind auditions» the 3rd season of the project Nonna arrived with their mascot – the owl. The young singer believes that this symbol of her long time good luck.

    Mascot or own talent made the performance unforgettable girls – a moot point. But the fact that they face a real starlet with a posh voice range, judges will not hesitate for a second. Leonid Agutin, Pelageya and Dima Bilan were unanimous in the desire to leave nonnu Yeganyan on the project. The legendary song of Edith Piaf «Non! Je Ne Regrette Rien» («No, I don’t regret anything») selected by the girl, was executed flawlessly.

    There were no complaints neither the vocals nor the manner of performance of this immortal hit. While Nonna sang this complex composition on the beautiful French language, saying that her pronunciation was given just, because it is much like her native Armenian language.

    20 seconds after the beginning of the song to Nonna Yeganyan returned to Pelagia. Didn’t last long and Leonid Agutin. He said that he could not wait to hear the tone of voice of the singer on the low notes, because children’s voices is quite difficult. Hearing Nonna brilliantly coped with it, Simon immediately returned.

    Pelageya, turning first praised nonnu Yeganyan. She said that this hard song to sing Piaf under force far not to all adult singers. Therefore, Nonna – «a real soldier music front.»

    It seems that 11-year-old St. Petersburg, the singer did not expect such a success. Nona found the strength only to smile and thank the mentors. By the way, among them three she has chosen Pelageya, turning to the girl first. Although admitted, that I would like to get to all at once.

    Now biography Nonna Agonian was enriched by another bright page. The girl became a member of the project and will prepare to stage «Fights». According to insider information, she already chose a song. This will most likely be the song «it’s Oh So Quiet» American star Betty Hutton.

    Nonna Yeganyan – the only participant from St. Petersburg. Therefore, the Northern capital will monitor the success of its stars on the project with keen interest.

    Personal life

    Yet the personal life of Nonna Yeganyan – is her passion for music and singing. Girl develops his talent in the Saint-Petersburg art Studio «Peter pan,» where does all my free time.


    Nonna Yeganyan

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