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  • Name: Nonna Terentyeva ( Nonna Terenteva )
  • Date of birth: 15 February 1942
  • Age: 54 years
  • Date of death: March 8, 1996
  • Place of birth: Baku, Azerbaijan
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theater and film actress
  • Marital status: divorced

    Nonna Terentyeva : biography

    Nonnu Terentyev with a light hand of the foreign press called Russian Marilyn Monroe. Sensual and delicate beauty bore little resemblance to the majority of Soviet Actresses, who played the advanced workers and toilers of the fields.

    Nonna Nikolaevna Terentieva (maiden name Novoselova) was born in February 1942 in Baku. Dad future actress, a military man, gave her a resounding name Nona, which consisted of the three letters «N». The girl matches the name and grew up a creative child. Her mother was an actress, and little Nonna had before my eyes the example for others to follow.

    After the war the family Novosadovii moved to Romania, where he was sent head of the family. Here Nonna went to school. But the family soon moved. At this time in Kiev, where she stayed for a long time. Here she graduated from high school and immediately went to enter the theater Institute. But at the Kiev University, the future actress studied for a short time. After an argument with a guy Nonna Novosadova, «punishment» beloved, went to Moscow. It was the first try went to the Shchukin school.


    A cinematic biography of Nonna Terentyeva started when she was still a student at the «Pike». The young actress debuted in two paintings, «Bay of Helen» and «the slowest train». And if the first film she played the role of the second plan, the second Directors has entrusted to the student the main role.

    3 years later, in 1966, Nonna Terentyeva at the same time received two proposals – one from Heifits, who undertook to film the story of Anton Chekhov «ionic» and decided to remove his painting «In the city of s», and the second from Vladimir Motyl, who had just come from the film «Eugene, Zhenechka and «Katyusha»». Terentyev chose the project Heifits out of love for the works of Chekhov.

    It was a starry role of Nonna Terentyeva. The budding actress appeared on a film set with such already well-known actors as Igor Gorbachev, Anatoly Papanov and Lydia Stegan.

    After painting the screens on nonnu Terentieva struck such glory that the student after class in the «Pike» had to run away from the University through the back door, because it was near the Central waiting crowd of fans.

    In the same 1966 the decision was made to carry a picture of «In C.» at the Cannes film festival for the screening out of competition. So Terentyev first came abroad. Beautiful young actress from Russia has attracted unprecedented attention of the Western colleagues and Directors. On one of secular receptions Nonna Nikolaevna was submitted to the French stars Simone Signoret and Yves Montand. Even then openly admitted that if a film Therenewal entered in the contest show, the Russian star certainly would have taken the prize for the best role.

    After Cannes, the young artist received many offers to star in Western film Directors. But the leadership of the Soviet cinema and Ministerial officials each time rejected the proposal, stating that Nonna Terentyeva and homes are in demand.

    Indeed, in the early and mid-1970s, the actress was regularly removed. But to say that Soviet Directors used to fall asleep Terentyev proposals would not be true. During that decade, she played in several films, of which blshinstvo Nonna Nikolayevna inherited the role of the second plan or the episodes. Perhaps the single most important project of these years was the film «the Hyperboloid of engineer Garin».

    It Nonna Terentyeva played an insidious beauty Zoya Montrose. After this role the actress was compared with Marilyn Monroe and Greta Garbo. But «non-Soviet» beauty Terentyeva played with it a cruel joke. Directors saw the actress only heroines of a certain role: treacherous beauties and cynical avanturistic. Hence, the relevant role. Terentyev starred Samson Simonova «Furious gold», «Transsiberian Express train» by Eldora urazbaeva and «the adventures of count Nevzorov» Alexander Pankratov-Black. From the same «Opera» and her role in the film «the noble nest» and «Talents and admirers».

    In the late 1970s Nonna Terentyeva returned to Kiev, where parents lived and loved people. In the Russian drama theatre she played the leading role, than caused discontent and envy of colleagues. They believed that the main role Terentyeva got «to pull» (husband of Nonna Nikolaevna – the son of a Minister). After the divorce, all the roles, the actress selected. She returned to Moscow.

    In the 1980s Nonna Terentyeva very rarely appeared on the screen. In order to make ends meet, she had to travel to concerts across the country. I must say that the actress had another great talent – she sang beautifully. Her repertoire included popular songs of Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald. While Nonna Nikolayevna managed to look perfect. No one could not think that her luxurious costumes sewn by mom, and Arctic Fox fur and ostrich feather boa, looked so beautiful from the audience, on closer examination turned out to be eaten by moths and crumbled from old age.

    Few people know that Nonna Terentyeva was not only a great actress and singer. She wrote talented poems and scenarios. In the last years of his life Nonna Nikolaevna wrote the libretto for the rock Opera. But to realize the dream failed. Illness prevented.

    Personal life

    Nonna Terentyeva first married at age 23. Her husband became a resident of Kiev, postgraduate student, Boris Terentiev. But, probably, the pair was very different, to live a long time together. Nonna -sublime nature, which was alive with creativity, and Boris was a man of simple and mundane. He wanted a home of comfort and order in the house. Relations of the spouses deteriorated after the birth of her daughter Xenia.

    In 1971 the couple separated. Nonna Terentyeva with theatrical counterpart Vladimir Skomarovsky went to Moscow. But the romantic connection between artists was short-lived.

    For beautiful actress wooed the crowd of fans. But the personal life of Nonna Terentyeva was not happy. For some time she lived together with the poet Igor Volgin, who devoted a considerable favorite of his works. Soon exhausted and the relationship.


    Nonna Terentyeva painfully died. After she was diagnosed with breast cancer, about her illness, no one knew until the very end. She did about anything not asked and did not complain even native. Daughter Xenia Nonna Nikolaevna was sent to America, so that she did not see her last days.

    Death came to Nonna Terentyeva as salvation. Became a fine artist in the women’s day on 8th March 1996.

    Buried star of Soviet cinema in the cemetery Troekurov.


    • «The slowest train»
    • «In the city of S.»
    • «Crash of engineer Garina»
    • «Furious gold»
    • TRANS Siberian Express
    • «The adventures of count Nevzorov»
    • «Talents and admirers»
    • «Gasparone»
    • «Accessory to murder»
    • The «iron curtain»


    Nonna Terentyeva

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