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  • Name: Mordjukova Nonna ( Noyabrina Mordjukova )
  • Date of birth: 25 November 1925.
  • Age: 82 years
  • Date of death: July 6, 2008
  • Birth place: Kostiantynivka, Ukraine
  • Height: 168
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theater and film actress
  • Marital status: divorced

    Nonna Mordjukova: biography

    Legendary actress Nonna (Noyabrina) V. Mordjukova according to one source was born in Konstantinovka Donetsk region. Other sources suggest a pleasing village in the Krasnodar region. Certain only that the future actress was born 25 November 1925.

    Childhood Nonna Mordyukova was held in Hlafirivka – a small village, where my mother (nee Zaykovskaya) worked as a Chairman of the collective farm. The woman sang beautifully and were all respected man. In addition to her elder Noyabrina they had two brothers and three sisters. When the Great Patriotic war, his father went to fight. Mom had a very hard time, because I had alone to raise six children. And the older Noyabrina then was the main support of his mother. When the Germans occupied the Krasnodar Krai, the family had to hide in the far farm to children not sent to Germany.

    After the war Noyabrina gathered his modest suitcase and went to Moscow to conquer the capital as an actress. It was a dream that the girl was protected from an early age. Before the war Noyabrina even dared to write to Nicholas Mordvinov is a wonderful artist, which Mordjukova saw in the film «Bogdan Khmelnitsky». The girl asked how to learn to Love Orlov. It Mordvinov sent her a response. In it, he strongly recommended Krasnodar dreamer to finish school and to come to Moscow, where you will find him.

    Nonna did. However, in the capital to find your favorite artist, it failed, but in the theatrical institution still enrolled, and the first time.

    Nonna Mordjukova: movies

    Biography of Nonna Mordyukova began rapidly and very successfully. Young artist at that time (1948) still a student of VGIK, played her debut role in the movie «the Young guard». Ulyana Gromova in the performance Mordyukova becomes young actress pass to the world of the great Soviet movie. For this work, Nonna Mordjukova received the Stalin prize of the first degree. Of course, the girl woke up famous. However, like all her colleagues on the sets. But it was Sergei Bondarchuk, Inna Makarova, Vyacheslav Tikhonov.

    In 1950, an already established artist, having graduated from VGIK, immediately got place in the Theatre-Studio of film actor. But Mordyukova much closer to the theatre was a cinema. A year later, she left the theatre and moved to films. Offers from famous Directors have been set. The most famous of the first films Nonna Mordyukova «someone else’s relatives», «Volunteers» and «it All starts with the road». These and other paintings finally turned the young actress into a real celebrity.

    So successful was Mordyukova and 60 years. Screens out about a dozen great pictures with her participation, the most notable of which are «Simple story», «Marriage Bal’zaminova» and «crane». All the tapes used a colorful type of Nonna Mordyukova. Usually it was a Russian woman with a difficult fate, strong and earthly.

    Became famous and remarkable artistic the film «the Commissioner». For this film Mordjukova was awarded the State prize. The image of the Commissar Vavilova, «iron» and at the same time a weak woman, commanding a stern men, Nonna Viktorovna felt and conveyed very precisely.

    But no less well-Nonna Mordjukova played and other characters, Comedy. Who does not remember her in the role of housekeeper and social activist Barbara Sergeevny in the iconic «Diamond hand».

    Another splendid work of Nonna Victorovna Mordyukova was the film «Relatives», filmed in the early 1980’s. This Nikita Mikhalkov’s film brought the actress a new wave of popularity and love of spectators. Say, Nonna Viktorovna, who had rather a sharp temper, during the filming had a fight with Mikhalkov. It has even come to blows. But the film was a success. Its happy to watch a generation of viewers for over thirty years.

    For his multifaceted creativity and huge talent Nonna Mordjukova in 1969, became a national artist of the USSR.

    Unfortunately, the dark strip in the creative biography of Nonna Mordyukova became 90 years. This time the actress appeared on the set is extremely rare. She was honored, remembered, but almost never invited to appear. Only three films, where Mordjukova played a minor role. The latest film «Mommy» was shot in 1999. More nonnu Victorovna in the movie were not invited. Although she was waiting for calls from Directors. The typecasting of Monroe’s «out of fashion».

    Nonna Mordjukova: personal life

    Personal life of Nonna Mordyukova was pretty intense. I fell in love with famous men. Sister Nonna Victorovna Natalia Katayeva said that while working in the film «Young guard» in Noyabrina fell in love with Director Sergei Gerasimov. He even called Mordjukova married, came to mother and begged her to persuade her daughter to marry him. But nothing happened.

    Nonna Mordjukova on the set of already met my first true love

  • Vyacheslav Tikhonov. Married with Tikhonov Mordjukova has lived for 13 years. The couple had an only son Vladimir. Divorce Nonna Viktorovna spared until the last days. Although after the divorce she was left alone for a long time: loved her beautiful and talented men. Following her husband Mordyukova, though civil, was
  • Boris Andronikashvili. Sister Mordyukova denies rumors that Nona took Boris Lyudmila Gurchenko. It is known that both Actresses talked very warmly. The cause of the rupture of relations with the Andronikashvili was his addiction to alcohol and idleness. The second official husband of Nonna Victorovna was Vladimir But. But this marriage did not last year.

    In the life of Nonna Viktorovna has happened is a huge tragedy that has crippled her health. The fate of her son Vladimir was tragic: he died from a drug overdose. To protect her son from the tragic death of the actress could not, but spent in the struggle for many years and a lot of power.

    Son Vladimir Tikhonov was married twice: first wife actress

  • Natalya Varley bore him a son, Basil. The second wife of Vladimir – Natalia Egorova, a famous actress on the ice. To this marriage was born the son of Vladimir. Nonna Viktorovna Mordjukova died July 6, 2008. She was 83 years old. Buried the legendary actress and the favorite of millions of viewers near the grave of her son.

    Nonna Mordjukova: filmography

    • The young guard
    • The Return Of Vasili Bortnikov
    • Volunteers
    • Balzaminov’s Marriage
    • Chairman
    • Commissioner
    • The diamond arm
    • Crane
    • They fought for the Motherland
    • Relatives
    • Mom

    Nonna Mordjukova: photo

    Nonna Mordjukova

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