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  • Name: Nino Katamadze ( Nino Katamadze )
  • Date of birth: 21 August 1972
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Kobuleti, Georgia
  • Activities: Singer, composer
  • Marital status: married

    Nino Katamadze: biography

    Nino Katamadze was born in a large Georgian family in the Ajarian town of Kobuleti. Here but Georgians also were many Greeks, and the future singer grew up at the junction of these two ancient cultures. Already four years, the girl loved to sing, and that’s not surprising, because her grandmother Guliko was also a passionate lover of singing, and packaged the whole family. Father Nino was a jeweler, and his uncle worked as a music teacher in the school. He became the first coach of the girls with vocal and grandfather taught Nino to play the guitar.

    After graduation in 1990, Katamadze has entered the vocal Department of the Batumi Musical Institute named after Paliashvili. The student studied in a workshop at the Murman Makharadze. Already in his student years, the young artist actively participated in various musical projects. Since 1994, Nina tries his hand in the area of charity and bases its assistance Fund. However, four years later, it has to be close.

    In 1999 Katamadze begins to work with the group Insight, making friends with its leader Gocha Kacheishvili. This cooperation has been very successful acquiring significant popularity in Georgia, the artist began to tour abroad. The first Katamadze concert in Moscow was the presentation of ethno-rock festival «Peace to the Caucasus». Then Nino acts as the accompanist for the fashion show the countries of the Caucasus and opening for bill Evans at the International jazz festival in Tbilisi. Followed by a successful performance at a music festival «Subtropic», which took place in August 2001.

    In 2002, to expand the geography of fans of his work, the singer is in the UK and toured there in the acoustic structure during the month. The tour brings Katamadze a big success: in December 2002 she was invited on the BBC radio (London branch). Further Katamadze went to Vienna, and then held a sold out concert at the Tbilisi Adjara Music Hall.

    After this schedule, biography Nino Katamadze was a break of several years, after which the singer with a new vigor tour. In 2009, she gave several concerts in Azerbaijan, and in early 2010, she took part in a unique Opera improvisation «bobble» by Bobby McFerrin.

    In 2011, the company held a large Katamadze concert in the Crocus city Hall in Moscow, the singer performed at the opening ceremony of the charity Fund of Chulpan Khamatova called «give life».

    Only artist at the moment has released five albums, named with different colors. As recognized herself Katamadze, these names reflect her vision of the world: for example, black reminds us how to sit in a dark room waiting for the ray of light, and white is the color of clear water that pours.

    Nino Katamadze several years is the headliner of ethno-folk music festival «wild Mint», which is held annually in the Tula region.

    Nino Katamadze: composer

    In 2002, she actively collaborates with Director Irina Kreselidze, acting as a composer for movies «Apple». This work became the composer’s debut Katamadze. Subsequently, the singer writes the soundtracks to the films «the mermaid», «Heat» and «Indie», which fully represents the young Russian cinema.

    Of the recent films that use music Katamadze, it is necessary to highlight the romantic anthology «Love with accent», released in 2012, Georgian Director Rezo Gigienishvili.

    The famous singer appears on TV: 2014 Katamadze acts as a judge on the Ukrainian talent show «X-Factor», which is published on STB.

    Nino Katamadze: personal life

    With her husband, the singer met quite trivial: I had an appointment to see him. Husband Nino David is a surgeon by profession. However, even the fact that the couple did not see each other for six months for the crazy touring schedules of the singer, does not reduce the love and affection between them. In this marriage, the singer’s son was born, which Nina called Nicholas.

    Nino Katamadze albums

    • Nino Katamadze & Insight, republished as Black
    • Ordinary Day, reissued as White
    • Blue
    • Red
    • Green

    Nino Katamadze: photo

    Nino Katamadze

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