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  • Name: Nina Usatova ( Nina Usatova )
  • Date of birth: 1 October 1951
  • Age: 65 years
  • Place of birth: page malinovoye Ozero, Altai Krai
  • Height: 163
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Nina Usatova : biography

    Nina Usatova was born in the tiny village of malinovoye Ozero, Altai Krai in October, 1951. Of course, her family was neither artists nor artists. But the school of the city mound, where later the family moved Asatovich, was a great circle of the acting performances, visited Nina. Here for the first time, she felt the magic of the acting profession and irrevocably in love with the stage.

    But the way this scene turned out to be thorny. The future national actress of Russia for a long time could not enter Shchukinsky school. Innate sense of purpose has not allowed usatovoy to change the dream and return home. In order to survive in the capital Nina Usatova that flunked out of «Pike» in 1969, got a simple working in a candy factory.

    To enter the Shchukin Nina Usatova was only in 1974. She chose the directing Department and got on the course Zahavi and Ter-Zakharova. He received a diploma in 1979, when she was 28 years old.


    After graduation, Nina Usatova went to Arkhangelsk oblast, where he practices in the small theater town of Kotlas. Here she worked for a year, doing 12 roles in various productions and received his first experience. But in 1980, after learning about the opening of the Youth theatre in Leningrad, Usatova arrived in the Northern capital. She was immediately accepted into the troupe of the new theatre. Soon about Nina Nikolaevna Usatova talking, an accomplished artist.

    In 1989, the actress moved to the Bolshoi drama theatre named Tovstonogov. At the same time, and began a cinematic biography of Nina Usatova. She made her debut in the role of a dressmaker in the film «Where did the Fomenko?». But the wide popularity and starring role went to the actress in the dramatic film «Cold summer of fifty third».

    Most often Usatova appears in the image of a simple rural women, straight and coarse. In the 80s she starred in two dozen paintings, among which the most vivid images created by Nina Usatova can be seen in the films «fantastic story», «Here is my village» and «the Fountain». It is noteworthy that played in these paintings the role is small but very tactile and memorable. At the same time Usatova worked at the Bolshoi drama theatre, where successfully developed her career. For the performance «Insidiousness and love», «square dance» and «Family portrait with a stranger» in the BDT, which plays Nina, happy to go the theater.

    A turning point for the cinematic career of Nina Usatova was the 1990s. the Actress has played a remarkable and remembered by the audience roles in the films «Cheech», «Window to Paris», «Caucasian roulette» and «Red sky. Black snow». This work brought Nina Nikolaevna many awards. But triumphant roles can be called by those who played in the pictures «Muslim», «Barack» and «Pop».

    In the drama of Vladimir Khotinenko’s «Muslim,» Nina played mother of the main character, whose role went to Yevgeny Mironov. This is a picture about the fate of the ordinary soldier, captured by the Mujahideen. To return to his native village Nikolai could only after 7 years. Meeting with the family was not such as we would like a Circle. The image of the mother, played by Nina Usatova, very well remembered by the audience for their depth and realism.

    Russian-German feature film «the barrack» Valery Ogorodnikova, which Usatova played together with Evgeny Sidihin, Sergey Kacanovy and other stars of Russian cinema, was also warmly received by audiences and critics. Here Nina played Pauline, the wife of the Tartar Karim.

    These films are brought to the artist 2 «Nika», the prize «Golden eagle» prize of the festival «Kinotavr». During this period Usatova became a people’s artist of Russia, and receives the State prize of the Russian Federation.

    Among the last works of Nina Usatova the most notable critics consider her role in the film «the Village» and the TV series «Furtseva». In the past Nina played mother Catherine Furtseva. But in the sensational project «the Legend №17» the artist played a strong-willed doctor who is put on the feet of the famous hockey player. Well remembered by viewers and the image of Claudia, created by Nina Usatova in the popular TV series «Next».

    In 2014, the film was released in the fantasy genre under the title «the snow Queen».

    Personal life

    All the personal life of Nina Usatova tied to one husband Yuri Guryev. Husband of the artist – linguist. To this marriage was born their only son Nicholas.


    • «Where did the Fomenko»
    • «Fantastic story»
    • «Here my village»
    • «Bike»
    • «Cold summer of fifty third»
    • «The Caucasian roulette»
    • «Muslim»
    • «Barack»
    • «Pop»
    • «Furtseva»
    • «Widow steamer»


    Nina Usatova

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